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Example sentences for "adolescence"

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ado; adobe; adobes; adobie; adoe; adolescens; adolescent; adolescents; adonc; adonde
  1. When they reach the age of adolescence the question of their disposal should be considered by the Board.

  2. The real difficulty arises, especially in the case of girls, when the age of adolescence is reached.

  3. Until he was nearly arrived at adolescence it did not become clear to Kipps how it was that he was under the care of an aunt and uncle instead of having a father and mother like other boys.

  4. All and more than all of those first emotions of his adolescence had come back to him.

  5. The ripening self-consciousness of adolescence developed this into a clearly felt insufficiency.

  6. Thomas Van Dorn should be in the adolescence of maturity; but he is in the old age of adolescence.

  7. But the railroad moved westward and the cattle trail moved with the railroad and then in the early adolescence of the town came coal and gas and oil.

  8. We have already observed that the development of the feminine physical and mental characteristics during adolescence and the maintenance of womanhood are due to the generation of an internal secretion of the genital glands.

  9. During the eight years of adolescence for the girl and ten for the boy, she is gradually passing out of girlhood into womanhood and he from boyhood into manhood.

  10. You are now entering upon that period of a girl’s life known as the adolescence period.

  11. For the first four years of adolescence there is a constant clash in her mind between the feeling of the girl that was and the woman that is to be.

  12. This explains much of precocious sex awakening in childhood, the stormy period of adolescence and the fearful wreckage of virtue in youth and middle life.

  13. The period of adolescence is ushered in by a series of physical and psychical changes which make a well defined initial period called puberty.

  14. The disease probably originates before birth, although it may not make its appearance till adolescence or even till adult life.

  15. So many factors are at work and there are possible so many combinations of factors that no one can tell; for it is during the period of adolescence that hereditary characteristics show themselves.

  16. And then in our schools of education and teachers colleges--institutions set apart for preparing teachers for our high schools and for administrative positions--the study of adolescence is receiving increasing attention.

  17. The disease attacks men and women with equal frequency, and as a rule manifests itself either late in adolescence or during the decline of life.

  18. Acute mania is a disease which attacks both sexes at all ages, but its onset is most prevalent during adolescence and early adult life.

  19. The disease occurs with equal frequency in men and women, and in the majority of cases commences during adolescence or early adult life.

  20. Hebephrenia is always a disease of adolescence and never occurs during adult life.

  21. Such argument may suit the infancy of colonies; applied to their adolescence it is degrading, since it implies a mean and contented dependence.

  22. The demands which occur during adolescence are mainly abnormal, due to the excitements of an overstimulating diet, pornographic literature and art, and the temptations of impure association.

  23. I suppose one's early adolescence is necessarily the period of maximum shyness in one's life.

  24. My boyhood and adolescence alternated between the ivied red-brick and ancient traditions of Harbury (and afterwards Christ-church) and that still untroubled countryside.

  25. Knowledge of what transpires in the body and mind of adolescence proves the wisdom of the ancients and at the same time attracts both the educator and the evangelist to study and use the crises of this fertile and plastic period.

  26. Usually in early adolescence it bursts its casings and shoots into consciousness, powerfully affecting the emotions and the will.

  27. All the problems of early adolescence belong to the village boy as to every other.

  28. Furthermore, for boys in early adolescence the tax upon the heart constitutes a common danger which is often rendered more serious by the untrained condition of the players.

  29. As the critical or skeptical traits of youth develop in later adolescence the intellectual formulas and supports of religion will be overhauled.

  30. Tyler The boy and the girl during adolescence have now attained their full height and practically their full weight, although the boy has a little to gain still; they are pretty well grown by this time.

  31. We found, during the years of puberty, a physical metamorphosis, when the body was all made over, and now, during those years of adolescence we have a mental metamorphosis that is just as complete as the physical metamorphosis.

  32. Their ultimate disease starts out in childhood or adolescence as acute inflammations of skin-like organs, viral or bacterial infections of the same.

  33. Thus a mother-to-be needs to be spending her entire childhood and her adolescence (and have adequate time between babies), building and rebuilding her reserves.

  34. Finally, when the boy and the girl come into later adolescence and face manhood and womanhood, they are ready to know some of the larger social aspects of sex.

  35. Nevertheless, the ambitions and ideals of a boy at adolescence are high.

  36. In this period of early adolescence he finds within himself a wonderful quickening of mind,--impulses, feelings, longings that he does not understand.

  37. In adolescence the processes of destruction are quick and sudden.

  38. Adolescence begins at puberty, the transition period during which the sex functions come into full prominence.

  39. It is little short of criminal that many girls are allowed to reach adolescence with no sex thought or image clearly in their minds except such as they have received directly or indirectly from animals.

  40. Groundless fear, brooding anxiety, and despair sometimes start before adolescence and often last into the twenties.

  41. In the broadening and deepening experience of adolescence such conceptions as love, suffering, sacrifice, and surrender reveal a new meaning and strange force of attraction.

  42. Therefore, in all probability as life emerges from adolescence will it enter eternity.

  43. A feeling will become habitual if continually indulged and expressed, and it is during adolescence that habits are permanently fixed.

  44. Something of the woman came to Hilaria, but whereas with him adolescence had meant the awakening of the merely male, with her it brought a first touch of the mother.

  45. He wondered whether this new fire he felt beginning to warm him did not partake of some quality of reaction also--reaction from the dreams and undisciplined longings of adolescence which had served him so badly.

  46. In pre-adolescence the whole matter can be presented so that it is accepted objectively and impersonally.

  47. At adolescence there is a keen revival of interest but more resistance to open family discussion than in the pre-adolescent age.

  48. Ten years before the birth of Ibsen of the greatest poets of Europe had written words which seem meant to characterize an adolescence such as his.

  49. These events marked the beginning of adolescence with a young middle-class Norwegian of those days, for whom the future proposed no task in life demanding a more elaborate education than the local schoolmaster could give.

  50. Ibsen would gladly have married his flower of the field, a vision of whose bright, untrammelled adolescence reappears again and again in his works, and plainly in The Master-Builder.

  51. Moreover he passed through his adolescence with like simplicity and purity; except that as years increased, there increased also for him wisdom and favour with God and man.

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