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  1. Tiro, the learned freedman and amanuensis of Cicero.

  2. His amanuensis was obliged to acknowledge frankly an inability to cope successfully with so complicated and unusual a matter.

  3. I could now distinguish most of the words, and the dialogue went forward exactly as if a master musician were dictating to an intelligent amanuensis a new and subtle sketch.

  4. Torporley was amanuensis to Vieta[1096]; but from whom he had that information he haz now forgot, but he had good and credible authority for it, and bids me tell you that he was certainly so.

  5. My amanuensis deserts me - I should have said you, for yours is the loss, my script having lost all bond with humanity.

  6. A pity for you that my amanuensis is not on stock to-day, and my own hand perceptibly worse than usual.

  7. The Amanuensis states that you are a lover of silence - and that ours is a noisy house - and she is a chatterbox - I am not answerable for these statements, though I do think there is a touch of garrulity about my premises.

  8. Mrs Borrow does not appear to have been a very successful amanuensis at this period.

  9. Dodd--dit Kenny James," dictated the small judge; and the amanuensis took it down.

  10. The hapless little artist had hid himself with his amanuensis among some large boxes in an adjacent booth.

  11. Thrand Fistlier and his amanuensis were instantly seized by the constables and conducted to the quay, with all their effects; followed by a great throng of people.

  12. He continued in the college till he was made bachelor of arts, and then becoming Amanuensis to Dr.

  13. At Berlin, Mendelssohn becomes an amanuensis to another poor rabbin, who could only still initiate him into the theology, the jurisprudence, and the scholastic philosophy of his people.

  14. He also acted as Scott's amanuensis at different times, taking down a large part of The Bride of Lammermoor, The Legend of Montrose and Ivanhoe from the author's dictation.

  15. I have occupied the position of private secretary and amanuensis to Mr. Leavenworth for the past eight months.

  16. He was dictating His Tablets to His amanuensis when the governor, at the head of his troops, with drawn swords, surrounded His house.

  17. So great is the grace vouchsafed in this day that in a single day and night, were an amanuensis capable of accomplishing it to be found, the equivalent of the Persian Bayán would be sent down from the heaven of Divine holiness.

  18. In fact, the monkish amanuensis was expected to undertake all those matters which required care and learning combined.

  19. It may also be noticed that he does not seem to have dictated his account of Hume's illness to his amanuensis, but to have written it with his own hand and then got his amanuensis to transcribe it.

  20. In the delirium of his passion, he desired his amanuensis to write an answer immediately.

  21. On the other hand, the statement that Papias was the amanuensis of the Evangelist can hardly be correct, though it occurs elsewhere [213:4].

  22. During the last week the amanuensis was otherwise engaged, whereupon I took up, pitched into, and about one half demolished another tale, once intended to be called The Pearl Fisher, but now razeed and called The Schooner Farallone.

  23. Amanuensis bowled over for a day, but afoot again and jolly; Fanny enormously bettered by the voyage; I have been as jolly as a sand-boy as usual at sea.

  24. My amanuensis deserts me--I should have said you, for yours is the loss, my script having lost all bond with humanity.

  25. The relief is beyond description; it is just like a school-treat to me, and the amanuensis bears up extraordinar'.

  26. The Amanuensis has been ill, and after the above trial petered out.

  27. The return of the Amanuensis feebly lightens my heart.

  28. There is a very little work to do except some little entertaining, to which I am bound to say my family and in particular the amanuensis who now guides the pen look forward with delight; I with manly resignation.

  29. The Amanuensis sits opposite to me writing to her offspring.

  30. I am now of course "quite a recluse," and it is very stale, and there is no amanuensis to carry me over my mail, to which I shall have to devote many hours that would have been more usefully devoted to The Ebb Tide.

  31. The Amanuensis went to the talolo, as it is called, and saw something so very pleasing she begs to interrupt the letter to tell it.

  32. Not that the hand is not better, as you see by the absence of the amanuensis hitherto.

  33. I tried to be the simple amanuensis at the feast.

  34. An anæmic amanuensis was taking notes for appropriate replies.

  35. I believe it to have been surreptitiously inserted by your amanuensis when your back was turned.

  36. Bourget; for it was just that little wee thing that caused the whole difficulty and made you dictate the Reply, and your amanuensis call me all those hard names which the magazines dislike so.

  37. Pascal probably intending to write les six orients, dawns or mornings, his amanuensis has written les six arians, a source of much misunderstanding.

  38. Probably a mistake of the amanuensis for Miton.

  39. Strange enough that Henry Weber, who acted afterwards as my amanuensis for many years, had also a melancholy fate ultimately.

  40. The only difference it produced, that I am aware of, was its causing him to employ the hand of an amanuensis in place of his own.

  41. I am reminded by my amanuensis that I have left you in the dark as to my opinion of your probable success in the literary labours to which I have exhorted you.

  42. The amanuensis to whom it was dictated used to tell the story as an illustration of his own physical powers.

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