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Example sentences for "groped"

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groove; grooved; grooves; grooving; grope; groper; gropes; groping; gropingly; gropings
  1. He groped for his tankard of beer on the table-cloth, for he had not taken his eyes away from her face.

  2. Irene took no notice, and sauntered on in the direction of Rachel, but when the prefect had passed out of sight she returned, groped among the vegetables, found the parcel, and slipped it into her packet.

  3. They groped for the handle in the darkness, and pushed and pulled and turned and tugged, but all in vain.

  4. Like a man facing death with only a moment in which to speak volumes, he groped among the staggering mass of facts that were hurtling around him, for one, one only, that would save the hour.

  5. They had groped about themselves for half an hour in despair, searching for the way out, and now that they had found it, they were not fools enough to go in again.

  6. He groped about with his hands, and touched an iron rail; it was the little track for hauling the dumping-cars.

  7. I, interrupting him and taking his arm; and we groped our way along the narrow path that wound down the steep hill into the valley.

  8. The call was twice repeated with a weird ferocity in its tone; and the black eunuch, Ethopus, staggered from his chamber and groped his way into the open air and to the gate.

  9. From Rome Lazarus groped his way back to Palestine and there, long years after his Saviour had been crucified, continued to stumble through his own particular Gethsemane of blindness.

  10. Whenever he came to himself he groped his way a little nearer to France and before he fainted again, registered the direction with two more lumps of earth placed in line.

  11. Huntington groped in vain for one of the crushing retorts that he had valiantly prepared for this meeting.

  12. Swaying, he groped for it, clutched it again, and frantically raised it to his head.

  13. But her willingness outsped her powers; and when the snow had spared her by driving her into the cave, she fairly staggered and groped and leaned against the wall, and knew that if she should now collapse she would never rise again.

  14. As he groped to seize it back, rough hands shoved him sprawling against the soft dirt of the trench.

  15. He heard himself yelling as he groped down his bandolier for another charge-holder.

  16. Thus it happened that on this occasion I groped my way into my sitting-room to find the candle, and came out to light it.

  17. She groped about her tomb, and found a ladder; clambering up, she found a ray of moonlight streaming through a crevice, and learned her location.

  18. Here passed a mother with an infant’s corpse; while there a father groped amid the wreck, and called by turns the names of wife and child.

  19. Dave stumbled against a straight-backed chair, placed it on its back just inside the door, and groped his way to a seat beside Don.

  20. The line-up was directly opposite the boys’ seats and but a few yards from the side-line, and they watched attentively as Paddy was helped to his feet and groped his way to his place.

  21. Not being acquainted with what other mechanics had done, he groped his way in pursuit of some idea originated by his own independent thinking and observation; and, when he had brought it into some definite form, lo!

  22. No sooner had she opened the door and groped her way into the sitting-room than Frank crept forward, and stealing gently into the bedroom, sprang into the bed and wrapped himself up in the blankets.

  23. After I've mopped the kitchen floor, and braved all Wallencamp in its lair, and groped my way out through those infernally black rooms, for the chance of having a few quiet words with you.

  24. I groped about for a seat, and finally succeeded in finding one at the extreme rear of the vehicle.

  25. Now," said I, as I groped my way to his side, "whereaway was this flashing appearance which you say you saw?

  26. With this remark, which seemed superfluous, he shut them out upon the staircase, and they groped their way into the street again.

  27. You groped your way for an hour through lanes and byways, and court-yards, and passages; and you never once emerged upon anything that might be reasonably called a street.

  28. She came to the table in the middle of the cabin, and knowing that there were lockers forming seats below the berths, she groped her way to the side of the apartment, and seated herself.

  29. Entering the fish-house, he groped about for a suitable place to lie down, and blundered against a rickety flight of stairs in one corner.

  30. But he put Caterina out of his mind and groped for his copper bell and rang.

  31. He felt the weight of Angelina's body on the bed and groped to touch her.

  32. As he did this the Princess stretched her hand to where he was and groped a moment, and caught him by the silken dress and tore in it a great rent, and by the rent he stood revealed to her.

  33. He groped at the porch of the palace, and gave the door a voice, and it opened on jasper hinges, shrieking, 'The light of it went through me.

  34. Once abreast of the pier he did not pause, but swiftly clambered out over the ice hills and groped his way along the black piles of the pier.

  35. Then his hand dropped, and he groped his way to the door.

  36. Once I stumbled and fell and groped for a splinter of stone, but he menaced me with his knife and kicked me until I got to my feet again.

  37. Locating the sound in the dark, I groped along the planks to find the loose object, and my fingers came upon a small metal rod.

  38. I stooped and groped for the belaying-pin.

  39. How kind of you, dear Dick," she said, and her poor voice groped vainly for firmness.

  40. At first her mind refused to face the full realization--groped among the omens of the past, would not see in Dick, even now, the cause of all.

  41. He groped wildly to reach it and his hand touched a dangling rope.

  42. For a moment he groped in blindness, while the boys held their breath and then, with a low chuckle he placed his finger unerringly on the little diamond-shaped stone.

  43. Bert groped his way over to Harry's bed and sat down beside him.

  44. Pushing open Sarah's door very gently, she groped on the hooks behind it for her hat.

  45. She slipped off the bed, and going in the direction of the dressing-table groped for a match-box and lit the gas.

  46. She groped for his meaning, her wide eyes fixed on his, and still did not find it.

  47. Her mind groped blindly for an explanation.

  48. Her helplessness groped for some way out.

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