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Example sentences for "archly"

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  1. She took off her shoes, shook out the sand and looked archly at Sasha.

  2. She sat down, put the box on her knees, and looked archly at Sasha.

  3. Liudmilla, taking the bottle and looking archly at Sasha.

  4. But Liudmilla, as she left, smiled archly and tenderly.

  5. The child looked laughingly and archly toward her, and withdrew his hand, but did not move from the table.

  6. She archly shook her head, and drew warily away.

  7. I knew all the time," exclaimed George, looking archly at Aunt Mary.

  8. She stopped, and looked archly at Fitzroy's clouded countenance.

  9. I inquired the reason; but she only looked archly at me, and renewed her merriment.

  10. She referred archly to the fact that the Senator had long since reached the age of indiscretion and had so far escaped marriage.

  11. Senator Whitten just as archly took up the challenge.

  12. There is the conspirator," archly said Evelyn, pointing to Mrs. Duke.

  13. Nor would you," he added, looking archly at Netta, "if you had obeyed my injunction not to try to find us.

  14. Ellen, looking up archly from her frame, for the momentary flush had gone.

  15. Mrs. Ross glanced archly at him when she discovered what sort of French song it was that Miss White had chosen; but he paid no heed.

  16. This honour will please Lord Robert better," replied Grace, glancing at him with an archly malicious look.

  17. It contained a great many wooden arbours in which one could imagine ladies in crinolines archly accepting tea, or refusing sips of shrub (whatever that may be) with whiskered gentlemen.

  18. She looked archly at him, as he started in surprise.

  19. She went over to her friend and archly explained.

  20. They stood there watching her prowling paces and archly bold postures.

  21. I know it will please you both," and she glanced archly at Alice, who blushingly kissed the little boy who was to bear the name dearest to her of all others.

  22. Even unsuspicious Anna saw the point, and smiling archly asked "what she could do to make Rose less attractive.

  23. Her responses to the questions put to her were cleverly and archly given, and the whole mystery of her various intrigues came to light.

  24. Again she appeared, smiling archly on the man whose arm clasped her waist.

  25. He was rudely startled from one of his stolen glances at a sweet, girlish face that seemed peering archly at him from a corner.

  26. Ailsa Grenville smiled at him archly when he told her.

  27. Mr. Dinsmore archly returned, and glad to see the gloom fading from her face.

  28. Perhaps it would have been better if I had remained quietly in my own room," Mona archly returned, as she gave him a mischievous glance out of her bright eyes.

  29. She watched him kindly, archly and demurely; and still plied him, countrywise, with every mortal thing on the table.

  30. She stole archly behind him, and, with a smile on her face--read her death warrant.

  31. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "archly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.