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  1. Rounding the front of the stable and continuing sternward on the opposite side of the Supply, Ali felt a tense ripple travel up his spine and reassured himself that his dagger was at hand when he saw another camel handler approaching.

  2. The gate was in this wall and a house for the chief camel handler stood beside the gate.

  3. The fellow referred to was the handler of the Talking Horse.

  4. The handler was down in the office, alone, when the uproar started; he came jumping upstairs six steps to the jump and when he sees Mardo putting in that bunch of body holds on his intelligent charge, why, he took a hand.

  5. The horse has reached town and will be brought around to-morrow morning; so you make it a point to be on hand to let it and the handler in.

  6. The handler was a husky with one lamp and a bad one at that.

  7. Used to be chief handler for some of the biggest cattle breeders in the East he tells me.

  8. At this fifth post the owner or handler of the contestant shall stand with his dog.

  9. Nor shall such owner or handler move more than three feet from the post until his dog shall have completed the trial.

  10. When "Standard Oil" had gathered into its net sufficient of the important private institutions of finance there still remained the federal Government, the largest handler of money in the country.

  11. The handler used his best tactics and landed almost at will, but without apparent damage.

  12. He's just knocked out," reassured one of the men, examining the prostrate handler with a professional attention.

  13. He was a very pretty handler of a gun, and took pride in his skill with it.

  14. He was already beginning to show his natural fitness as a handler of weapons.

  15. But a greater difficulty came in the equally important and necessary work of limiting profits and securing a more direct distribution from manufacturer and large food handler to consumer.

  16. This was giving Count Redstone a chance to rest, and the handler was taking full advantage of it.

  17. It's a courtesy one handler sometimes extends another who is absent from the spot, to go in and flush his dog's birds.

  18. Millionaire and handler withdrew a few steps from father and daughter and dog.

  19. Late the next afternoon a crippled dog handler tore open a letter.

  20. There was a groaning crash as the handler came to a halt, shuddering, with only eight inches of the bar buried in the sphere.

  21. Almost grotesquely now, the handler stood poised above the place where the sphere had been and in its jaws it held the bar.

  22. The handler liquors, which are originally sent back from the layers, are also frequently strengthened by the addition of oakwood, chestnut, or quebracho extracts, although some tanners only use extracts in the layers.

  23. The first handler liquor should register about 25 degrees by the barkometer (Fig.

  24. After a day's immersion in the first handler liquor, the hides are hauled out with a sharp two-pronged hook fixed to the end of a long wooden pole, similar to that used in the liming process.

  25. The tan liquor is then run off the first handler to the suspender and fresh liquor is pumped into the empty pit, which then becomes the head or strongest liquor of the series.

  26. A fast friendship had sprung up between the huge scraper-handler and his young driver.

  27. As we have before stated, the pig-iron handler is not an extraordinary man difficult to find, he is merely a man more or less of the type of the ox, heavy both mentally and physically.

  28. This work is so crude and elementary in its nature that the writer firmly believes that it would be possible to train an intelligent, gorilla so as to become a more efficient pig-iron handler than any man can be.

  29. A pig-iron handler walks on the level at the rate of one foot in 0.

  30. Thus we see that the pig-iron handler with his 60 per cent increase in wages is not an object for pity but rather a subject for congratulation.

  31. The pig-iron handler stoops down, picks up a pig weighing about 92 pounds, walks for a few feet or yards and then drops it on to the ground or upon a pile.

  32. Now, Schmidt, you are a first-class pig-iron handler and know your business well.

  33. As the mold comes around to the handler again it opens and the handler takes out the finished bottle, replacing it with a new blank drawn from the mold on the first platform.

  34. As the mold comes to a point diametrically opposite the furnace door it opens again, and a handler takes the blank, as the bottle is called at this stage, and places it in a mold on the second revolving platform.

  35. He was a trained accountant,

    a clever employment man, and a successful handler of men and women.

  36. He pointed with a small handler that carried a probe.

  37. Illustration] He moved a handler and picked up a heavy scalpel from the instrument rack.

  38. With deft motion of the handler he drew the scalpel down across the chest and along the costal margins in the classic inverted "Y" incision.

  39. There's a certain advantage to this," he said as he moved the handler delicately.

  40. The Judges have power to order any handler to set his dog to retrieve game not shot by him personally.

  41. The handler of the dog must shoot with ammunition supplied by the Committee, and he will not be allowed to carry in his hand anything besides his gun.

  42. All aged dogs will be expected to retrieve fur as well as feather, if ordered to do so, but no handler must send his dog after any game until bidden by a Judge to do so.

  43. Smith smiled as his handler pulled his chicken's gaff out of its dead victim, and set it free.

  44. Well, I won't say it was offered--that he might have been able to secure a job through the Texas Employment Commission as a cargo handler at $310 per month.

  45. Did you ever hear anything by way of discussion or otherwise by Marina or Lee of the possibility of his having been tendered or at least suggested to him a job at Trans-Texas, as a cargo handler at $310 per month?

  46. The old handler liquor is run to the suspenders (40 deg.

  47. The hides are now coloured off in paddles, put through a small handler round (11 deg.

  48. The liquor is the old forward handler liquor made up with gambier.

  49. In all cases the strongest handler is obtained from the leaches, and made up to the required with strong infusion of gambier.

  50. The handler liquor is made entirely from fresh leach liquor and quebracho extract, and is a sharp liquor of greater strength than its Bkr.

  51. The number of handler rounds is determined by the number of butts being dealt with.

  52. The skins are then split, and the grains pass through a handler set with liquors made from oak bark (8 deg.

  53. In this process the goods are paddled, and then enter a large handler round (8 deg.

  54. The tannage is commenced by paddling in a spent handler liquor (4 deg.

  55. The old handler liquor is run to the butt suspenders.

  56. For firmer moroccos the skins may pass through a handler round of oak-bark liquors (10 deg.

  57. The tendency is to employ handler rounds involving a rather large number of pits, and to work these on the press system.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "handler" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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