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Example sentences for "groping"

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grooving; grope; groped; groper; gropes; gropingly; gropings; gros; grosbeak; grosbeaks
  1. The stricken man turned slowly about and passed from the chamber, groping his way as though blinded.

  2. The fierce-driving snow blinded him; but he kept on, groping with outstretched hands.

  3. He had straightened up from where he sat, and stood erect, with his arms groping before him and his nostrils dilated.

  4. Each mother took quick and frenzied inventory of her own young, groping out with her hands to make sure by the touch of their flesh to her flesh that her offspring were safely bestowed.

  5. He heard the frozen horror in her voice and thrust out a groping hand.

  6. She moved along it uncertainly, almost as if groping her way, found the door of the music-room ajar, and entered.

  7. She put out a groping hand to him, obeying a curious impulse that would not be denied.

  8. Slowly, cautiously he backed away from the door, down the hall and into the next open door, groping his silent way toward a little half moon in the shutter.

  9. He swayed and got down from the stand, groping his way as if he could not see.

  10. The minister held out a groping hand with his old sweet smile and hearty welcoming voice: "Well, son, you've come at last!

  11. He had slumped in a little heap on the witness stand with his eyes closed, and his hands groping together.

  12. He remembered groping for the child in the smoke filled room, and bringing it blindly through the hall and back to the window where the ladder was, but that room had all been in flames.

  13. He slid a groping hand into his pocket once more for reassurance.

  14. I was groping among ruins; and wherewith should I go to work to build again?

  15. The humblest has a charge to preach Thy kingdom in a nation's eyes: A nation groping for the way That "brightens to the perfect day.

  16. Then followed several minutes of groping in the dark, during which Jimmy narrowly missed receiving a dangerous kick from one of the horses, and at last the hay-mow was located.

  17. The words had been spoken hastily, and Tom and Jim did not throw away any seconds in groping for cover, but, brief as was the time, the terrible fellow in the middle of the road became impatient.

  18. I guess not," replied the driver, reaching back his hand and groping vaguely around; "he must be there.

  19. They return, groping along the wall until they come to a door, which to their consternation they again find to be that of their right-hand neighbor!

  20. Right and left he pushed the groping men who jostled with him.

  21. He was groping among past experiences, calling back from his years of life on range and desert that which might be valuable for the present issue.

  22. He was out of bed in an instant, groping for his clothes.

  23. Groping his way to the mantelpiece, he struck a sulphur match, lighted a half-burned candle, and kneeling down, began to kindle his fire.

  24. He grew calmer in a moment, the crisis had passed, he had found a clue beneath his groping fingers.

  25. Still watching his son, he put out his hand, groping for the edge of the mantelpiece, and took hold of it with a firm grasp.

  26. He turned back into the room, groping among the bottles on his washstand for his bromide of potassium.

  27. Vandover threw himself from his bed, groping his way out into the sitting-room.

  28. Continuing his inspection of the cell he went to the left, and groping about was much surprised to find clothes.

  29. After making the tour of my sad abode, my head lowered, as the cell was not more than five and a half feet high, I found by groping along that it formed three-quarters of a square of twelve feet.

  30. Once more he ran his hand through his hair, he was seemingly groping for words that would not come.

  31. When she had so amazingly yielded, the thought for which my mind had been vaguely groping was that the woman who lay there in my arms, obscured by the darkness, was not Nancy at all!

  32. It is the faithful photograph of man in his leading-strings, trying the muscles of his mind, groping his way, and so delighted with his first successful grasps that he repeats them again and again.

  33. She forced the words from her lips and carefully looked away, taking this second key to the situation mechanically, and for a moment groping with it.

  34. In the little dark shops of the wood-carvers an occasional indefinite figure moved, groping among last night's tools, or an old woman in a red sari washed a brass dish over the shallow open drain that ran past her door.

  35. But ever and anon, sometimes in the midst of his most earnest talk, this ancient person's intellect would wander vaguely, losing its hold of the matter in hand, and groping for it amid misty shadows.

  36. With self-shudderings and outward terrors, he walked continually in its shadow, groping darkly within his own soul, or gazing through a medium that saddened the whole world.

  37. As soon as he had brought us into the twilight of the tomb, he lighted a long wax taper for each of us, and led us groping into blacker and blacker darkness.

  38. At last, when it was growing dark, we went down, groping our way over the shaky staircases, and peeping into each dark chamber as we passed.

  39. It's as dark as the grave,' said the man, groping forward a few steps.

  40. They were pleasant things to see after all that groping in the blackness of night.

  41. After groping about in a corner of the room he lighted a stinking rushlight by means of a tinder box.

  42. For several seconds the house remained absolutely hushed, and in that moment Nina found herself vaguely groping through a confusion of ecstatic, yet slightly shocked, sensations.

  43. The tourists were descending in an awed silence in which nothing could be heard but the groping shuffle of cautious feet, broken by the hollow echo of the guide's voice reciting his sing-song jargon of what he supposed to be English.

  44. He ran after it; groping for it where it had fallen in the grass.

  45. Stuart, who had been doing more talking than hunting, went to groping industriously around on his hands and knees, when they all came together again after an hour's search.

  46. It must have happened when I was groping around in the path for something that I had flipped out of my pocket with my handkerchief.

  47. What he saw was a blind woman, groping through the child, seeking a reality that evaded it.

  48. The misshapen body was always swathed in disguising wrappings; even the claw-like, groping hands were held under blankets when curious eyes were near.

  49. Finally it dropped to her feet, and, with hands groping before her, Joyce staggered to Gaston's deep chair and fell heavily into it.

  50. When she reached Joyce, she put out cold, groping hands and clutched her by the shoulders.

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