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  1. To become an archivist it is necessary to follow for three years a course of lectures, each of which is followed by an examination.

  2. The Danish archivist Frederik Krarup published (1878) a sceptical paper in the Geografisk Tidsskrift (ii.

  3. Cornelio Desimoni, the archivist of Genoa, has printed two elaborate papers.

  4. The German translation is very elegantly and expensively printed in handsome octavos; and the Dutch translation, under the editorship of the archivist general of Holland, Bakhuyzen v.

  5. A note is handed me from our eminent archivist Bakhuyzen van den Brink.

  6. He studied at Prague and at Olmutz, and, after travelling extensively in search of historical material, became professor of history at the university of Prague and archivist for Bohemia in 1862.

  7. Mazure, the archivist of the department, and M.

  8. While the Couriers are yet speaking, War-Minister and National Representatives, old Camus the Archivist for chief speaker of them, arrive.

  9. On the morrow, about noontide, Camus the Archivist is busy 'verifying their powers;' several hundreds of them already here.

  10. Then comes reasoning; the voice of the old Archivist getting loud.

  11. His indefatigable work as archivist in the time when Napoleon was transferring so many treasures to Paris is not his least claim to the gratitude of scholars.

  12. With the office of the provincial secretary the provincial archivist necessarily has very close relations.

  13. I have thus, at considerable length, described the field in which the archivist of Ontario labors and out of which he is gradually building up his storehouse of archives.

  14. And here began that philological study of records which Menzel has carried on with the strenuous labour of an archivist down to the present day.

  15. One advantage which Palacky obtained by his appointment as archivist to Count Sternberg will surprise English readers, but his Bohemian biographers lay great stress on it.

  16. Through Dobrovsky's influence Palacky obtained from Francis Count Sternberg the appointment of archivist to the family of which Count Francis was the head.

  17. Jaromir Celakovsky (born 1846), up to recently archivist of the city of Prague, a son of the poet Celakovsky, is the author of many valuable studies concerning the ancient judicial and constitutional institutions of Bohemia.

  18. I will walk back with you as far as your door,” said the archivist of the department.

  19. He had threatened, in fact, to get the archivist dismissed, if he persisted in revealing old family secrets.

  20. Copies of this correspondence have been carefully made from the originals at Simancas by order of the Belgian Government, under the superintendence of the eminent archivist M.

  21. Sub-Archivist Clarey, what is the meaning of this?

  22. Do you want to remain a Sub-Archivist for the rest of your days or will you take this other road?

  23. Oh, but it is, Sub-Archivist Clarey," Spano said.

  24. There had to be a way for Sub-Archivist Clarey to get up in the world--but this way was right out of the tri-di dramas.

  25. The Catholic archivist feeling himself under the eye of the sons of Hiram was terrified and fell ill.

  26. Massicotte, city archivist of Montreal, has recently published in the "Canadian Antiquarian and Numismatic Society Journal, Third Series, No.

  27. Massicotte, the careful archivist of the district of Montreal, I am especially indebted for much courteous and valuable assistance of which the following pages will give many indications.

  28. Archivist of the Dominion of Canada), 19 Douglas, Dr.

  29. If there were any doubt as to the existence of Negro (and other) slavery in Canada before the British Conquest, it would be dispelled by the document printed in the latest Report of the Archivist of the Province of Quebec.

  30. Portugal, as prepared by Ruy de Pina, the archivist of the Torre do Tombo.

  31. Sharpe, archivist of the London Guildhall; to Prebendary F.

  32. Duval, archivist of the department of the Orne).

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