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  1. The condition is met with chiefly in adolescent males, is nearly always associated with flat-foot, and is then usually bilateral.

  2. In the adolescent a degree of kyphosis in the cervico-thoracic region is common, and is spoken of as "round shoulders"; it is largely a matter of habit that requires correction by the governess or nurse.

  3. These societies of young people were organized in the churches to correspond to the growing self-consciousness among adolescent members of the land-farmer's household.

  4. The people on whom the church always depends for its audiences, its enthusiasm and its largest accessions, are marginal people, working men, adolescent youths and those who are coming to a position in the community.

  5. This is a distinctive mark of the adolescent period, and may be taken as indicating an age not less than twenty years.

  6. An upset adolescent girl is a hell of a lot likelier to fake phenomena that produce them.

  7. Neurotic adolescent girls speaking in tongues, reading face-down cards and closed books, screaming aloud when sister or mother dies in a railroad wreck fifty miles away, of cancer a hundred miles away, in a bombing overseas.

  8. Ulitáwu ka na kay milubad nag ímung tíngug, You are an adolescent now because your voice has started to break.

  9. Nanghimúray na ang íyang anak nga dalagíta, His adolescent daughter is now blooming into full womanhood.

  10. Muúlag na ning kabayúa ánang bayi kay putru na, This horse will cover that female because it is an adolescent now.

  11. Naglakwig lang ang bayungbáyung, The adolescent is tall and lanky.

  12. This continued from nine to fifteen, and developed into a genuine case of adolescent love.

  13. In these children there is a state of exaltation, indeed as yet not comparable in intensity to that of the adolescent or adult, which is, nevertheless, erethistic in its nature.

  14. A few writers have referred to it in dealing with the psychology of adolescence, but in this connection refer to it as one of the many ways in which the adolescent spirit shows its intensity, turbulence and capriciousness.

  15. This was my first adolescent love, and came over me with great power.

  16. During the adolescent stage that follows this the emotion becomes so intense and all absorbing as to interfere very much with school work, or with anything else that requires application.

  17. I sometimes wonder as I look upon cultivated persons handing their adolescent children sheaves of magazines, cheap, vulgar, nasty.

  18. There is thus a complacence among adolescent peoples which is vaguely irritating to their elders; but the greybeards need not be over-captious; it is only a question of time, pathetically short-lived in the history of the race.

  19. He took in a wonderful degree the stamp of the teaching of his adolescent period; not a line was missing nor a precept; nor was the mould defaced by a single wavering tendency of later date.

  20. The adolescent stage--from self-consciousness to puberty.

  21. In the adolescent period he is capable of thinking logically and reasoning, while maturity finds him a man of responsibilities and affairs.

  22. The first stage of development, which lasts up into the pre-adolescent years, is the non-moral stage.

  23. The adolescent revels in this type of productive imagery.

  24. Moll finds that the sex instinct begins its development at about six years of age, despite the fact that it is always quoted as the adolescent instinct.

  25. Rote memory is probably at its best in the pre-adolescent and early adolescent years.

  26. To-day it usually happens that the strongest expressed influences brought to bear upon the individual are of a religious kind, with the result that adolescent human nature is most apt to express itself in religious language.

  27. The only discernible difference is that while in the one case adolescent nature is expressed in terms of religion, in the other case it is expressed in terms of a larger social life.

  28. Adolescent insanity is a well-known form of mania, although it is usually of brief duration.

  29. Thus the education of adolescent girls should include certain training in the care of children, and other duties that either permanently, or for the time being, must fall to them and not to boys.

  30. The analogies have been much overstrained that exist between the menstrual epoch of an adolescent girl and the pregnancy of an adult woman.

  31. In all ways, the natural languors and disabilities of the girl's adolescent phase are vigorously combated.

  32. The purpose of the complex differentiations which handicap the adolescent girl is obvious.

  33. This is a normal phase of adolescent adjustment, coming at thirteen or fourteen, but it ought to pass quickly.

  34. Usually a study of their cases will show either that the attitude of angry opposition to everything in life has been established and fostered from infancy or that it was acquired in the adolescent period.

  35. Stories selected from the Old Testament which are calculated to inspire the imagination of boys and girls of the early adolescent period.

  36. The home is the place where this ill can best be met and cured, for it deals most directly with the infant, and for the adolescent it is the best school of normal social living.

  37. The Thompson Indians of British Columbia thought that the Dawn of Day could and would cure hernia if only an adolescent girl prayed to it to do so.

  38. Formerly, these adolescent guizards used to seat themselves in crates, and accompanied by fiddlers, were dragged through the town.

  39. Suppose we face a group of adolescent boys to teach them a lesson on the importance of their attending church.

  40. An interesting case of difference of view came to the attention of the teacher-training class at Provo when someone asked how the lesson on Jonah could be presented so that it would appeal to adolescent boys and girls.

  41. He entered into adolescent period later and suffered greatly from his sixteenth to nineteenth year from, fatigue, hypochondriacal fears, and had to have a good deal of medical attention at this time.

  42. To the adolescent boy, woman is a creature to be regarded with awe,--beautiful, strangely powerful and mysterious.

  43. Take the last mentioned: an irascible child grows into an irascible adolescent and even into a similar adult, flaring up under the least provocation, to the dismay and disgust of others and himself.

  44. The men of Morano emigrate to America; two-thirds of the adult and adolescent male population are at this moment on the other side of the Atlantic.

  45. A continual coming and going; two-thirds of the adolescent and adult male population are at this moment in Argentina or the United States--some as far afield as New Zealand.

  46. Freight trains carried a new kind of bum when the adolescent female crawled into a car alongside an adolescent male, vainly seeking work anywhere at anything.

  47. They lived to adolescent life, yet never succeeded in walking.

  48. It is well-known that boys of seventeen often fall in love with women of thirty, while adolescent girls usually fall in love with men of thirty.

  49. The third stage in the evolution of a child is the adolescent stage.

  50. An adolescent may spend his days at craftwork and games, but he will have erotic dreams at nights.

  51. The Sick Visitors of another Union say that the falling-off in health which is marked in adolescent workers, shows itself most when the girl is put on to three looms.

  52. Consequently the best criterion for judging the effects of industry on the health of adolescent girls will be based on observations as to the incidence of fatigue with different industrial occupations.

  53. It only remains to suggest that inquiry on such lines be applied to groups of adolescent workers to discover the extent to which industrial fatigue may be under-mining the health and physique of growing girls.

  54. Even in times of peace the Factory Act vouchsafes to the adolescent worker a meagre and inadequate protection.

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