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  1. He closed deeper and deeper on my throat, and everything went black and red and bursting; and then, when I were sure I were dead, the handlers pulled him off, and the Master give me a kick that brought me to.

  2. I don't think the handlers treated me quite right that time, but maybe they didn't know the Ottawa dog was dead.

  3. With most readers great sympathy will be aroused because seven out of eight of these pig-iron handlers were thrown out of a job.

  4. To return now to our pig-iron handlers at the Bethlehem Steel Company.

  5. It is a fact, however, that many of the pig-iron handlers ran with their pig as soon as they reached the inclined plank.

  6. Almost all of the ore handlers took this advice, and went to Pittsburgh, but in about six weeks most of them were again back in Bethlehem unloading ore at the old rate of 3 2/10 cents a ton.

  7. Schmidt was called out from among the gang of pig-iron handlers and talked to somewhat in this way: "Schmidt, are you a high-priced man?

  8. There was a shortage of ore handlers in Pittsburgh, and hearing of the fine gang of laborers that had been developed at Bethlehem, one of the Pittsburgh steel works sent an agent to hire the Bethlehem men.

  9. Two handlers caught the Dragonfly's wing as Garry drifted it to the landing stage.

  10. Doc Morgan, Toby Tew and some of the handlers who had stayed around discussing the exciting night's events, looked disappointed.

  11. The used first and second layers are mixed together and used partly to form the belly layers, and partly to make a sharp liquor for the handlers (55 deg.

  12. They next pass through two sets of suspender-handlers (50 deg.

  13. The goods then go through the second handlers (20 deg.

  14. The goods are coloured off in drums or paddles, and then pass through two sets of suspenders handlers (20 deg.

  15. The forward handlers are fresh liquors with fresh extract.

  16. After working through this set they pass through the second handlers (20 deg.

  17. The butts then go through the first handlers (5 deg.

  18. The handlers consist of floaters and several dusters, in which the butts are laid away with 1-3 cwt.

  19. Thus they may have first handlers (8 deg.

  20. This may be done by adding a few gallons of lactic, acetic, formic, or butyric acid to the handlers and suspenders, especially in the winter and spring.

  21. One advantage of handlers is that the goods flatten thoroughly and straighten one another by their own weight; another is that more goods can be placed in one pit than in suspenders.

  22. The bellies and shoulders often go through separate sets of liquors, but it is common to put them through suspenders, and even handlers together.

  23. And their owners and handlers have done nothing to awaken in their exhibits the half-human brain and heart that is a dog's heritage.

  24. And the handlers treated him accordingly.

  25. She sent in one of the materials handlers with a hypo.

  26. Near the front office, a stream of it was running across the floor, and at the rear of the building, in the storage area, one of the materials handlers had just finished cutting a pipe that led to the main oil tank.

  27. He didn't build you just so you could--" Two materials handlers picked him up with steely gentleness and carried him out.

  28. All the materials handlers were now assembled around the milling machine, like mourners at a funeral.

  29. Then I got a dictionary and instructed one of the materials handlers to turn the pages, so that the machine got a look at every page.

  30. With all his faults, the handlers to a man liked Garrison.

  31. The handlers fell back in silence as Garrison approached the filly.

  32. You see this road is just now in the throes of a strike, and all their freight handlers are out.

  33. You know the freight handlers went out on the first of May, and since then there has been more excitement than work in the office.

  34. Bayne dictated: "I have offered the Handlers the same as the Forgers.

  35. Handlers the same as he has the Smiths, fifteen down, and to pay his natty money, but draw no scale, unless disabled.

  36. He would find a practical way for instance for the employers and pig-iron handlers in the Midvale Steel Works to come to some sort of common understanding and to work cheerfully and with a free spirit together.

  37. And Comet and Peerless II were speeding away across that field, and behind them came handlers and judges and spectators, all mounted.

  38. She was present again at the meeting of handlers and owners and club officials, who packed the parlours and hall after supper.

  39. But, while doing so, he had been seized by both the boat handlers and dragged aboard.

  40. Only us two boat-handlers on board,” replied one of the pair.

  41. The presence of dogs on the line could promise the Marines there a night’s sleep, for they alerted their handlers when the enemy came near.

  42. Handlers were trained dog specialists and skilled scouts as well.

  43. Lieutenant Putney commanded the 36 handlers and 24 dogs out of division headquarters.

  44. The boats were late getting to the docks, and the longshoremen and freight handlers had to labor far into the night.

  45. He ate a hearty meal, and was taking a rest on deck, for the 'longshoremen and freight handlers would not resume their labors until one o'clock, when he saw coming up the gangplank a boy about his own age.

  46. In such a case, he may have a baggage-room with baggageman and baggage-handlers installed; he may have assistants to mind the telegraph instrument and to sell tickets, other assistants to look after the freight.

  47. Each year the task of the baggage-handlers multiplies.

  48. The dogs are sent out to find the game and point, with the judges and handlers and the gallery, as the spectators are called, following.

  49. The umpire's whistle sounded and the handlers called their dogs in.

  50. Boat-handlers and armed sailors and marines scampered over the side.

  51. Besides, I have in mind the fact that you have made yourselves among the most expert of all handlers of submarine torpedo boats.

  52. Many of the Master's fattest livestock were being shepherded into the compound by their handlers to be slaughtered.

  53. As the long line of great beasts continued to enter the great courtyard in sedate single file, they halted one-by-one and stood waiting patiently for their handlers to unload them.

  54. We'll take a look at the thorax first," he said, as he used the handlers to pry open the rib cage and expose the thoracic viscera.

  55. We use the handlers to put specimens into those jars," he said, pointing to a row of capped glass jars of assorted sizes on a wall rack behind the table.

  56. Second, the licensing of all store handlers and millers of wheat and controlling them both through voluntary agreements and license regulations.

  57. The relation between the layers and handlers in regard to the disposal of the used liquors is similar to that between handlers and suspenders; the first layer used is sent to the last handler.

  58. The handlers consist of a series of six or eight, and the strength of the liquors should be increased gradually.

  59. I'd deserve your contempt as well as that of our employers and the whole people, if I allowed my freight handlers to dictate to me whose freight they should handle.

  60. Arrived with the first camels and presently serving as interpreter, he already had Mimico and the six other handlers in tow.

  61. Ali's curiosity mounted because, contrary to their usual procedure, these handlers were gently trying to make the camel get up.

  62. Then the scow reached the ship, the men who had been on the scow disappeared on the Supply and took the camel with them, whereupon the Egyptian handlers abruptly changed tactics.

  63. Four were native camel handlers but the fifth was a quiet young American named, Ali remembered, Gwynne Heap.

  64. Ali would not have interfered if the Egyptian handlers had done almost anything except what they were obviously about to do--make the camel get up by pouring boiling pitch over its tail.

  65. One had lain down, and eight Egyptian camel handlers seemed interested in making it get up again.

  66. The next moment Fay had straightened up and motioned his handlers aside.

  67. Fay's handlers dragged him forward, still resisting but more feebly now, as if half-hypnotized or at least cowed.

  68. Handlers were everywhere busy making their pets ready for the judging.

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