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  1. The Parson was a magistrate, and, for no known reason, Butts always addressed him as such.

  2. If I drive my own cart over to Fair Anchor, there's nobody but Butts to bring it back, and you know Butts's driving.

  3. Butts brought up the rear of the chase, vainly shouting to call them off.

  4. Mr. Chichester, would you mind stepping out and ringing them up at the stables, while Butts is bringing the brandy?

  5. To his amazement, in the hall he ran against Butts carrying a portmanteau, and at the same moment Miss Sally issued from the yellow drawing-room with a Bradshaw in her hand.

  6. The next thing that happened was that the other little cousin before mentioned, Henry Sherwood, came to live with the Butts and go to a day-school in the town.

  7. The young Butts went across very often to dine at the Court; and on these occasions their hostess, Lady Winnington, got up little impromptu dances, which they greatly enjoyed.

  8. He ought not to know himself why he butts at things, but just to butt at them.

  9. In short, wherever power is, there he is against it: he naturally butts at all obstacles, as unicorns are attracted to oak trees, and feels his own strength only by resistance to the opinions and wishes of the rest of the world.

  10. The splint machines were for slitting a block of wood of the proper height downward nearly the whole way into match splints, leaving their butts in the solid wood.

  11. He made the first metal lathe for cutting out the butts of gun-barrels.

  12. Pantagruel studied very hard, as you may well conceive, and profited accordingly; for he had an excellent understanding and notable wit, together with a capacity in memory equal to the measure of twelve oil budgets or butts of olives.

  13. He had an omnivorous appetite and ate anything from cigarette butts to washrags, and if anything was missing it was customary to charge it against Eli.

  14. The Germans burst into the church, drove out the people and separated the men from the women with the butts of their rifles.

  15. Now if we examine a large number of swords of these types, we shall find that these butts vary in form, some being convex and others concave.

  16. As the butts of the blades show a gradual transition from the form usual in the daggers with riveted handles shown in Plate IV.

  17. Thrice we were carried back by the crowd, and when we made our way past the British Infantry it was to meet the Sikh Cavalry driving another mob before them with the butts of their lances.

  18. Said there was too much beer in the Barrack water-butts for a God-fearing man.

  19. Then followed the ringing of rifle-butts and shrieks of pain.

  20. Then the butts were examined for worms, but the last year’s application of tar had kept off the fly, and the old ravages of the enemy were found to be nearly healed over by the growth of new bark.

  21. We had protected them for three seasons from the fly by keeping the butts well tarred, and they were now about to give some return for this careful but unexpensive oversight.

  22. Tell them to strike not too gently with the flats of their swords and the butts of their spears.

  23. They are bringing the butts into close acquaintance with certain very ill-shod feet.

  24. I can't afford to have my officers setting themselves up as butts for the Boers to practise at.

  25. For they were nothing better, as in a selfish kind of madness to escape they dragged their horses' heads round and lashed and beat at them with the butts of their rifles, to begin frantically galloping back by the way they came.

  26. But now the time had come when those who were to shoot with the longbow were to take their places, so the people began flocking to the butts where the shooting was to be.

  27. It didn't go around leaving bloody fingerprints or lipsticked cigarette butts or packets of paper matches with Ciro's, Hollywood, written on them.

  28. In falling he knocked over the little table with its load of ash-trays, match-boxes, telephone, cigar butts and the whisky bottle and the glass.

  29. The telephone transmitter and receiver were upon the hardwood floor, where they had fallen with the butts of two Havana cigars and the ash trays and match boxes.

  30. Below in the garden the Bavarians were running around the house, hammering with rifle-butts at the closed shutters, crouching, dodging from stable to garden, perfectly possessed to get into the house.

  31. Some soldiers were knocking the sparks from the roof with the butts of their rifles.

  32. At intervals of three or four inches he rested the remaining poles against the one lashed to the trees, arranging them at an angle of fifty-five degrees and aligning the butts of the poles evenly upon the ground.

  33. Upon this he placed the other shavings, the thin ends on the fire, the butts resting upon the two sticks at the angle.

  34. More than one allusion indicates that the citizens of Praeneste were especially regarded as butts by the wits of Rome[188].

  35. The criterion for transferring from the gyle-tun to the cleansing butts is the attenuation caused by the production of alcohol in the beer: when that has fallen to 10 lbs.

  36. The beer was pumped from the cleansing butts into store-vats, holding from twenty to twenty-five gyles or brewings of several hundred barrels each.

  37. With this style, the midship section was laid first and secured by a temporary rib, then the next toward the ends, with the butts shoved under the ends of the middle section.

  38. Nearly all builders feathered the butts and overlapped them slightly.

  39. The placing of the strakes was often irregular, with the result that the butts were somewhat staggered.

  40. Probably the butts were snied off so that the lap would be flat face, as was usual in the Malecite spruce-bark canoes of this same class.

  41. The sheathing ended irregularly, outboard of the headboards, in narrow butts as in most eastern canoes.

  42. The tapered ends of the splints were at the ends of the canoe; the butts of the two sets being lapped amidships with the lap toward the stern.

  43. The butts of each piece have been whittled to a feather edge, the bevel extending back about 2 inches.

  44. In a second method, used to the westward, the sheathing was laid edge-to-edge in two lengths, with the butts slightly lapped.

  45. Therefore, the gunwales were usually made of saplings with their butts roughly secured together or spliced.

  46. The strakes were laid edge-to-edge longitudinally, with slightly overlapping butts amidships, and were tapered toward the ends of the canoe.

  47. This strake was in two lengths in a small canoe and three lengths in a large, the butts overlapping slightly.

  48. The topside sheathing was laid up in short lengths with overlapping butts and edges in an irregular plan, those strakes along the bilges being longer than above.

  49. When the annual fall of timber takes place the butts of the trees are often left in the earth, to be afterwards grubbed and split for firewood, which goes to the great house or is sold.

  50. The instant that Joe Dawson and Hank Butts let go of the hooks they sprang to board the schooner.

  51. Then the story of the final chase was told, even how Hank Butts had done so much to carry the day aboard the schooner by his artless trick of dropping the hitching weight where it would do the most harm to the enemy.

  52. Then, a little later, he and Moddridge found their appetites, and Hank Butts served them enthusiastically.

  53. Young Butts quickly obeyed, though his own wrench he dropped into a hip pocket.

  54. Halstead hastily scribbled on an envelope: Joe, trust Hank Butts to the limit.

  55. Young Butts was surely in his element doing things that looked crazy.

  56. Hank Butts ran the car in at the side of the lonely road and stopped.

  57. Leaning toward his would-be assailant, Butts dropped the weight squarely across the toes of the scoundrel’s advanced foot, then jumped aside.

  58. A feller from New York taught us that last summer,” Butts replied.

  59. Then Tom turned in below, Joe doing likewise, leaving Butts on deck for the first watch.

  60. Joe Dawson and Hank Butts were both up, waiting for him.

  61. He would have liked to ask Hank to wait near by, but remembered the fact that young Butts was not in the Delavan confidence.

  62. This keeps the butts moist and the tops dry and cool.

  63. All that remains to be done is to slip on another band and to square the butts with a sharp knife.

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