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  1. Into quite a different category from any of the ordinary Minoan tablets comes the disc found at Phæstos in 1908.

  2. At the top sat a cuckoo, below hung the heavy leaden weights, and the pendulum with the polished disc of metal went to and fro, and said 'tick, tick.

  3. Discal: on or relating to the disc of any surface or structure.

  4. Discal patch: in some male Hesperidae the oblique streak of specialized black scales on the disc of the primaries.

  5. Fold back the outer edge of the disc upon the side of the paper which is to come uppermost in the bottle.

  6. At intervals of a quarter of an inch cut slits all around the disc of paper extending them inwardly only as far as the first circle drawn upon the paper.

  7. Cut out a circular disc of paper, following with the scissors the line of the outer circle.

  8. Apply some gum to the edge of the disc which has been folded back, and fix it securely on the top of the mass of cyanide and paper at the bottom of the jar, by pressing the gummed edge against the sides of the bottle.

  9. Perforated Disc of Paper for Holding Cyanide in Place at Bottom of Jar.

  10. Its whirling disc shifted from the horizontal plane on which it spun.

  11. Faster and faster they spun around the base of the crowning globe; the arms became a disc upon which tiny brilliant sparks appeared, clustered, vanished only to reappear in greater number.

  12. But by stopping the motor and sliding the green disc to cover more of the red one, there comes a point where rotation melts them into a perfectly neutral gray.

  13. Each disc now reads 5 on the decimal scale.

  14. Any dip or rotation of the lower disc H will induce sympathetic action in the two lateral discs V and C.

  15. That innocuous sugar disc to me seemed saturated with the blood of loved ones; and so much as to touch it was to shed their blood--perhaps on the very scaffold on which I was destined to die.

  16. I was anxious to die, and eagerly would I have taken the sugar disc had I had any reason to believe that it was deadly poison.

  17. When the disc is turned electricity is generated by the leather flaps and accumulated by the collectors (N), after which it is ready to be discharged at the knob (M).

  18. The bottom disc of copper has a strip which connects with a cup of acid, and one wire terminal (A) runs therefrom.

  19. Now then, as you also know the wire telephone works by a metal disc in the receiver, vibrating in exactly the same way as does the microphone in the transmitter.

  20. Now, as this metal disc is attracted or released by the current coming over the wire, it compresses or rarefies the air between it and the ear-drum of the person to whose oral cavity it is held.

  21. This increasing and decreasing current acts on a thin metal disc or diaphragm in the receiver which is held to the ear of the person listening to the message.

  22. That is to say, we are required to cause a distant metal disc to repeat every inflection of the transmitter.

  23. And when at last the great star rose near ten hours late, the sun rose close upon it, and in the centre of its white heart was a disc of black.

  24. Men looking up, near blinded, at the star, saw that a black disc was creeping across the light.

  25. There is a little arm sticks out of the side of the engine, and the disc is suspended at the station.

  26. And you ought to see him pick up his express disc with his train going at 60 miles an hour.

  27. This disc appeared composed of some substance that was not ligneous: for it no more resembled wood than the curved ivory-like object that protruded from its centre.

  28. Behold the illuminated atmosphere; it reminds me vividly of the disc of the full moon.

  29. Above this terrestrial disc the outspread sky was arched like a vast dome; a dome supported by two massive pillars, resting on the shoulders of the god Atlas.

  30. The fiction of the earth-disc remained long unshaken, with the exception of a few modifications.

  31. Is the magnitude of his broad golden disc ever lessened?

  32. Surely the ancient poets must have evolved the earth-disc from their own prolific imagination.

  33. Upon the outer border of each segment are pearls fixed upon radiating pins, alternating with pyramids of pellets; on the inner is a disc decorated with similar enamels.

  34. In another variety the bow passes through a horizontal disc in its centre and assumes a form resembling a tassel.

  35. It consists of a disc of silver 4½ inches in diameter, enriched with filigree.

  36. These plates appear[1] to have been developed by the conversion of a primitive disc of spiral concentric wire into a circular plate.

  37. The second group comprises those formed of a disc of bronze or silver, decorated with a disc of gold foil covered with inlaid cells forming triangles and circles, with three bosses grouped round a central boss.

  38. The first of these--the type generally worn at the present day--may be described as a flat disc fitted with a hinged pin.

  39. In all early periods, and even in Roman times, the bow or safety-pin type of brooch was commoner than the disc and also more practical, as it offered room for the gathered folds of the garment.

  40. It is a circular disc 5½ inches in diameter, filled with three elaborate Gothic tabernacles, each containing a figure.

  41. The coherer until recently has been spasmodic, until we had Hammond's mercury steel- disc coherer and now my own.

  42. The spinning rod is a thin piece of bamboo stick weighted with a lead or soapstone disc about half an inch in diameter.

  43. The bridegroom ties a bead on the neck of the bride if of the Powar sept, and a disc if of the Edar sept.

  44. Necklets of ivory beads and a gold disc with the Vishnupad (feet of Vishnu) engraved on it.

  45. Stem very slender, not rooting nor attached by a disc but penetrating the substratum abruptly.

  46. Pileus glabrous or covered with superficial white fibrils, not viscid but moist when growing, losing the deep colour and becoming pale when dry, flesh very thin, splitting, disc rarely thicker.

  47. Pileus glabrous or covered with superficial white fibrils, not viscid but moist when growing, discoloured when dry; flesh very thin, splitting, disc rarely compact.

  48. Stem dry, base expanded into an orbicular disc or bubillose and strigose.

  49. A short staff was fixed in a round disc of wood, and whirled quickly round till fire was kindled.

  50. The disc was compared to the mother, the staff to the father; the disc was impregnated by friction, and soon a living creature springs forth from the dry wood.

  51. He was being carried southwest; this he understood because the sun's disc was behind him.

  52. The bird looked black against the light background, and the wings extended from one rim of the disc to the other.

  53. The moon's disc was whole and round, and rather high, and over it a big bird came flying.

  54. With an exclamation of impatience the dwarf turned and stared at a disc set on the wall of the cave.

  55. Between the two was a covered round disc from which projected a short tube fitted with a protecting lens.

  56. He pointed at the silver disc hanging low in the strange sky.

  57. He pointed toward a disc on the wall which had begun to glow.

  58. Nanette pointed at the disc of light shining high in the heavens.

  59. But even as he wrenched his tightly locked lips apart he saw that the shining disc far out into space was not what he had first thought it was--the earth's moon.

  60. The white disc of the moon, like a paper lantern, hung balanced between the edges of two clouds.

  61. At its end a fiery disc hung, like a gong against which the waves tapped gently.

  62. Onward it steals, creeping further and further, until the broad disc is entirely shrouded.

  63. Gradually the disc on the breast is seen to darken, turning red, till at length not a spot of white is visible.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disc" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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