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approch; approche; approched; approching; approoued; appropriated; appropriately; appropriateness; appropriates; appropriating
  1. The great object was to discover all actions, whether voluntary or not, which might bring misfortune upon the state if not expiated by the appropriate penances and rites.

  2. It is the destiny of this charming Arcadia to disappear; and did Russia forego an opportunity to appropriate a do- main that offers her literally everything except civil- ization, she would be unworthy of her place among nations.

  3. Nor ever was there more appropriate a setting for one of those inaugural chapters in mating, half appreciated at the time, that glimmer as a sort of morning twilight on mountain tops over the mild undulations of matrimony.

  4. He took one of the pipes, struck it and said, "This is si," and immediately hung it on the appropriate hook of the support.

  5. Atony and hyperactivity may be overcome by appropriate educational remedies which we will now discuss.

  6. Interest in work may be stimulated by appropriate rewards.

  7. In this latter training of the mind, we began by an appropriate hygienic cure of all those physical defects which could stand in the way of successful mental education.

  8. The Congress shall have power, by appropriate legislation, to enforce the provisions of this article.

  9. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

  10. It is as true to say that the earth was made for all its inhabitants, and that human has a right to appropriate a portion of its surface, as to say that all persons have a right to participate in government.

  11. No sooner was this fact made known than the Postmaster General was showered with suggestions of all kinds as to the designs of stamps appropriate to the occasion.

  12. Sets of these stamps, in boxes with appropriate crests and monograms, will be presented to Earl Grey, Sir Wilfred Laurier and Hon.

  13. The Postmaster-General proposes, as far as his department is concerned, to commemorate Her Majesty's diamond jubilee by the issue of a new 3-cent postage stamp appropriate to the occasion.

  14. The astronomer who measures with an appropriate instrument the angle subtended by the moon may in an entirely similar manner find the moon's diameter and has, in fact, found it to be 2,163 miles.

  15. A minister must always respect the proprieties of life; in honoring them he knows that appropriate model Man who, rising from the tomb, wrapped up the napkin that was about His head, and laid it in a place by itself.

  16. Before that the grain was not crusht, no bread was baked out of it, and nothing was done to appropriate that crop to man's use until those ripened heads of grain were brought up to Jerusalem and presented to the Lord as a thank-offering.

  17. The other substantially that the orbits of Uranus and Neptune can be, and are more naturally, explained by assuming appropriate elements therefor, without the intervention of Pluto’s disturbing force.

  18. Thus, by a gradual and almost insensible transition, nature furnishes to man the food which is most appropriate for him in each region.

  19. Quite right, quite right; always recall with appropriate exercises the great events in your country's history.

  20. Imagine an engineer driving his locomotive in blue coat, yellow waistcoat, and ruffles,--quite as appropriate as a fastidious dress on the automobile.

  21. But here a reconciling criticism [Footnote: This appropriate expression was, if we mistake not, first used by M.

  22. He clad her with dignity, and gave her an appropriate stage; he was the inventor of scenic pomp, and not only instructed the chorus in singing and dancing, but appeared himself as an actor.

  23. Formerly in the cities of India the foreign residents made great use of the palankeen, and every person of respectability was supposed to keep one, together with the appropriate number of bearers.

  24. Impudent persons will sometimes remove the property of one who is temporarily absent, and appropriate the seat to themselves; but they generally vacate it on being reasoned with.

  25. It is the friendship, the fellowship, the affections of those whom we aim at pleasing, that alone can approve itself to our minds as the appropriate returns for moral actions.

  26. The Educationist must be willing to abandon error, as well as to receive truth; and must resolutely shake off all conjecture and opinions not founded on fair and appropriate experiment.

  27. From each peculiar circumstance, they deduced an appropriate lesson, calculated to guide their conduct, when placed in a like, or analogous situation.

  28. Authors might be encouraged to compose dramatic works, such as would be appropriate for a theatre so conducted; and the committee would, in the mean time, find many prepared to begin with.

  29. I had seen many operations and exhibitions; but in none that I assisted at, was I ever so struck with the utter inefficiency of the measures resorted to, which yet seemed all of the most appropriate and potential kind.

  30. Even with this liberal concession on the part of the reader, it will be difficult to assign to each child of genius his appropriate rank in the scale of being.

  31. What we call 'home,' in the narrowness of our feelings, is nothing to her, except that she commands and nourishes all the virtues that are appropriate to our limited capacities.

  32. Mr Bellingham was not altogether comfortable at seeing one whom he had already begun to appropriate as his own, so tenderly familiar with a hard-featured, meanly-dressed day-labourer.

  33. Mr Benson was anxious, according to Dissenting custom, to preach an appropriate funeral sermon.

  34. It came home to them as more appropriate than any sermon could have been.

  35. And that here was yet another instance of the appropriate nickname, a glance was enough to show, for never did richer hue or bigger nose deface the human countenance.

  36. Ancient and Modern; a simple thing, and only appropriate to the time of year, but still rather a favourite of Jan's.

  37. Sinibaldo, in order to excuse and justify himself with his mistress, demanded of Giovio an appropriate representation in allegory.

  38. Massa and Carrara caused her mortal remains to be placed, with an appropriate inscription, beside those of her aunt Catterina, widow of Gio.

  39. The one in the midst had in the centre a star with golden rays and appropriate inscriptions; that at the stern bore the figure of an angel and the one on the prow a shield, a helmet and a sword.

  40. The vessel also had twenty-four other flags of yellow damask and appropriate devices.

  41. They tell us that he wished to murder the nobility and appropriate their goods, because he was overwhelmed with debts, and to raise the count to the office of Doge, or rather to make him the tyrant of Genoa.

  42. The children of fifth and sixth-grade age will linger over especially beautiful and appropriate words, will stop to realize in detail the pictures, and will consider figures long enough to appropriate them artistically.

  43. The Phrygian was of a violent, ecstatic nature, and was considered as being especially appropriate for dithyrambs, the metre for the wild bacchanalian dances.

  44. This composition is divided into five parts, each bearing an appropriate superscription and ending with an elaborate fugue to illustrate the postillion's horn.

  45. It may readily be supposed that he said nothing of his attempt to appropriate a part of the contents of the wallet.

  46. Besides, if he didn't take the wallet, some one else probably would, and appropriate the entire contents.

  47. There is something peculiarly appropriate in the refectory of a monastic house becoming an inn.

  48. It is a romantic-looking church, placed in an appropriate setting of extremely ancient and funereal-looking yews that lead up darkly to the heavy north porch, beautifully decorated with carved woodwork.

  49. Better read them, my lord, was the sarcastic and appropriate rejoinder.

  50. A most appropriate name, replied the courtly herald, bowing as his majesty reached the saddle, for he bears the best of characters!

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "appropriate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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