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  1. In a moment, Trigger realized, one of them was going to go into a lecture on functional esthetics unless she could head them off--and she'd already heard quite enough about functional esthetics in connection with the plasmoids.

  2. At any rate, if he did suffer from this paralysis it was very likely functional in type, as at the time of his admission here, four years later, he showed no traces whatever of this.

  3. In due course of time he gets well, and after having thrust upon him a life sentence, again returns to us with a mental disorder, the chief feature of which is a functional hemiplegia.

  4. Aside from this paranoid complex he had a complete left-sided functional hemiplegia with all the concomitant signs.

  5. The central idea of his theory was the cumulative inheritance of functional modifications.

  6. Those who abide by the cardinal results of this teaching are bound to regard all behaviour as the expression of the functional activities of the living tissues of the organism, and all conscious experience as correlated with such activities.

  7. He lays stress on the significance of functional adaptation, which I had described in 1866, under the head of cumulative adaptation, as the most important factor in evolution.

  8. But there can be no question that the higher animals inherit a bodily organisation and a nervous system, the functional working of which gives rise to those inherited modes of behaviour which are termed instinctive.

  9. He explains the functional autoformation of the purposive structure by a combination of Darwin's principle of selection with Lamarck's idea of transformative heredity, and applies the two in conjunction to the facts of histology.

  10. It is inconceivable, he says, that so many processes of selection should take place simultaneously, and we are therefore forced to fall back on the Lamarckian factor of the use and disuse of functional parts.

  11. Of these, only those possessing the accessory body become functional spermatozoa, the others degenerating.

  12. Mental processes are the accompaniments or concomitants of the functional activity of specially differentiated parts of the organism.

  13. There is high temperature, and secondary motor and functional disturbances.

  14. In considering the specific action of micro-organisms, it is desirable, in the first place, to remember the two great functional divisions of saprophyte and parasite.

  15. Medical Science is quite willing to admit that while functional action may thus be modified no real organic changes can be produced.

  16. There may be, however, a real difference of opinion as to whether a particular trouble is functional or organic.

  17. Strong, persistent impressions or suggestions made on the reflex organic consciousness of the inferior centers may modify their functional disposition, induce trophic changes, and even change organic structures.

  18. This form of palsy is due to compression of the brain by congestion of its vessels, large clot formation in apoplexy, concussion, or shock, or any disease in which the whole brain structure is involved in functional disturbance.

  19. Nervous affections often produce prominent heart symptoms by causing functional disturbance of that organ, which, if removed, will leave the heart restored to perfect vigor and normal action.

  20. As in congestion, the functional activity of a part is an important factor in localizing this form of disease.

  21. Simple congestion, however, is merely a functional affection, and in a slight or moderate degree involves no immediate danger.

  22. Injuries and excessive functional performance are the causes of the disease in only one foot.

  23. The organs are encouraged by it to renewed functional activity; the local inflammation produced by it favors absorption of the exudation.

  24. All the symptoms of lessened functional activity of the brain are manifested to some degree.

  25. In some cases of "soreness" in horses used to hard or fast work there is evident weakness of the coats of the vessels, brought on by repeated functional exhaustion.

  26. Any disorder leading to impaired functional activity of the lungs is causative of an excess of hippuric acid and allied bodies, of oxalic acid, of sugar, etc.

  27. These permanent teeth are situated immediately behind their functional counterparts of the milk dentition.

  28. This ability to become cognizant of physiologico-psychological processes by the aid of the inner surfaces of our organs of sense, reveals a peculiar functional exercise of their faculties.

  29. Who has ever thought that the Å“sophagus was a breathing-tube of a similar functional order as the trachea?

  30. As a matter of fact, I not only believe, but positively know, that every exterior functional surface has a corresponding posterior one.

  31. That functional dependence of parts, which is scarcely more manifest in animals or plants than nations, has no counterpart elsewhere.

  32. In both cases the antecedent is greater functional activity, consequent on greater demand.

  33. Moreover, in both cases, when the functional activity is high and the nutrition defective, there results not growth but decay.

  34. The Functional Independence of the Elements or Units of the Body.

  35. UNITS of the body, functional independence of the, ii.

  36. In this class are found most of the instances of "functional modification" or acquired characteristics.

  37. In discussing the general subject of variation and variability in this connection, we must take always into account the biological distinction between variation and functional modification, between innate and acquired traits.

  38. Or the Use of Massage Rollers and Muscle Beaters in Indigestion, Constipation, Liver Trouble, Paralysis, Neuralgia and Other Functional Diseases.

  39. In the larva of Dysticus, another water beetle, the only functional spiracles are the last pair, opening at the tail.

  40. Among the Amblyopsidae even those with functional eyes depend on touch and vibrations for their food.

  41. Very often it is not possible, and then in place of the inadequate method of the individual case the method of the continuous functional relation steps in with its infinitely greater effectiveness.

  42. The Application of the Functional Relation.

  43. The general functional equation A = f(B) becomes the definite p = K/v.

  44. Functional relation, the application of the, 112 ff.

  45. Functional Kidney Tests~ are made to determine the character and extent of the impairment of the functions of the kidneys.

  46. If the case is a mild one, this may be sufficient to free the urine from sugar, but the diet is given primarily to enable the physician to find out by means of urinalysis just how great is the functional impairment.

  47. The inspiration which was supposed to be conferred by them, conferred no general infallibility--it was strictly functional and did not extend beyond the limits of the gift.

  48. Even at the present day it is a very common idea that the gift of inspiration cannot possibly be a functional one which is limited to a definite subject-matter, but that it must confer a general infallibility.

  49. Equally functional were these gifts, each being confined to its own proper subject-matter.

  50. It can thus be seen that from a functional point of view both the Gestapo and the SD were important and closely related groups within the organization of the Security Police and the SD.

  51. The quality of functional disorder or weakness of the nervous system in certain respects.

  52. Then this particular form will no longer thrive; but some other form of bacterium may find in it the properties required for functional activity, and may grow vigorously.

  53. The power of bacteria to cause pathological changes may thus be weakened and attenuated; in other words, their functional power for evil is taken from them by alterations in the soil.

  54. These facts would indicate that they are not of high functional importance; and they seem so generally occupied by testes (Pl.

  55. It is impossible to behold these organs, and doubt that they are of high functional importance to the animal.

  56. Such a glycosuria must necessarily be temporary and a purely functional disorder.

  57. Debilitating influences, such as bad air, want of cleanliness and outdoor exercise, impair functional activity in the intestines as elsewhere.

  58. But still I maintain that between a prostate and a uterus, as between a coccygeal bone and a vertebra, the only difference which exists is one of quantity, and that hence arises the functional difference.

  59. As the thoracic viscera differ in form and functional character from those of the abdomen, so we find that the arterial branches which are supplied by the aorta to each set, differ likewise in some degree.

  60. The liver having the duct, is functional as a gland, while the spleen having no duct, cannot serve any such function.

  61. When any organ, by its process of growth, or by its own functional act, forces a space for itself, it immediately inhabits that space entirely at the expense of neighbouring organs.

  62. The being is functional by relationship; and just as a pendulum is functional, by reason of the counteraction of two opposing forces,--viz.

  63. When wakefulness is a consequence of functional derangement of distant organs, the measures of relief must be directed to the cure of the primary disease, in order to produce any permanent alleviation of the cerebral difficulty.

  64. As a functional disorder of the brain, arising from inordinate mental activity, it has received scarcely any notice.

  65. Wakefulness is also caused by functional derangements of certain organs of the body, whereby an increase in the amount of blood in the brain is produced.

  66. A great deal of the power of the brain is expended in the continuance of functional operations necessary to our well-being.

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