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Example sentences for "gropes"

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grooves; grooving; grope; groped; groper; groping; gropingly; gropings; gros; grosbeak
  1. The poplar trembles before the blast, flutters, struggles wildly, dishevels its foliage, gropes around with its feeblest branches, and hisses as in impotent passion.

  2. His dusty counting-house fades before his eyes, or changes into a Spanish mine; he gropes after diamonds, or dives after pearls.

  3. Cinthio gropes to find him; when Mopsophil and Elaria, hearing a great Noise, enter with a Light.

  4. He gropes his way into the Closet, with his Sword drawn.

  5. The man no longer gropes in the dull helpless ground or through the froth of heaven for the spirit.

  6. He gropes in his own body silently, harmlessly with the X-ray, and watches with awe the beating of his heart.

  7. She gropes for the edge of the road with a stick, for she has become quite blind.

  8. My neck gives way, I utter a groan, and my face gropes upon the ground.

  9. Grime is grace To whoso gropes amid the dung for gold.

  10. Like a blind man he gropes among the houses, forever calling: 'Mariet!

  11. Tickletext has been placed by Petro in bed to await, as he supposes, Silvianetta, when Galliard in error entering the room in the dark gropes his way to the bed and finding a man, closes with him.

  12. Shuts his Lanthorn and gropes away, runs against the Well.

  13. Gropes for his Lanthorn, which is dropt.

  14. The Bushman has no number word that will express for him anything higher than 2; but with the assistance of his fingers he gropes his way on as far as 10.

  15. The abdomen is now curved forward from behind, along the prostrate victim, feels with its tip, gropes about a little and ends by reaching the under part of the neck.

  16. In the beginning, you say, the creature gropes and feels its way; there is nothing settled about its preferences.

  17. As it gropes about, the grub laid on the victim's ventral surface sooner or later rediscovers the gaping wound from which I have removed it.

  18. It is too dark for him to see the dial; but springing open the glass, he gropes against it, feeling for the hands.

  19. In the struggle Clancy has let go his gun, and now vainly gropes for it in the darkness.

  20. He gropes in darkness as he comes nearer the gates of his paradise, through an unchartered wilderness.

  21. The Oberst sits down with the under-officer; the general gropes for half a chair between two stalwart Kerle of the line.

  22. As Hans gropes in his tunic pocket for his tinder-box, the little war prayer-book somehow gets between his fingers.

  23. The Major who needs a drink to line up for the day, gropes about in his blankets, gets a dollar, pitches it into the basket an' requests Bowlaigs to caper over for the Willow Run.

  24. They gropes about in the war-bags of the Virg Sanders sharp who stops the buckshot an' gets his keys; a moment after, Silver Phil is free.

  25. He gropes towards his stone with Mary Doul.

  26. He listens towards her for a moment, then starts up nervously, and gropes about for his stick.

  27. Timmy stops, and she gropes up to him and takes him by the coat).

  28. Mary Doul gropes half-way towards the door and kneels near path.

  29. Mary Doul, blind again, gropes her way in on left, and sits as before.

  30. With set teeth, and frantically beating heart, Quamina forces her skinny arms into the hole, murmuring prayers as she gropes and fumbles, then staggers back with a low moan, and flees from the unholy spot.

  31. The broad white teeth of the man glisten as they press his lower lip; then he loosens his hold on Quinton's throat and gropes for his hand.

  32. There is no time for deliberation; Tom hisses a frightful oath into his confederate's ear, and the big ruffian gripes Blanche's white throat in one hand, whilst the other gropes in his dress for the long knife.

  33. A large dirty hand gropes through the broken pane, and the hasp of the window is moved cautiously back; but with all their care it gives a slight click, and again they pause and listen with beating hearts.

  34. Fanaticism and bigotry will ever strive to speculate on human weakness, and endeavour to surround with impenetrable mists every rebel to their power who gropes for the shrine of reason and of truth.

  35. He slowly gropes and stumbles, while tenaciously turning his soul's blind orbs toward this dimly glimmering yet hopeful ray.

  36. Eye, But more cheer is when] May Mells blue with snowwhite through their fringe and fray Of greenery and old earth gropes for, grasps at steep Heaven with it whom she childs things by.

  37. Gropes his way back, and stands very near Thyrsis without knowing it; he speaks slowly.

  38. ADOLF [he gropes after the paper without having the courage to take it].

  39. Magdawiraw ang buta ug mulakaw, A blind man gropes about when walking.

  40. Ang t√°wung namakak mangapkap sa unsay itubag, A person who lies gropes for what to say.

  41. He Goes Below and Gropes in the Dark 77 XI.

  42. On the morrow the butler gropes alone, The graybeard in the desert hall, He seeks his Lord's burnt skeleton, He seeks in the dismal ruin's fall The shards of the Luck of Edenhall.

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