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engrafted; engrafting; engrailed; engrained; engrave; engraven; engraver; engravers; engraves; engraving
  1. It was the first work engraved by Bach himself, though the parts of the Cantata Gott ist mein Koenig had been published by the Town Council at Muehlhausen in 1708.

  2. None of his elder sons was with him at his death, and the blunders that disfigure the engraved copy show that they clumsily finished their father's work.

  3. He presented them to the Society on his admission and they were engraved subsequently.

  4. Some Choral Preludes by him for a two-manualed Organ with pedals were engraved about 1737.

  5. Spitta and regards the Variations as having been engraved at Nuernberg "vers 1746.

  6. This work, unique of its kind, did not appear till about 1752, after Bach's death, though the greater part of it had been engraved by his sons during his lifetime.

  7. Of his instrumental works engraved by 1802 Forkel gives a list infra, p.

  8. It was engraved in 1726, when Bach was forty-one years old.

  9. It may be observed, that in the engraved copy of the Variations there are serious mistakes, which the composer has corrected in his own copy.

  10. On his return to Leipzig he developed the King's theme in three and six parts, added Canones diversi upon it, engraved the whole under the title Musikalisches Opfer and dedicated it to the royal author of the theme.

  11. Forkel states that it was engraved after June 1747, when Bach joined Mizler's Society.

  12. The first of Bach's works to be engraved was the Muehlhausen Cantata, Gott ist mein Koenig, (parts only).

  13. A delineation of another charm is engraved in the frontispiece to Aubrey's Miscellanies.

  14. It is therefore carefully kept shut up in a sandal-wood box, on which is engraved a verse of the Koran.

  15. A huge serpent was wound twelve times about the statue; on each of the rings thus formed was engraved one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

  16. From this hair, there forthwith sprung a tree, the wood of which dispensed an exquisite perfume around, and each leaf of which bore, engraved on its surface, a character in the sacred language of Thibet.

  17. On the seventh day, they take a golden urn, containing three fish, likewise of gold, upon which are engraved the names of the three little candidates for the functions of the divinity of the Buddha-La.

  18. They consist almost entirely of a single series, discovered by Mr. Layard in a chamber of the North-West Palace at Nimrud, in the near vicinity of slabs on which was engraved the name of Sargon.

  19. Engraved stones, generally in the shape of scarabs, seem to have been largely imported from Egypt into Assyria, where they were probably used either as amulets or as seals.

  20. These memorials were either engraved on the natural rock or on solid blocks of stone cut into the form of a broad low stele.

  21. Botta has engraved several specimens, including two which have the hind legs and tail of a bull, with a human neck and arms, the head bearing the usual horned cap.

  22. With a specially engraved Portrait of Dr.

  23. With a finely engraved Portrait of the Author.

  24. With a specially engraved Photogravure Portrait of Dr.

  25. More, all neatly engraved from the designs of the celebrated Hans Holbeine.

  26. A Handsome large octavo volume, abundantly supplied with well-engraved woodcuts and lithographic plates; a sort of Encyclopædia for ready reference.

  27. The great Commander had not forgotten his unwearied fellow-soldier, and wrote him a letter worthy to be engraved on the tombs of both.

  28. Paine's portrait, just painted in England by Romney and engraved by Sharpe, was in every cottage, framed in immortelles.

  29. The text is accompanied by richly engraved illustrations, designed by Mr. Maurice Sand, the son, we believe, of the author.

  30. His own portrait was engraved both by Audouin and by Tardieu.

  31. His romance of Acajou and Zirphile, composed to suit a series of plates which had been engraved for another work, was one of the fruits of this association, and was produced in consequence of a sort of wager amongst its members.

  32. This sketch has been engraved from the original drawing, and is preserved among several original drawings and prints in the illustrated copy of Lysons's Environs, vol.

  33. Engraved or incised decoration is exceedingly rare, and practically confined to provincial wares, which sometimes have incisions or undulations made over the surface with the fingernail in the moist clay.

  34. One of the most interesting, and certainly the most ancient, of all incised inscriptions on Greek vases is that engraved on a jug of “Dipylon” ware found at Athens in 1880.

  35. Apparently the red-figured vases which were imported into Etruria in such large numbers in the fifth century served as prototypes, not for their paintings, but for the engraved mirrors to which we have alluded.

  36. A considerable number of Roman lamps have inscriptions, either impressed in relief or hollow letters from a stamp, or engraved with a pointed instrument; the stamps were probably of bronze.

  37. Asenath was the daughter of Dinah and Hamor, but she was abandoned at the borders of Egypt, only, that people might know who she was, Jacob engraved the story of her parentage and her birth upon a gold plate fastened around her neck.

  38. The plan was engraved on a disc, on which was also an image of the sun, such as our metal-workers are in the habit of making, and the disc was handed down from one priest to another.

  39. We go to discover this city which was engraved on the plaque, and also to see whether we cannot oust these Spaniards.

  40. In a flash it came to Roger's mind that this city, those viaducts, and those tiny boats were true to the plan which was engraved on the golden disc, now in the possession of Alvarez.

  41. Under the powerful press, which forces the paper into all the engraved parts, this color transfers itself and thus gives the desired impression.

  42. Then the stone is rubbed with color and washed with water as in the engraved method.

  43. The outlines of the design are engraved or etched into the stone very delicately.

  44. He had a small model press from England, the cylinder of which had been engraved by the best cotton copper engraver of England.

  45. In this dry condition it can be cleansed of color as easily as a copper plate, and if a stone thus polished is engraved with a steel tool, it is possible to make several impressions from it just as from copper.

  46. In the second method, the design is either engraved into the stone with a sharp steel instrument or etched-in with acid.

  47. This is because a stone treated with preparing-ink gives almost the same result, once it is grounded with acid-proof ink and etched as if the design had been engraved into etching-ground.

  48. Aquatint in copper engraved style, and with etching ground.

  49. To all appearances, the etched cylinder was as good as the engraved one, and now it was merely a question of the printing.

  50. If an error is observed before etching begins, the first question is if the defect is deeply engraved in the stone or if it has been drawn merely through the ground coating without affecting the stone itself materially.

  51. The designing with the needle is done as in the engraved manner, except that the design is merely cut into the coating.

  52. It was a simple step now to the etched method, in which the stone is prepared first with aqua fortis and gum, after which the design is engraved in intaglio without first being treated with aqua fortis.

  53. Thus the hitherto colored stone becomes perfectly white, while the engraved design, which has appeared white, is now black.

  54. Sometimes,--particularly for cards to be used away from home--the place of residence is also engraved in one corner below the name.

  55. One small, from a drawing from the life, and engraved by Trotter, for his Life published by Kearsley.

  56. Their portraits engraved by Cornelius Vischer from paintings by Vandyke.

  57. In the well casing, in the fifth circle of stones from the top, you will find one engraved with a horseshoe.

  58. She took out the stone engraved with the horseshoe and dug behind in until she saw a little corridor, in which was a confusion of stones, mud and water.

  59. Michelangelo, having happened to overhear them, shut himself up in the chapel, and engraved the belt upon the Madonna's breast with his own name.

  60. The Pietà was engraved by Giulio Bonasoni and Tudius Bononiensis (date 1546), exactly as Condivi describes it.

  61. This magnificent design was engraved during Buonarroti's lifetime, or shortly afterwards, by Niccolò Beatrizet.

  62. He reminds the sculptor of a promise once made to him in Florence of a design for an engraved gem.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "engraved" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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