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Example sentences for "filch"

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filar; filariae; filarial; filbert; filberts; filched; filching; fild; file; filed
  1. They do not always beg their way, either, for they often take a run out and stick up somebody, filch a purse or break into a store.

  2. The lady's father is an important magistrate in this city, he has moved every process of the law so that he may mete out an exemplary punishment to the blackguard who has dared to filch his daughter.

  3. You, who for the past half hour have tried to filch a secret from me bit by bit!

  4. Ionian woman; I think you are no stranger to the wanton arts of the Lesbian women, but you shall not rob me of my pleasures; you will not be able to reduce or filch the time that first belongs to me, for your own gain.

  5. If you were made of gold, the rascals would not filch off the corner of your garment as long as you were under my protection.

  6. Not one man in a hundred is proof against the seduction of those idle hours, during which literature and art and a cultivated society plead for some share of his attention and filch away his will.

  7. For him there were no longer golden hours which it were a sin for others to filch from him.

  8. I thank Heaven, sir, that my boy now might go from Dan to Beersheba and not filch a groat by the way.

  9. It struck me that a watch should be kept upon that smooth-faced fellow Selby, by which means we might be enabled to foil any attempt to filch the treasure from us.

  10. In those sweet moments of peaceful bliss beside my love I forgot all my suspicion, all the mystery, all the desperate efforts that I was making to combat those who intended to filch from me the secret that was mine.

  11. Even were it thought that the gold and silver had been hid, who would have such skill as to guess the spot, and go and filch it thence?

  12. But we filch not gold nor goods from the poor, the thrifty, the sons of toil; nay, there be times when we restore to these what has been drained from them by injustice and tyranny.

  13. He could not visit it in a moment of haste or fright, and filch a piece away as he would.

  14. If she wants to filch money from me for foul purposes, she will find she has come to the wrong man.

  15. Of course he was quite right to filch a few sheets, but it threw rather a lurid light on his character that they should be such grand ones.

  16. What if I lend mine ears somewhat more attentively unto books, sith I but watch if I can filch something from them wherewith to enamel and uphold mine?

  17. There was also a line of old saints and apostles carved on the ends of the pews, that were fine; a Saint Christopher with the child on his shoulder that I would have liked to filch and carry away.

  18. So his thoughts turned, as they always did, to the present; to the one portion of time which even Fate could not filch from a living man.

  19. Heir to Empire," he cried, with a sort of servile swagger, "filch not my foe from me.

  20. I swear by the Holy House, my head will I never wash Till I filch his Pearl away.

  21. Defn: To filch or steal; as, to prig a handkerchief.

  22. Fain would they filch that little food away.

  23. It is base to filch a purse--daring to embezzle a million,--but it is immeasurably great to steal a diadem.

  24. But as you can't manage to filch anything to take along with you, it will do you good to get beans, with the pole used for carrying water.

  25. What they wanted was to filch our worthy senior's things and go and pawn them in order to raise money.

  26. I will not filch my happiness, but win it.

  27. I did not come for the sake of your princely plums; I filch them long before you ever taste them.

  28. I prithee filch another fatal dart And pierce my heart; To ease this smart, Strike all my senses dull.

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