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  1. In a family of small children there are a great many buttonholes to be made.

  2. For the apron cut one-half inch buttonholes and one-fourth of an inch in from the edge.

  3. For the apron place three buttonholes in the yoke, one in middle and others near each end, about one-fourth inch from the edge of the yoke at center back.

  4. In some garments, where there is no strain, as in the front of a shirtwaist or of loose corset cover, the buttonholes can be made to run up and down.

  5. How shall the buttonholes be placed in cutting for fastening in this way?

  6. If it is desired to conceal the buttons, make an extra strip for buttonholes and stitch under the right front lap with the stitching of hem.

  7. Buttonholes can also be placed at the center front and at the back of the bands, if the bloomers are to be fastened to a waist.

  8. Only three buttonholes and the whalebones which would keep the collar well up behind the ears lay between her and the triumphant rearing of her shirt waist.

  9. Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, was a Hyacinth who worked daily at hooks and buttonholes for an East Broadway tailor.

  10. Sometimes she got odd jobs of cleaning, and sometimes she made buttonholes for a pants factory.

  11. The girls had fixed a stake into the rocks close by, from which a Union Jack floated to give the key-note of the proceedings, and had prepared buttonholes of daisies, the Empire flower, to present to all the guests.

  12. Becky's beaux sat on the stairs before she was up and became early risers in their love for her, each anxious to be the first to bid their Penelope of the buttonholes good morrow.

  13. But his buttonholes were the greatest triumph of it all.

  14. The stitches of those buttonholes were so small--SO small--they looked as if they had been made by little mice!

  15. Buttonholes should be overcasted or serged as soon as cut, with fine thread or silk, the stitches should be light, loose and even, this is done with a slanting stitch.

  16. The buttonholes must be neat, and the buttons sewed on good and strong with neck.

  17. All buttonholes may be stitched in one garment without removing from the machine.

  18. Buttonholes may be made easy to work by spacing off the number required, with pins or thread marks.

  19. Should the buttonholes need repairing, repair them.

  20. The buttonholes are made by women who do nothing else, and who are paid by the dozen, earning from five to seven dollars weekly.

  21. Pass the haversack suspension rings through the contiguous buttonholes in the lower edge of the haversack and engage the snap hooks on the ends of the pack suspenders.

  22. When the pack has been removed, lace the coupling strap into the buttonholes along the upper edge of the carrier.

  23. The window, you see, where Marylin sewed her buttonholes six days the week, faced a brick wall that peeled with an old scrofula of white paint.

  24. Whole rows of days of buttonholes down pleats that were often groped at through tears.

  25. Look how hard mother works, making buttonholes with stitches so fine you can hardly see them, and yet she doesn't get enough to put bread into her mouth, and but for her relatives she'd have been in the poorhouse long ago.

  26. She had never seen herself so nearly pretty, and with this thought in her mind, she went back to her mother, who was still working buttonholes under the chandelier.

  27. While she sat there, working buttonholes in a bad light, she thought quite as passionately as Gabriella, though her mental processes were different.

  28. Without looking at her mother-in-law, she went on with her sewing, working buttonholes of exquisite fineness in a small white garment.

  29. The introduction of buttons and buttonholes to replace pins and laces made clothing warmer, and it could be made tighter.

  30. And I'm going to work buttonholes all over this cotton.

  31. What's the good of working buttonholes on an old rag?

  32. I hate working buttonholes worse than anything in the world, so I'm going to work them all day.

  33. The decoration, at the period of its founding, was in the shape of a star with five double rays, attached to one of the buttonholes of the coat by a red moire ribbon.

  34. A back view of a seventeenth-century coat showing the buttons and buttonholes 28 15.

  35. In many cases there are proper buttonholes, and it is possible to undo the sleeve buttons; but occasionally the arrangement has degenerated and the buttonholes are imitations or only the buttons remain.

  36. In some ceremonial dresses and uniforms there are cross stripes on the breast (see Figure 61) which, it has been pointed out, represent series of buttonholes which have become hypertrophied, and are now exaggerated beyond recognition.

  37. There were scores of buttonholes arranged in a wheel pattern, and they were beautifully done, and were admired by all.

  38. Works deserving special mention are buttonholes made by Martha Howard of the seventh grade; patching by Lulu Gaston, and darning by Gertrude Williams.

  39. The three centre casings have buttonholes worked in the centre of the casing, in an upward direction, each an inch in length.

  40. You can’t, surely, buy new buttonholes to replace the broken ones?

  41. But,” says someone, “buttonholes are my trouble.

  42. These ranged from the simplest devices for cutting thread to complicated ones for making buttonholes (see figs.

  43. Buttonholes for war, I consoled myself, as I saw the barricades that I had erected round the little gashes, are a different matter from buttonholes for peace.

  44. My buttonholes would not call forth commendations from any ladies' journal, but what they lacked in delicacy they made up in strength.

  45. You can sew the seams and do the plain hemming, and I can work the buttonholes and stitch the bosoms, collars and wristbands!

  46. Place buttons and make buttonholes where desired.

  47. Make the buttonholes three-fourths of an inch long and one inch apart.

  48. Begin one-half inch from the top and make the buttonholes three-fourths of an inch long and three-fourths of an inch apart.

  49. Make four quarter-inch buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

  50. Continue in pattern to correspond to other side, working 3 more buttonholes 10 rows apart in Garter st.

  51. BOY'S COAT:= Work from instructions given for Girl's Coat, but working buttonholes on Left Front instead of Right Front.

  52. BACK: Work exactly as given for Front, omitting buttonholes in waistband.

  53. Crochet 4 loops for buttonholes on each shoulder of pullover.

  54. Front edge and working 7 more buttonholes 9 rows apart, continue even until work from beginning measures 6 ins.

  55. Continue to correspond to Left Front, omitting buttonholes and being careful to have Front border and shaping for opposite side.

  56. Work to correspond to Right Front, omitting buttonholes and being careful to have all shapings at opposite side.

  57. LEFT FRONT: (for Boy's Cardigan the buttonholes are worked in this Front).

  58. To shape armhole:= Still working buttonholes as before, at armhole edge cast off 3 sts.

  59. Omitting buttonholes work to correspond to Right Front, being careful to have all shapings for opposite side.

  60. Sew medium buttons to correspond to buttonholes at crotch opening, and one either side on leg bands, making a small loop to fasten.

  61. Working 3 more buttonholes in this manner approx.

  62. To shape armhole:= Keeping continuity of pattern, and working 2 more buttonholes 18 rows apart, at armhole edge cast off 3 sts.

  63. Continue to correspond to Right Front, omitting buttonholes and being careful to have all shapings and border at opposite side.

  64. Continue to correspond to Right Front, omitting buttonholes and being careful to have all shapings for opposite side.

  65. The buttonholes are made in the 5th row of front; chain 5, miss 5, and repeat, making as many openings as desired, at equal distances.

  66. Knit the other front to correspond, omitting buttonholes if these are used.

  67. The shoe may be made higher, if desired, and more buttonholes added.

  68. Make five buttonholes at equal distances apart, and begin the narrowing for collar in the 11th row, continuing like left front.

  69. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "buttonholes" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.