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Example sentences for "gropingly"

Lexicographically close words:
grope; groped; groper; gropes; groping; gropings; gros; grosbeak; grosbeaks; groschen
  1. I know, I know,' he went gropingly on; 'I felt it would sound to you like nothing but frantic incredible nonsense.

  2. He drew his hand gropingly over his face, half rose, and again seated himself.

  3. Her lips trembled, a few faint sounds broke on the tense silence, and again her gaze strayed gropingly over the crowd.

  4. With gropingly tenacious faith he stumbles toward this hinted adjudication.

  5. Stunned by this shock, Pierre Lanier gropingly stumbles along the Thames bank, following the drifting boat.

  6. She stood leaning for a space against the panels with her hands stretched out gropingly against the woodwork.

  7. Gropingly his fingers went again into his pocket and came out holding the envelope out of which he had taken the death tablets.

  8. Her arms went gropingly round his neck and clutched him as if he were the one stable thing that stood against an allied ferocity of wind and wave.

  9. Gropingly he searched for the clue to what his own attitude should now be.

  10. He looked gropingly about, without seeing, in the manner of an old man.

  11. Sam Bolton passed his emaciated, gnarled hand gropingly across his mouth, his usual precursor of speech.

  12. It was strange to realize how the tentacles of his being stretched out gropingly towards these (from the old Durdlebury point of view) impossible friends.

  13. Yet there were rare times of relief from stress, when he could gropingly string together the facts of a pre-Somme existence.

  14. The creature moved slowly forward, walking erect, with its furry arms stretched gropingly ahead.

  15. Staring out over the black waters, he knew only vaguely when Harkness left; a moment later he followed him gropingly around the jagged rocks, while there came to him, blurred by his own mental numbness, a shouted call.

  16. The young fellow felt gropingly for a red-figured bandanna, found it and wiped his face and his eyes dejectedly.

  17. Neither spoke, but at last she raised her face and sat looking out at the water, then slowly one hand came out gropingly toward the American and both of his own closed over it.

  18. Finally she turned toward the man who, kneeling by her side, waited for her decision through what seemed decades of suspense, and her hands went out gropingly again toward him.

  19. Sandy's mind worked more slowly; gropingly he strove to understand.

  20. Then gropingly and tremblingly Ann Walden got upon her feet.

  21. Then Bear Cat spoke again somewhat gropingly and with inarticulate faultiness, as though a flood pressure were seeking egress through a choked channel.

  22. Now, with that need ended, she leaned back against the support of the wall with her hands gropingly spread; weak of knee and limp almost to collapse.

  23. Gropingly he passed his hands over his face.

  24. Gropingly he managed to find the wire to headquarters.

  25. Madge walked gropingly over to her cousin and sat by her side, taking her hand.

  26. Soon Madge's horse was led by a groom to the mounting block, and in a few minutes she emerged gropingly from the great door of Entrance Tower.

  27. Madge gropingly went to Dorothy's side and took her hand.

  28. Then she came gropingly back to me just as Dorothy returned.

  29. Gropingly his arms reached out and snatched her to him again, and for the first time she yielded limply, and lay like a bruised rose against his breast.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gropingly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.