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Example sentences for "functionary"

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fun; function; functional; functionally; functionaries; functioned; functioning; functionings; functionless; functions
  1. But what kind of a functionary was that, now, who would dare, in your presence, to insult your aunt?

  2. The functionary was also disposed to think that all was as it ought to be and seemed at first to be satisfied.

  3. This new functionary opened fire at once, "Sir, is your name Rebecca O'Neill?

  4. Occasionally a fraudulent functionary was tried and convicted, but the great majority of these dishonest officials escaped without ever being brought to trial.

  5. The ambitious chief, first of all issued his pronunciamiento against the ministry of the president, and then, shortly after, against that functionary himself.

  6. But that functionary saw at once the necessity of strengthening the frontier.

  7. Camp Sandy stood in a little world of its own, the only civil functionary within forty miles being a ranchman, dwelling seven miles down stream, who held some Territorial warrant as a justice of the peace.

  8. Our illustration represents a scene among the groups of persons, of frequent occurrence−-a Turkish functionary flogging a Greek fruiterer for false weights, while the rest look on and enjoy the chastisement he is receiving.

  9. When a public functionary is deprived of his office, and suffered to retain his life, he retires to Scutari, and seeks solace in its soothing enjoyments.

  10. He releases her from the judge's grasp, and stands menacing that high old functionary with his finger.

  11. The Judge continues to shake the higher functionary violently.

  12. He will deliver it to no one but the manager, and in spite of his other duties that functionary is compelled to receive it in person.

  13. How is it with the Judge--that high functionary who provides thus sumptuously for his mistress?

  14. This honorable functionary politely declined to give his name and business, and requested the favor of a private interview with young Renault.

  15. Sambucco, was a magistrate; her grandfather was a functionary of the war department.

  16. It was delivered with a good deal of diffidence and hesitation by the functionary who met them, and who certainly, while discharging his commission, did not appear to consider it as the most respectable which he might have borne.

  17. The youths held to their first assertion, that they were Lydian Hekatontarchs, and begged the functionary to provide them with passes and tell them in what way they might most easily obtain admittance into the king's troop of auxiliaries.

  18. Chowkidar, A functionary whose principal duty seems to be to snore in the verandah at night and scare other robbers away.

  19. Tehsildhar, The functionary who has jurisdiction over a tehsil.

  20. The stockbroker, whose face was half averted from the clerk, and who stood between that functionary and the light from the open doorway, at once comprehended the error that had arisen.

  21. He despatched a maid-servant to summon his clerk, in order that that functionary might assist in the investigation of the registers.

  22. And she mentioned one or two names--names that had been revealed to her by the obscure functionary Steinbach.

  23. To-morrow I shall sign this decree, raising you to the post of functionary of the first class, with increased emoluments.

  24. This functionary came out with a public denunciation of all Protestant books, including the New Testament.

  25. Up to this time, the mission had not applied to any European functionary for interference in their troubles with Mar Shimon.

  26. It has a resident governor of considerable power and consequence, the name of the present functionary being Hash-Hash, who has long held the appointment, and enjoys great influence near the Sultan.

  27. But the judge or other legal functionary is so primed with the current hypocrisy that he himself, his colleagues, his wife, and his friends are all quite sure, despite what he does, that he is a good and sensible man.

  28. Renard, and consulted with that experienced functionary as to the details of the plan of action which he had revolved during the hours of a sleepless night.

  29. The baked potato man was of Victorian growth, and speedily became a recognized and popular functionary of his kind.

  30. The judge made a signal to an officer of the court, and that functionary quitted the judgment hall.

  31. Opposite to this functionary was a bench whereon the witnesses were placed.

  32. The few who shared the skepticism of the judge applauded that high functionary for his courage in venturing so bold a stroke in order to destroy what he and they deemed an idle superstition.

  33. From this functionary may be learned the names of the different tenants.

  34. A short silence was unbroken, when suddenly the door unclosed, and the dark functionary presented himself, and handed me a letter of most unprepossessing appearance.

  35. The other functionary charged with Philip's education was Don Juan de Zuniga, commendador mayor of Castile.

  36. They next attacked the house of the grand-inquisitor, which they burned to the ground; and that functionary narrowly escaped with his life.

  37. But this zealous functionary employed his authority with so good effect, that it speedily roused the general indignation of his countrymen, who compelled him to fly for his life.

  38. But the king seems to lay less stress on the skill of this functionary than on his trustworthiness,--a point of greater moment with a monarch.

  39. This functionary was possessed of an authority far exceeding that of the prime-minister of any European prince.

  40. He besought Philip to interpose in his behalf, and cause three suits which had been brought against that functionary to be suspended during his absence from Spain.

  41. This functionary had been sent out by the Spanish Crown, as noticed in a preceding chapter, to cooperate with Pizarro in restoring tranquillity to the country, with authority to assume the government himself, in case of that commander's death.

  42. This last functionary was peculiarly odious to Almagro and his followers.

  43. They confidently looked to this high functionary for the redress of their wrongs; and two of their body, clad in suits of mourning, were chosen to go to the north, where the judge was expected to land, and to lay their grievances before him.

  44. That functionary began now to be convinced that he was in a critical position.

  45. This epistle, duly sealed and addressed, Waife delivered to the care of Mike Callaghan; and simultaneously he astounded that functionary with no less a gratuity than half a crown.

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