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Example sentences for "clambering"

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clamant; clamb; clambake; clamber; clambered; clambers; clamer; clameur; clammer; clamming
  1. From the first evening that I joined the party which I saw clambering up the path that led to the Hermit's cell, I found myself strongly attached to this venerable man, and the more so, from the mystery which hung around his history.

  2. Clambering on deck, we found the master, to whom the colonel applied for the loan of his vessel.

  3. Then clambering over the boulders, they surrounded us, and in a short time had bound our arms tightly with strips of hide.

  4. Clambering up, I once more found myself in the open air, and was instantly followed by the second Indian.

  5. The clods over which they were clambering were so uneven that sometimes the young girl was mounting one at the same moment that Reddy was descending from another.

  6. As he was clambering to a seat beside the driver, his elbow was jogged at the window.

  7. A cader va chi troppo in alto sale," interrupted Father Macdonald, clambering down on his side.

  8. Marjory, clambering down a fern-clad bank, sat down beneath a clump of hazels, set with green nuts.

  9. In a world for the most part given up to slumber Mr. Brumley may be imagined as clambering hand over fist in the silences, feverishly and wonderfully overtaking his age.

  10. Clambering and sliding in and out of these precipitous gullies, they kept on after the elusive laughter.

  11. Clambering out of a steep gully, they found themselves at the edge of a trackless expanse of soft white snow, apparently as level as a floor and just as solid footing.

  12. Clambering up that hole where Grip must have gone.

  13. He wandered on for some time, clambering over great rocks and wading through long grasses, and began to be very tired and very hungry; for he had not eaten any thing since the evening before, when he feasted on the huge beach plums.

  14. The open sea, without any horizon, the sails spreading calmly above him, the invigorating salt breeze, the little sailors clambering up the shrouds and on the yards, all served to divert his mind from his great grief.

  15. Later on that night we heard a curious whistling, puffing sound, it was the two tanks clambering up the hill to get into position near the front line.

  16. It was inside our wire, but you could only reach it by clambering over the top of the parapet after dark.

  17. But soon they found themselves scrambling over slabs so high that they had to take them on all fours, clambering over one as high as their heads, then letting themselves down into the cranny between that and the next.

  18. The wild waves, clambering up over the deck rushed at him, and an enormous foam-crested billow, higher and stronger than all the rest, beat at the mast of the vessel and snapped it in twain.

  19. Then came a slight movement, as of quick feet clambering among loose pebbles, and the voice rang out again.

  20. I crossed the ravine with reckless haste, clambering up the opposite bank, and sixty feet beyond suddenly came into full view of the broad expanse of water.

  21. The negro left the door open, and returned slowly, clambering up the bank.

  22. So he came clambering up its rough bark towards where I sat.

  23. I felt, as I spoke, like the hapless bird fascinated by the glance of the serpent, and could scarcely restrain myself from clambering on board and rushing among the savages.

  24. Well," Whitney declared smilingly, "it can't be much rougher than clambering over rock ledges and smashing through the brush with a canoe on your head.

  25. It was pretty fierce clambering over the portages with the canoe on my head, but I made much better time than I could have done when I struck the woods two months ago.

  26. Clambering on board, he nodded to Andrew.

  27. Clambering down on to the wet platform and walking across the wet lines to the cover.

  28. A man dressed as a peasant woman in native costume is clambering with his great wide skirts and wide strides on to the box, and, flourishing his ribboned whip, is addressing a little crowd of listeners.

  29. By and by Father Bear came clambering down the mountain wall.

  30. He was only particular to swing the snare backward and forward; to prevent the elf from getting a foothold and clambering up.

  31. Smirre intended to hurry after the geese, but he was so curious to know how they had been saved, that he sat there until the marten came clambering up.

  32. The rocks were piled up all around them, and they had to do a great deal of clambering over obstacles in order to get along; but so far as a cave went none had been found.

  33. Hence he was trying his best to discover something familiar about the figure now clambering up over the windowsill.

  34. Oh, I'll use my rowboat," responded the old mariner, clambering down into the Flying Fish.

  35. We were soon at the foot of the barrier, clambering over mounds of snow.

  36. Much as I enjoy the work, I do not think that I could have filled my days and hours in the Alps with clambering alone.

  37. Turning, he perceived Charlie, covered with mud, in the act of clambering up one of the small trestles.

  38. The bolder or more curious of these added a further touch of anxiety to the situation by clambering out over the jam for a better view.

  39. Oh, I guess you know, all right," laughed Orde, clambering leisurely back to the top of the dam.

  40. The chief engineer left the stern-sheets, and could be heard clambering forward as if with hostile intentions against "the greatest idiot that ever was.

  41. A moment later he was heard clambering into the boat and then clambering out.

  42. I am lying on my back in the sunshine, close to the edge of a great broken precipice, beside a clambering Cornish fishing village.

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