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Example sentences for "discarding"

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disc; discal; discalced; discard; discarded; discards; discarnate; disce; discere; discern
  1. Discarding all calculations of political ascendancy, the North, the South, the East, and the West should unite in diminishing any burthen of which either may justly complain.

  2. The king loves to surround himself with perfumed popinjays, discarding the time-honoured customs of our Northland for the intricate polity of the East.

  3. Eckhardt exclaimed, discarding all reserve, for he knew there was no time to be lost.

  4. He has worked back along the chain of causation, discarding link after link on his journey.

  5. In doing this he has the concurrence of all theists in discarding every god save one--his own.

  6. Discarding my mittens and clinging with my bare hands to the crevices in the rock, I moved cautiously along the sloping shelf.

  7. Discarding everything that could be spared, they reached the inland ice on October 19, the day the sun went for the winter, and barefooted they travelled across this glacial ice-cap one hundred and sixty miles in twenty-six days.

  8. But the opportunities for discarding civic obligations were far greater in Rome than in the Greek communities.

  9. But Rome could only avoid a revolution by discarding her constitution.

  10. Discarding theories and overthrowing the dogma of strict construction, he committed the General Government irrevocably to internal improvements.

  11. Smith and the doctor were already discarding their suits.

  12. Roughly, Hegelian materialism differs from Hegelian orthodoxy by inverting the main logical sequence, not by discarding the logic or resorting to new tests of truth or finality.

  13. The higher generalisations take on a new complexion, it may be without formally discarding the older articles of belief.

  14. In this act, discarding all else, they have forced upon the country the distinct issue, "immediate dissolution or blood.

  15. Psychologists at present are much concerned to entreat us to "face reality," discarding idealism along with the other phantasies that haunt the race.

  16. Locke contributed greatly to its formation by discarding the proof of Christianity by miracles and supernatural observations, but claimed that nature is of itself sufficient to teach it.

  17. Instead of discarding the pictorial Biblical beauties, as they did with a few hasty dashes of the pen, he would elevate them to a loftier status, and lead the rising generation to imbibe their spirit as a useful element for later life.

  18. An aggressive militarism maintains that each nation should be free to develop its own religious ideas, and chides Strauss with half-way measures in holding to Christian ethics while discarding Christian doctrines and miracles.

  19. The melting is going on steadily all over our country, and it would be most inopportune to impose upon our new possessions abroad the antiquated restrictions which we are fast discarding at home.

  20. Consequently, we are forced to learn many new things as we go along-clinging to what works, discarding what does not.

  21. The advantage of discarding the numerator is, then, that we avoid the use of fractions and are readily enabled to find any arc pitch from a given diametral pitch.

  22. Second (discarding the numerator), we have 3.

  23. It is true that all our language about God must be inadequate and symbolic; but that is no reason for discarding all symbols, as if we could in that way know God as He knows Himself.

  24. We have seen that the Logos-doctrine (as understood by St. Clement) is exceptionally liable to perversion; but the remedy of discarding it is worse than the disease.

  25. It certainly justifies the policy of the Board of Managers in adopting the cottage plan and discarding prison walls.

  26. Discarding the intolerance of his religion, he invited the persecuted Jews to his dominion; and by affording them a peaceful asylum, added largely to the wealth, population, prosperity and importance of the nation.

  27. By discarding weakness you show the dealer against which hand to finesse.

  28. The queen of hearts is also marked in A's hand by the fact that he is discarding his winning diamonds and protecting hearts.

  29. If your partner is discarding from weakness, protect the suit that he is throwing away, if you can.

  30. If you adopt the strength discard, and wish to throw away your weak suit at "no-trump," do so by discarding first a high and then a lower card.

  31. The regal authority was thus apparently abnegated; necessity discarding forms, and the safety of the people being the supreme law.

  32. Brewster, nevertheless, upon his return to England, discarding the obligation of an oath extorted under duress, appealed to the Company against the tyranny of the deputy governor, and the inhuman sentence was reversed.

  33. Discarding all of one kind at any one date would involve drawing on the fund of social capital for about one half of the amount needed to replace these instruments.

  34. The Discarding of Aged Laborers mainly caused by a Further Influence.

  35. A competing producer gains an advantage over his rivals by discarding old machinery and adopting new at exactly the right time, neither too late nor too early.

  36. Some of these cater to highly elastic wants, and persons who use a quantity of them may be induced to use more without discarding anything else.

  37. Indeed, the evidence of the life itself is the discarding and replacing of the tissues.

  38. This taking of one thing within the margin of consumption and discarding others is far less frequently done than is the taking of a lower grade of one kind of goods for the sake of securing a higher grade of another.

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