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Example sentences for "clambered"

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clam; clamant; clamb; clambake; clamber; clambering; clambers; clamer; clameur; clammer
  1. Wade knew all the unspoken words that her sympathy dictated when, standing out before them all, she clasped his hand before he clambered over the wheel of the old stage.

  2. It was Tommy Eye, yelling from the top of the Durfy hovel, to which he had clambered unobserved.

  3. They clambered up the valley wall, the pale lantern-light tossing against the hemlock boughs.

  4. And clapping her hands, she picked up her skirts and ran as hard as she could up the path towards a trellised white house with a wide balcony, over which the vines clambered in summer.

  5. Turner Stacy had clambered and slid precariously down the hickory tree without greater mishap than raw and bleeding hands.

  6. He clambered up slowly with a thin trickle of blood on his lips, where his teeth had cut them in the fall.

  7. We at length reached a place where it was dangerous longer to walk on the loose rocks, and passing over to the right-hand side, clambered up among the dwarfish bushes that cling to the side of the mountain.

  8. The latter clambered up on foot, dragging their horses after them.

  9. Early in the morning I clambered upon deck, and leaning against the mast, and clinging to the ropes, looked out upon the wild, wild scene.

  10. Ralph clambered on board the River Swallow and then proceeded to help the old man up the rope ladder, sometimes used by the boys in debarking in a rough sea.

  11. In the meantime, Harry Ware and Percy Simmons had made their boat fast and clambered up on the dock.

  12. The others clambered up after him on the wharf.

  13. Again she clambered on to the cattle-shed by the snowdrift.

  14. She clambered in at the window, lighted the lamp, and gave me a good drubbing, as I was drunk.

  15. The wolf clambered over a snowdrift on to the stall, and began scratching away the thatched roof with her paws and her nose.

  16. A good, strong flashlight illumined the old well, and Rod Granniss clambered down its stone sides.

  17. With the agility of a monkey he clambered down the side of the old well.

  18. With many a laugh and jest, and much guessing as to which would be the winner, the merry party clambered into the barge; Dorothy mounted Romeo, and they were off over the road, on the way to the hotel.

  19. The guests from the Merlington clambered into the first barge, and they with a few of the farmhouse party filled it to overflowing, some of the men being obliged to ride homeward, seated upon the steps.

  20. The barge was waiting for them, and they clambered in, tired, but very happy.

  21. Tato clambered over the dividing rock and dropped into the path beyond.

  22. She would like that, she thought, as she clambered up the steep paths; and perhaps she would meet these American girls again, or others like them, and make them her friends.

  23. You see, if he had chosen to turn nasty and we had clambered into the tree he might have rammed it down with his head.

  24. Owen clambered with difficulty into the rigging, till he reached a spot where his figure stood sharply silhouetted against the moon behind.

  25. Owen scratched his head, Jack placed his foot on one of the beasts and then clambered on to the massive ribs, while Mulha looked at the rhinos thoughtfully.

  26. He ran forward and at no small risk clambered down the steep side of the ravine.

  27. Pressing the top, as he had seen Romana do, he turned the stone, clambered through the gap on to a ledge, and in ten seconds restored the strange gate to its place.

  28. He returned to the beach and clambered about over the rocky backbone, again hunting for me with lighted matches.

  29. He clambered down, holding the ruined things.

  30. His bunk was sopping wet; he clambered in.

  31. Will clambered up on the settle to think it all over.

  32. They clambered over a low parapet, and dropped six feet to another level.

  33. Come quietly," she warned him, and he clambered up beside her and looked down at the roof before them.

  34. He welcomed each opportunity to take hold of her and put out the strength of his muscles, and she sat where he placed her, smiling and silent, while he clambered up and dropped down on the other side.

  35. The trapper could not avoid laughing when the boy clambered as nimbly up its shoulder as another Gulliver, and made a minute examination of every portion of the machinery.

  36. The three clambered up and took their seats with great care, Mickey and Ethan especially clinging as if their life depended on it.

  37. Bindle clambered down from the gate so as to leave the way clear, and Mrs. Bindle thrust her umbrella into Bindle's hands.

  38. One day a big "husk" of a fisherman clambered aboard, saying that his teeth hurt him.

  39. When he clambered out on the hummock he shook his coat and turned round and gazed calmly at his master.

  40. He clambered down into the hold, a man ahead of him carrying a candle and matches.

  41. It carried him along like a boat, and he clambered out on a green island.

  42. He clambered out of his boat and hobbled five miles over the ice, only to find that it was not a sail that he had seen, but a hummock of ice.

  43. Then he clambered tediously over the stones, and Wilf saw whose body it was that Andy was carrying.

  44. I clambered for a couple of miles down the rocky eastern bank of the lake in the forenoon.

  45. The whirlpool was whouf-whoufing greedily as it wolfed the whole cascade when I clambered up just before dark to touch off my beacon.

  46. Hooking into the solid green water of that eddy, Andy found himself a toehold, and presently clambered out.

  47. Leaving Roos whittling and Andy struggling to divert a swelling young river that was trying to sluice away the sand on which the tent was pitched, Blackmore and I pulled on our waterproofs and clambered a mile through the woods to a camp of C.

  48. Spitting tobacco juice on the taffy-like cylinder for luck, Jim clambered off up the cliff and planted it under his "likely rock," Roos meantime setting up in a favourable position below.

  49. Yellow, in a score of shades, was the prevailing colour, but here and there was a splash of glowing crimson from a patch of chin-chinick or Indian tobacco, or a mass of dull maroon where a wild rose clambered over the thicket.

  50. Landing a hundred yards above where a white "eyelash" of up-flipped water showed above a line of big rocks, we clambered down along the right bank on foot.

  51. Jake and Teddy had already clambered into the boat; the others followed, and the little craft, loaded down nearly to the water's edge, was rowed out toward the schooner.

  52. He clambered up beside Noah and they drove off.

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