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Example sentences for "buttons"

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  1. It was in this shop that she saw her first doll, a ridiculous fat affair constructed of a hank of cotton with shoe buttons for eyes and a red silk embroidered mouth and an enormous braid of string for hair.

  2. Do you know enough to sew on buttons and mend stockings?

  3. They were really diamond buttons that the King had put on for the celebration.

  4. You have also good diamond buttons of your own to be set to a doublet or jerkin.

  5. The trunks or breeches were now cut quite narrow, with buttons at the knee, like modern knickerbockers; and the fashion was to wear thin black silk stockings over thick white ones, and the shoes were tied with very broad black ribbons.

  6. Then she took her place in front of the chart, feeling as if every eye in the room were looking up and down the row of blue crockery buttons on the back of her apron.

  7. I cannot afford to lose even buttons in these days.

  8. It is known that Sterne died in hired lodgings, and I have been told that his attendants robbed him even of his gold sleeve-buttons while he was expiring.

  9. A blue dimity was selected as being in the best wearing condition, but in looking it over she found a rent in the skirt and two buttons gone.

  10. I do believe I'll ask mamma--if she has returned--to sew on the buttons and mend the rent.

  11. Afterward there were socks to mend, and an errand to run, and buttons to sew on to baby's shoes, and a letter to write.

  12. Why, you go out with buttons loose, or entirely off your dress, or your frocks unmended, not to speak of the untidiness of your room.

  13. She desired a tight glove that would not wrinkle, and then she complained of buttons loosely sewn on with a single thread, which came off immediately.

  14. As she spoke, she twirled the little girl round, and began to pull open the buttons of her dress.

  15. The Actor buttons his ulster tightly and shivers.

  16. It tortures me, therefore, to walk on carpets; I am in constant fear and I keep my hands over my pockets; I look at my vest buttons to be sure of them.

  17. She had rings on her fingers and she had the strangest buttons on her dress; that was something to interest them!

  18. The gown, which is edged with fur, is open in front and shows the breast of a black velvet jacket, which is quite plain, without buttons or join in front.

  19. With the gold buttons it would have been superb, and it would have been the envy of the quarter; but it would never do.

  20. Burn the clothes up, and give me the buttons and gold lace.

  21. Through the dim length of the ward I watch the door into the garden, momentarily expecting the familiar figure in the blue uniform and gold buttons to enter.

  22. The man who has his buttons shining brightly and his leather polished, is usually the man who is brightly polished inside.

  23. The ones I saw were invariably dressed with the most scrupulous care in the smartest uniforms, Sam Browns polished and buttons shining.

  24. The first morning, no matter what are the weather conditions, we hold an inspection; every man has to show up with his chin shaved, hair cut, leather polished and buttons shining.

  25. If it’s a gentleman, he feels at his breeches-pocket to see that the cash is all safe--or he buttons his coat over his breast which proves that the notes are in his waistcoat.

  26. It was drawn by two brown cobs, the harness exhibiting a profusion of silver; and the coachman’s livery was of a gaudy blue, with buttons also of silver.

  27. She pulled the coat across her narrow little chest to where it met in the days when there were buttons on it, and marched up and down the room, making as much noise as possible with the big boots.

  28. Now that they are all of an age to be attending school and looking out for themselves, after the manner of independent young Americans, they require from her nothing but sympathy, for their grandmother sews their buttons on.

  29. Another difference between us is that they keep their buttons as bright as possible and themselves as spick and span as can be.

  30. The infantry officer gets his buttons as dull as possible, and if they are green so much the better, as it shows he has been through gas.

  31. One of his most masterly speeches was made on economical and financial subjects; and yet in order to get his blue broadcloth coat with brass buttons from the tailor-shop to wear while making the speech, he had to borrow twenty-five dollars.

  32. They built a trading-post at Hartford, where they swapped bone collar-buttons with the Indians for beaver-and otter-skins.

  33. Spain, therefore, expected to exchange bone collar-buttons with the children of the forest for opals as large as lima beans, and to trade fiery liquids to them for large gold bricks.

  34. After a period of desperation, two top buttons were removed and sewed on lower down, where they would do the most good.

  35. Except for the blue uniforms and brass buttons of the officers who belonged to the naval air service, the orderly's khaki and the bayonet from a gun used casually at the other end of the table as a paperweight, it was an ordinary English tea.

  36. The young woman came to me fashionably and expensively dressed, but with torn and soiled gloves, and half of the buttons off her shoes.

  37. Buttons fly off, seams give way at the slightest strain, dropped stitches are everywhere in evidence, and often the entire article goes to pieces before it is worn half a dozen times.

  38. Stewart, as a boy, lost eighty-seven cents, when his capital was one dollar and a half, in buying buttons and thread which shoppers did not call for.

  39. He said "I hunt for haddocks' eyes Among the heather bright, And work them into waistcoat-buttons In the silent night.

  40. The first garment I picked up was a cloak of a sort of silk material, richly furred and lined; all the buttons but one had been cut off, and that which remained was silver.

  41. Aunt Jessie reveled in reading, for which she had no time at home, and lay in her hammock a happy woman, with no socks to darn, buttons to sew, or housekeeping cares to vex her soul.

  42. And Rose opened a handsome box in which lay several pairs of her best gloves, with buttons enough to satisfy the heart of the most covetous.

  43. However, where a local council exists, buttons will be supplied on order of the Executive Committee for use on such uniforms as the Committee may desire to have made locally.

  44. Prices of the buttons per set for coat is 15 cents and per set for shirt 10 cents.

  45. Buttons--The official buttons worn on the scout uniforms sell for 10 cents per set for shirt and 15 cents per set for coat.

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