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Example sentences for "encroach"

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  1. Neither the Guardian of the Faith nor any institution apart from the International House of Justice can ever usurp this vital and essential power or encroach upon that sacred right.

  2. But one class must not encroach upon the livelihood of another.

  3. Napoleon, on the contrary, wished to make his empire encroach upon other states, and to realise the impossible Utopia of ten different nations, all having different customs and languages, united into a single State.

  4. Plunge the glass further in the water; the water will encroach on the air-space without filling it entirely; so air yields somewhat to pressure.

  5. That would'st encroach upon my credulous ears, And cant'st thus vilely!

  6. The duke, however, went out of his way to hurt the feelings of the citizens, by proposing to abolish the mayoralty and otherwise encroach upon their liberties.

  7. As Prince of Wales, Edward had made an attempt to encroach upon some woods belonging to Walter Langton, Bishop of Chester.

  8. I guess we should encroach on the morning ere we parted.

  9. It is admirably written, and displays strong sense animated by feeling, and illumined by imagination, and neither in the thoughts nor rhythm does it encroach on poetry.

  10. To encroach on; as, the ocean gains on the land.

  11. To attack; to infringe; to encroach on; to violate; as, the king invaded the rights of the people.

  12. Again, the cruelties of a people are turned against him who it fears will encroach upon the common rights, but the cruelties of the prince against those who he fears may assert those rights.

  13. Mare Crisium at a time when night was beginning to encroach upon its eastern border, and it serves well to show the rugged character of the ring-shaped wall which incloses this area.

  14. I wished them, under the pretext of securing their own rights, to encroach upon the rights of all the American people.

  15. The frontiers of Islam and Christendom had become apparently fixed, and neither side showed much desire to encroach upon the other.

  16. White people seem to have felt that they could with impunity encroach upon the New York Indian lands because they were only sparsely settled and because the Indian title was in dispute.

  17. The husband, determined not to encroach upon her rights, leaves the disposal of the property to her.

  18. I, gentlemen, do not encroach upon the rights and privileges of others; and, so long as his Majesty is pleased to hold me in an official situation, I will not suffer any one to trench upon my privileges and legitimate authority.

  19. These spinal nerves are, however, animal plexuses, which partly encroach upon the visceral nerves, and partly pass to the animal systems.

  20. These must be regarded as those that still encroach upon the inferior organs.

  21. While the earth seeks to encroach upon the vesicle, the magnetic process becomes active therein, and it enters into opposition with the air.

  22. This, sure, makes those ceremonies so to encroach upon the confines and precincts of the nature and quality of sacraments, that they usurp something more than any rites which are not appointed by God himself can rightly do.

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