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  1. Besides being an artist and an engraver he was a profound theologian, anxious to defend the cause of Judaism against enemies within and without.

  2. Some editors decry the practice of writing the caption on the back of the print; for the print goes to the engraver and the copy for the caption goes to the printer.

  3. The photo-engraver wants prints with plenty of detail in the shadows, and with a tendency to softness; but with not a vestige of flatness.

  4. It is not necessary to produce prints trimmed to the exact size of the cover, either; all that is necessary is to make the print of the same proportions as the cover, and the engraver will enlarge or reduce it to the correct size.

  5. This enables the engraver to make a clearer halftone, for a print with a grained surface reproduces surface and all in the cut.

  6. There is now very little doubt that at first Tory was an engraver and printer.

  7. Meissonier designed very soberly, without effects of light, little scenes admirably cut by an engraver named Lavoignat, a master in the largest sense of the word.

  8. But the art of the founder-engraver was destined to specialise itself.

  9. It is curious to read now the opinion of a contemporary French engraver on English art.

  10. Ten years after the above mission we find him established at Venice, his art of engraver of letters joined to that of printer.

  11. Laurent Cars was the engraver who multiplied the compositions of Boucher, and made them the fashion.

  12. Printing had been established about twenty years in Paris when Philip Pigouchet, printer and engraver on wood, began to exercise his trade for himself or on account of other publishers.

  13. Mark of Philip Pigouchet, French printer and wood engraver of the fifteenth century.

  14. DUPRÉ, Engraver of Medals and Medallist of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture.

  15. Previous to the death of Mr. de la Luzerne, I explained to him the cause of this delay and sent him a letter from the engraver on the subject, which he answered by a desire that the national work should be first performed.

  16. It is to be supposed that Dupré accepted these conditions, since he is the engraver of the John Paul Jones medal, one of the finest specimens in our collection.

  17. The dies for the medal destined for him have been retarded in a most unexpected manner on account of the engraver being employed here in the new coinage.

  18. I, the undersigned, Augustin Dupré, engraver of medals and medallist of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, bind myself to Colonel Humphreys to engrave the medal representing the portrait of General Greene.

  19. The engraver is now employed in repairing this evil and says it will be done in two or three weeks.

  20. He said that nearly everything of value in the illustrations of Gibson's book was the work not of the artist but of the engraver who, he declared, had "added increment after increment of value" to the crude original drawings.

  21. Among his portraits are those of William Cullen Bryant and Timothy Cole, the wood engraver ("The Man with the Violin").

  22. His most perfect works as engraver are perhaps the fruit and flower pieces after the Dutch artists Van Os and Van Huysum.

  23. Contemporary with Légaré was the painter and engraver Balthazar Moncornet, who worked at Rouen and Paris.

  24. The pendants in form of an architectural niche with the subject placed in the centre, are the prototype of all the jewels of this kind which we meet with subsequently in the prints of the Flemish engraver Collaert.

  25. The work of the celebrated gem-engraver Jacques Guay, the one represents Henri IV, and the other, which is signed, Louis XV.

  26. After editing newspapers in Poughkeepsie he became an engraver on wood, and removed to New York in 1839 for the practice of his profession, to which he added that of drawing illustrations for books and periodicals.

  27. As an engraver Lucas van Leyden deserves his reputation.

  28. An engraver said that the picture was a vulgar subject vulgarly painted.

  29. An engraver of decidedly Bohemian character, after a hard night's work on the tenth part of a page block, thought fit to recruit himself with a cheering cup.

  30. Occasionally, when there is very great hurry, the block is separated piece by piece as fast as the parts of the drawing are finished--the engraver and draughtsman thus working on the same subject at the same time.

  31. We should not be doing justice to our engraver were we not to state that it is to Mr. Orrin Smith we owe the consummation of our desire to gratify our patrons.

  32. Basire's style as an engraver set its stamp on Blake, there is no doubt.

  33. Blake set up a shop as printseller and engraver in Broad Street in company with a man named Parker, whose acquaintance he had made in the old Basire days, but it was a short-lived affair, and soon came to an end.

  34. Some critics hold that the illustrations to Blair's "Grave" have a suavity, a felicity superimposed by the engraver on the stern and original work of Blake which was just what was needed to render his work attractive to the public.

  35. However, the judgment of the wood engraver is different.

  36. Footnote 8: The engraver took much pains to interpret the meaning of the rather faint but carefully made drawing, by strengthening some of the shades.

  37. It was photographically transferred to the wood, and the engraver has used his best endeavour to translate the shades into line engraving.

  38. As an engraver she became so successful that her work soon became remunerative, and gave her means to enter the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

  39. The engraved compass card is signed by Nathaniel Hurd, goldsmith, silversmith, and engraver of Boston.

  40. The company seal seems to-day the only thing the engraver can turn out--those machines which emboss upon a big red wafer.

  41. No engraver could to-day turn out a more ornate and at the same time bold design.

  42. Briefly he narrated to Varney the discovery of the threatening letter, and his visit to the engraver and stationer.

  43. You say that the old engraver thought the man who ordered the cipher came from Manchester or Liverpool.

  44. Bobby Simonds told me that the big company in New York that has always made 'em is awful particular about letting people see their machinery and things; and Bobby ought to know 'cause his uncle's an engraver there.

  45. Thus, after the engraver has completed a die, it is subjected to a hardening process, and the design multiplied indefinitely upon soft steel plates by what is known as the transfer-press.

  46. Mr. Boydell was at this time a man of great wealth and influence, and a patron of the fine arts, being an engraver himself, and having accumulated his fortune mostly by dealings in works of that character.

  47. This eminent French engraver was born at Nancy, in Lorraine, in 1593.

  48. The portrait of Manet, and that of the engraver Edwin Edwards and his wife, in particular, will always preserve their historical value.

  49. James Johnson was an engraver in Edinburgh, and proprietor of the Musical Museum; a truly national work, for which Burns wrote or amended many songs.

  50. An engraver in this town has set about collecting and publishing all the Scotch songs, with the music, that can be found.

  51. The print had already been widely distributed when the engraver and his plate were seized.

  52. The object of my expedition being explained, the Governor found on his register that poor Hathelin, aged thirty-two to thirty-four years, was an engraver by profession.

  53. Pine was the engraver and publisher of the scenes from the Armada tapestry in the House of Lords, now destroyed.

  54. Born at Margate in 1821, he was early in life apprenticed to a copperplate engraver in Bedfordbury.

  55. Thomas Major, a die-engraver to the Stamp Office, a pupil of Le Bas, and an excellent reproducer of subjects from Teniers.

  56. He was also an engraver of landscapes after pictures by Ferg, one of the artists employed with Sir James Thornhill at the Chelsea china manufactory.

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