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Example sentences for "discards"

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discal; discalced; discard; discarded; discarding; discarnate; disce; discere; discern; discernable
  1. It will bring three or more cards up into your hand, and take back the discards as you hold your cards and hands in a natural position on top of the table.

  2. It will bring three or more cards up into your hand and take back the discards as you hold your hands and cards in a natural position on top of the table.

  3. In a game such as Poker, where the suit is of no consequence, you simply repeat to yourself the value of the card as you deal it, and from your knowledge of the game you may deduce the discards from that particular hand.

  4. It discards ornaments from the use of apparel, because these, by puffing up the creature, may be productive of vanity and pride.

  5. It discards any system of morals which does not do justice to this individuality.

  6. Discards were thrown to the centre of the table, and Wigmore distributed others.

  7. I want cards, too; but we can lay our discards aside and show them later.

  8. There is the misconduct of the Duchess Josiane, divinely beautiful and diabolically wicked, who covets the monster Gwynplaine as a lover, and discards him when, on his peerification, he is commanded to her by Queen Anne as a husband.

  9. Smith, however, discards this theory and considers the Gujars or Gurjaras to have been a branch of the white Huns who invaded India in the fifth and sixth centuries.

  10. Mr. Hopkins discards the view advanced by some commentators that it is the moon and not the beverage to which the Vedic hymns and worship are addressed, and there is no reason to doubt that he is right.

  11. It is immaterial what Z now discards; if he discards a diamond, A leads the heart; if he discards a heart, A leads the ace of clubs, and forces Z to lead a diamond to B.

  12. The discards which Y takes on these high cards offset any trump that the adversary might make.

  13. For one to dream that she discards the robes of her order, foretells that longing for worldly pleasures will unfit her for her chosen duties.

  14. If she discards it, she will be in danger of public scandal by her notorious love for adventure.

  15. He now selects a long black cigar--it is only on press days that he discards his precious pipe--and having lighted it holds it in his mouth so that it points upward at an acute angle.

  16. We were a new toy--that's what we were: the rag baby for which the pampered child of wealth temporarily discards her French dolls.

  17. He leaves the great problem unsolved, and discards it as insoluble.

  18. Fries discards Persoon's appellation as unsuitable and improperly applied, and takes up what he deems an older specific designation, T.

  19. In consequence chiefly of this restriction, Sokrates discards it as unsatisfactory.

  20. Since no architect discards his plans and renderings, he will be glad to show you a few of them.

  21. Again an old rubbish heap, replete with tin cans and other discards that will hold water, offers more encouragement to mosquitoes than is generally realized.

  22. Shall I say again, without any reserve, that a Quaker-man who discards the use of black cloth, shall not sell a yard of it to another?

  23. History proves that as the mind of man expands, it does not discover new gods, but that it discards them.

  24. Montague discards all organized religions for a "Promethean Religion.

  25. C-D, denounces and discards the vehement pleasures because they disturb the right exercise of Reason and Intelligence.

  26. It discards all the common accessories of a banquet (musical or dancing artists), and throws the guests altogether upon their own powers of rhetoric and dialectic, for amusement.

  27. This declaration of our Lord," said friend Cline, "clearly discards feet-washing from being a church ordinance.

  28. Setting aside first this, and then that, it finally discards all of the "Not I," leaving the Real Self free and delivered from its bondage to its appendages.

  29. The word 'but' discards the objection raised.

  30. The word 'but' discards the doubt raised.

  31. And the knowledge of Brahman which discards Nescience and effects final release terminates in a perception (viz.

  32. In other respects, it discards the language of the Jeffersonian Ordinance, and also its collocation of words.

  33. If the non-dealer elect to play the hand, {58} he discards the superfluous cards, and the dealer is not entitled to see them.

  34. In conclusion, remember that on an ordinary call your first discard should be from your shortest and weakest suit, and bear the fact in mind as you note the discards of other players.

  35. He discards the three of clubs, and receives, say, the ace of spades, leaving his hand still worthless.

  36. Should the non-dealer not claim a fresh deal, he discards the superfluous cards, and the dealer is not entitled to see them.

  37. His partner Z plays a thirteenth diamond, which is not trumped by the second player, who discards a heart.

  38. He must keep his diamond suit entire; so he discards the nine and seven of spades, the nine and eight of hearts, and the seven of clubs, taking in the five upper cards from the stock.

  39. The dealer discards the worst card of his own hand, placing it face downwards under the pack, and the turn-up card is thenceforth considered to form part of his hand.

  40. But he discards the ten and eight of spades and the seven of hearts with the hope of improvement, taking in the three remaining cards of the stock.

  41. As a general rule, your discards should be from your weakest and shortest suits.

  42. The bidder, before playing, takes the "widow" into his own hand, and then discards any three cards out of the thirteen.

  43. When the losing twelfth card is played, he discards his heart, and is thus enabled to trump the queen.

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