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  1. Haynes discovered a large archive of tablets, the exact number of which is variously estimated.

  2. One room alone contained an archive of business documents estimated at thirty thousand.

  3. They had been placed there for safety in time of siege, and these four tablets had been overlooked when the rest of the archive was rifled.

  4. Winckler, of Berlin, excavating here in connection with the authorities of the Turkish Museum at Constantinople, discovered an archive of clay tablets inscribed in Babylonian characters.

  5. It was those people who were most likely to keep copies of Deszip or an archive of Zardoz on their machines.

  6. But no-one from the elite of the Altos underground had a full archive of all the back issues.

  7. A third archive consisting primarily of Bartlett's literary work is held by the Department of Special Collections at UCLA.

  8. From a document in the parochial archive of Correggio, of 1514, it appears that in the same year he painted an altar-piece for one hundred zechini, a considerable price for a young man of twenty.

  9. My father was quite within his rights on this subject, having consulted the records in the Archive Office.

  10. He discovered in the Archive Office the notice of a grant of land made by the Balzacs to establish a monastery in the environs of the little town of Balzac, and a copy of this was, he told me, registered by his care at the Parliament of Paris.

  11. The second command will unpack the archive into the location you specify with -C.

  12. As such, it is an adjunct to the American Television and Radio Archive established in Section 113 of the Act which will be the principal repository for television broadcast material, including news broadcasts.

  13. All PLoS articles are freely available online, on the websites of PLoS and in the public archive PubMed Central, run by the National Library of Medicine.

  14. For example, those in the library and archive business deal with collections made up of fragile and rare manuscript items, bound materials, especially the notoriously brittle bound materials of the late nineteenth century.

  15. A fourth archive consisting of 198 hacienda photographs by Bartlett is preserved by the Latin America Image Library at Tulane University in New Orleans.

  16. I am also indebted for many courtesies to Don Miguel Gomez de Campillo of the National Historical Archive at Madrid, and to Don Juan Montero, chief of the archive at Simancas.

  17. Finally, the audiencia was provided with an archive within which were to be deposited and kept the great seal of the government, and all official papers, including records of cases and official acts.

  18. The above system of reference to documents in the Archive of the Indies is used universally, and it has been employed consistently in this treatise.

  19. The Zulueta Papers are transcripts from the Archive of the Indies of Seville, the National Library of Madrid, and the British Museum.

  20. Testimonios form a large part of the material in the Archive of the Indies.

  21. This legajo list was obtained from the index of the collection of manuscripts in the section known as Audiencia de Filipinas, of the Archive of the Indies in Seville.

  22. Important as it is, it is scarcely more so than the documentary department or Archive proper, where documents and deeds of all kinds, both public and private, were deposited for safe keeping.

  23. Rassam had indeed stumbled on the archive of the famous Sun-temple, as was proved not only by the tablet, but by the numerous documents which accompanied it, and which gave the names of the builders and restorers of the temple.

  24. I arrived at the Stadhuis as the others took their first look at the oak in the Archive Room.

  25. But I'll meet you in the Archive Room at the Stadhuis, where you can admire the paneling till I come.

  26. The ancient monastic library remains in the archive room, with its heavy oak cupboards.

  27. In 1459 the Cortes met in Lisbon, and the Deputies of the People requested that a reform should be carried out in the Torre do Tombo, or Archive Office.

  28. Fernando for the purpose of comparison, and to bring the scribes engaged in the Archive Office with him; whereupon the grant was found at the end of the Register in a different writing from the rest of the book.

  29. The political archive was stored at the Scuola di S.

  30. It is not a royal nor an official inscription, and, so far as one can judge from its position when discovered by Commandant Cros, it does not seem to have been stored in any regular archive or depository.

  31. They formed part of the private archive of the patesis of Lagash at this time, and are concerned with the household expenses of the court and particularly of the harîm.

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