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Example sentences for "commodious"

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  1. He was appointed at the head of a hundred men to go and examine a more commodious place for encampment, as he had very candidly assured the commanders, that their present situation was wrong.

  2. In this commodious situation they could act as they thought proper, and give battle just when it was thought to their advantage to engage.

  3. It is surely very difficult to tell anything as it was heard, when Sprat could not refrain from amplifying a commodious incident, though the book to which he prefixed his narrative contained its confutation.

  4. Bacon remarks, that some falsehoods are continued by tradition, because they supply commodious allusions.

  5. They were on their way back from the bay after an inspection of the steamers, and seated in a big and commodious sledge, they were enthusiastically discussing business matters in a friendly way.

  6. He then began to be a housekeeper, and accordingly took a little neat one, and very commodious for his profession, in Monmouth-court.

  7. The University of Trinity College at present consists of the faculty of arts and divinity, of an affiliated Medical School with a commodious building and a large staff of professors, and an affiliated Women's Medical College.

  8. The following is an account of a typical Indian school at the Credit in 1830: The school room in a large and commodious apartment with tiers of raised benches in the rear: on one division of which sit the girls, and the boys on the other.

  9. These pioneer Loyalists went to work with zeal unsurpassed in clearing away the forest, in building roads and erecting houses as commodious as it was possible to erect out of rude materials.

  10. The endowment should be such a one as would furnish a good school-house, a commodious residence for the head master--to enable him to keep boarders and produce an income of four or five hundred pounds.

  11. It should be a neat and commodious building, sufficiently large to render it airy and healthy in the summer season and well finished inside and out to cause it to be comfortable in the winter.

  12. Commodious premises were taken in St. George Colegate, where students were instructed under competent masters.

  13. The town is of considerable size with some remarkable edifices, spacious and convenient quays, and a commodious harbour into which the river Tawy flowing from the north empties itself.

  14. The Moros are urged to come in their produce-laden vintas and occupy the stalls erected for them in the large commodious market-shed, which has accommodation for carts and cattle if need be.

  15. The General Post Office has been removed from the congested thoroughfare of the Escolta to a more commodious site.

  16. The car dashed on again, and an hour later arrived it a commodious mansion standing in its own well-timbered grounds of upwards of several acres.

  17. III He arrived at his commodious and electrically lit residence in the very nick of time, and full to overflowing with innocent paternal glee.

  18. In the year 1803, Fuseli left Queen-Anne-Street, and took the lease of a commodious house, No.

  19. The salary and commodious apartments allotted to this office placed him in such circumstances as to render him, in a degree, independent of fortuitous commissions.

  20. The coast is considerably indented, especially at the mouths of the rivers, where it affords many commodious harbours.

  21. But as soon as men rose in civilization and formed settled societies they began to build more commodious and comfortable habitations.

  22. Tom Thumb,' and compelled me to obtain a more commodious hall for my exhibition.

  23. The Lecture Room, originally narrow, ill-contrived, and inconvenient, was so enlarged and improved that it became one of the most commodious and beautiful amusement halls in the city of New York.

  24. The colleges of Oxford, for curious workmanship and private commodities, are much more stately, magnificent, and commodious than those of Cambridge: and thereunto the streets of the town for the most part are more large and comely.

  25. All which benefits we first refer to the grace and goodness of God, and next of all unto the bounty of our soil, which he hath endued with so notable and commodious fruitfulness.

  26. Their cabins are commodious and well ventilated.

  27. Fortunately for us, and thanks to the kind offices of our host, we were able to have the use of a fine and commodious petroleum launch, which would convey us to our destination in a week.

  28. He went himself to meet the two travelers, whom he led into a commodious apartment, and desired them to repose themselves.

  29. The vehicle was as light as it was commodious and solid, and Formosanta and Irla placed themselves in it.

  30. The bay, as everybody knows, is one of the most commodious in the world, and would be one of the most beautiful if it had hills to overlook it.

  31. The whole was a most commodious house of one story on wheels.

  32. It hardly repays one to descend to the pit of this commodious theatre, or rather concert hall, since one gets a very accurate idea of it from above looking down into its orchestra over the tiers of grass-grown seats.

  33. The electric tram, which is a very commodious third-rail system resembling the subway trains of Boston or New York, is all very well if one is free from impedimenta.

  34. The presence of the magnificent theatre and the existence of a commodious stadium testify that life at Epidaurus was not without its diversions to relieve the tedium of the medical treatment.

  35. At five o'clock, steering to the north-west, we passed a large and fair inlet into which I imagine there is a safe and commodious entrance; it lies in latitude 11 degrees south.

  36. In the upper Part there are very commodious Apartments; where, in the Summertime, the Elector has a Drawing-Room.

  37. It is true that he might have built something quite as commodious at far less expense by pulling down the old and beginning again, but, on the other hand, the amusement and employment he got out of it was cheap at the additional price.

  38. Thus much for the house, and its appurtenances; and it will be readily acknowledged that a more commodious and appropriate dwelling for the climate and the people could not possibly be devised.

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