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Example sentences for "halo"

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hallucinatory; hallucinogens; hallux; hallway; hallways; haloed; haloes; halogen; halogens; haloid
  1. On reaching another grassy spot once more I saw it before me, but much fainter than before; and by the time I reached the camp scarcely any of the halo was to be seen.

  2. The halo is caused chiefly, I fancy, by the contrast of the excessively dark shadow with the surrounding brightness.

  3. The further off the dew-drops are from the eye the more brilliant do they appear, and thus cause the brightest halo round the head.

  4. When, fearfully, he dared to raise it again, his eyes beheld one clad in shining raiment, about whom there clung a halo of radiance.

  5. Cautiously he pressed the spring of his torch and, as the little halo of radiance penetrated the obscurity, he gave a quick, searching look.

  6. Penelope flushed quickly and Sara's halo of romance shone brighter than ever.

  7. His being seemed dominated by a hovering image of ideal beauty, shadowed, it is true, by faults and failings similar to his own, but enriched by a halo of grace and beauty which had power to draw even him within its rays.

  8. But more than all this, was the halo of truth and purity that surrounded her form, her movements, her face, her expression.

  9. She would then be made to alight on the top of the high rock, where a halo of concentrated light was thrown on her; this clung about her, attracted by a solution with which her dress was sponged.

  10. That overestimated woman had gained the halo of martyrdom by the so-called persecution of the Emperor.

  11. She was an extraordinary woman, and her name sheds a halo of romance round the place where she lived, and where her remains rest in peace after her long and stormy career.

  12. There are many glens as wild and as gloomy as it, but they lack the historic interest and the legendary halo that make Glendaloch dear to the archaeologist, the poet, and the dreamer.

  13. Suddenly there appeared in their midst a white man and woman, surrounded with a halo of light coming directly from the sun.

  14. There was a halo of beauty all about him; prismatic hues trembled in the light, and the tones of sweet music floated upon the breeze.

  15. Soon, as if to aid my vision, a sort of pale blue light spread a halo around the figure, and grew gradually brighter, setting it off in relief.

  16. She stood in a little halo of lamplight, a diamond star flashing in her hair, and her neck ablaze with gems.

  17. I know only the London of De Quincey and Lamb-London with the halo of romance around it.

  18. In her pale composure, worn as the mask of distress, there was no trace of the emotion that had seemed a halo about her head on the ledge of the cliff.

  19. The halo diminishes in brightness from the centre outwards, and is probably due to the diffraction of light.

  20. Greek: anthelios], opposite the sun), the luminous ring or halo sometimes seen in Alpine or polar regions surrounding the shadow of the head of an observer cast upon a bank of cloud or mist.

  21. This was the same Madam Winthrop whose attractions had been so completely obscured by the bright halo which encircled the much-longed-for Widow Denison.

  22. And the halo of early romance and adventure surrounds them.

  23. Certainly no ambitious fancy cast a halo of romantic hope over the great city as Tristan first saw her ancient walls.

  24. I haven't been living up to the halo to-day," he said, and there was that in his voice that touched her to quick pity.

  25. Their misfortunes made a halo for their happiness, and the long agony of their love ended in an ascension.

  26. Babylon has no ideal, nor has Carthage while Athens and Rome have, and retain, even through all the nocturnal density of ages, a halo of civilization.

  27. You are beautiful and proud as a God; you are seeking nothing for yourself, with the halo of a victim round you, 'in hiding.

  28. Gradually the rocky abyss and Lucifer faded into shadow and darkness, while Saint Michael's mighty form, with its eagle-wings, was still surrounded by a halo of light.

  29. His look, his bearing, bore witness to the battle that had been fought, and yet the entire figure of the archangel was as if bathed in the halo of glory that beamed about the strong, victorious champion of light.

  30. The artist has inscribed the name of each saint on the halo of light that surrounds each head, and the composition of the group is almost perfect, so well arranged and so well balanced.

  31. Each of the saints, including St. Anne but excluding the Madonna and Child, bears its name in the halo around the head.

  32. Indeed, we have now got sundry "martyrs of classical music" crowned with a halo of poetry.

  33. For these reasons I deem it worth while to strip this spirit of reticence and shallow pretence of the halo of sanctity with which it poses as the "chaste spirit of German art.

  34. Her eyes were staring far out across the halo of the city's lights.

  35. When the Stroid revives, they'll probably want to put him on a throne with a radiant halo about his head.

  36. The full but finely-formed features had a most gentle and amiable cast, resembling those of one of Raphael's cherubs in their halo of yellow hair.

  37. Most wondrously beautiful is the cathedral of Monreale when the moon casts its magic halo over the ancient mosaics, and so it was on this night, when the artist-soldier-priest sat entranced with its unspeakable loveliness.

  38. It is the halo of the great Lord Burghley which gives the place all its interest.

  39. He knew, and forever cast a sweet soft halo over all such labor as men call drudgery, which never was such to Him because of the fine spirit breathed into it.

  40. The ages have softened all its sharp jagged edges with a halo of glory.

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