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Example sentences for "buttressed"

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  1. Sometimes we were all three walking together along a fallen trunk, then we had to cling to the huge buttressed roots of a tree.

  2. The Man" formed the boundary, and buttressed on the eastern side the entire mass of the group, which was protected on the opposite side by the two Douvres.

  3. On the Little Douvre, their extremities were laid and buttressed upon the projections of rock.

  4. For a mile or two on our left rose a grand mass of basalt quite two thousand feet in height, buttressed with bold outlying rocks and presenting very regular basaltic columns.

  5. This strange old church, and the House of Canons, buttressed on the hill beside it, have suffered less from modernisation than most buildings in Gubbio.

  6. Those among us who must devote the whole buttressed power of their arms and legs to prevent their greasy loads from sliding off their backs and to prevent themselves from sliding to the ground, these neither see nor hear anything.

  7. He settles himself on the ground with his back against one wall of the trench and his feet buttressed against the other wall.

  8. For forty minutes we skirted the seaward face of the old cliff, a line broken by many deep water-gashes and buttressed by Goz, or high heaps of loose white sand.

  9. This being received with a large silence that suggested doubt, he buttressed it with the statement that his brother once saw the boomerang kill a bird away off a hundred yards and bring it to the thrower.

  10. It is a town of wide avenues and noble distances, and is comely and alluring, and full of suggestions of comfort and leisure, and of the serenity which a good conscience buttressed by a sufficient bank account gives.

  11. Rivalries might be keen and colonial boundary questions acute; nevertheless, in their calmer moments, the white peoples felt that the expansion of one white nation buttressed the expansion of all.

  12. The prodigious wealth thereby amassed has been a prime cause of white prosperity, has buttressed the maintenance of white world-hegemony, and has made possible much of the prodigious increase of white population.

  13. Not far from Puddle dock stood Baynard's Castle with its high buttressed walls.

  14. The little flint church, in which Tennyson was married, has a prettily buttressed tower, and around it grow many tall evergreens and waving trees.

  15. Burgundy's struggle to achieve a permanent stone roof was bolder than that of other regional schools in France, and perhaps it was overhardy, since her abbatials, in Gothic times, had to be buttressed to keep them standing.

  16. The system allowed for the better lighting of the upper church, and as each barrel vault was buttressed by the one next it, only at the east and west ends of the edifice was abutment required.

  17. The peasant on the mountains, the agriculturist in his buttressed and terraced farm, the grape-grower in his vineyard and the artisan and laborer in Puntal did not know that there was dissatisfaction with the government.

  18. Two weeks later, in the small garden giving off from the King's private apartments, and perched half-way up the buttressed side of the rock on which sat the Palace, Karyl impatiently awaited the coming of Colonel Von Ritz.

  19. The boys sat down on dry tree knuckles, buttressed roots rising three feet from the soil, and discussed the situation gravely.

  20. There were towering trees with buttressed trunks, whose leaves made a fretwork against the sky far overhead.

  21. Many of the big trees, of different kinds, were buttressed at the base with great thin walls of wood.

  22. The vault of the great hall is buttressed by the vaults of the chambers of the ground floor and of the first floor which lie at right angles to it.

  23. Moreover, the walls themselves were buttressed by vaulted rooms.

  24. In the wooded border are homes ready builded for him under the buttressed trunks of elms, or in the hollow boles of old water maples, and hidden pathways through fallen trees and under low green arches of ferns.

  25. By it is an elm, whose hollow trunk was the home of raccoons when it stood on its buttressed stump in the swamp.

  26. The large pillared cross in the wool market and the massive proportions of the courthouse, with its heavily buttressed walls, testify mutely of the time when Chipping Campden was a place of much greater importance than it is today.

  27. It is not shown to visitors, but its battlemented towers, odd turrets and heavily buttressed walls are plainly visible from the road.

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