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Example sentences for "hovering"

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hovel; hovels; hoven; hover; hovered; hovers; hoving; how; howbeit; howcome
  1. While some of them produce immediate results, others need much more time for their action, and so it comes to pass that as the man develops he has above him a hovering cloud of undischarged results, some of them good, some of them bad.

  2. Whether by rough ways led or smooth greensward, Under clear sun or hovering clouds of grief, What matter, so they end in thee, O Lord!

  3. To wax, to wane, it is the common fate, The new year must be old year; soon or late The hovering shadow wrappeth every one, And hides him from the day and from the sun.

  4. But he could not guess why, though somehow the answer was hovering just out of reach of his conscious mind.

  5. The whole Tree was hot and throbbing with a dreadful travesty of fleshly life as it whipped him aloft into the hovering bulk of incarnate horror above.

  6. The incongruity of it made him forgetful for a moment of the peril hovering overhead in the sun-hot outdoors.

  7. Apparently the ships had finished with this quarter of the city, for he could see two or three of them half a mile away, hovering low over Illar's northern section.

  8. In child-like confidence, therefore, she sunk to her happy sleep, with a pair of dark, loving eyes hovering over her and mingling with her dreams.

  9. In the delight of the moment he communicates to Lisette what had before been hovering on his lips, the unexpected good fortune which had fallen to his share.

  10. And he was right, if he did so, for at this moment I was hovering on the brink of insanity.

  11. Holy woman, with angels hovering over you, who dared to think of devils tempting your innocence and love?

  12. They crouched at home, in cellars and basements, wrapt in rough capotes, or hovering around a mangal, or brazier of coals, the usual substitute for a stove.

  13. Now one might be seen for an instant hovering over a flower, its wings looking like two grey filmy fans expanded at its sides.

  14. The little creatures, indeed, kept hovering about; and one came within a few feet of our faces, as much as to ask how we dared to intrude on its domains.

  15. So rapid was their flight, that it was only when they were hovering over a flower that we could have taken aim.

  16. Presently several small beautiful birds appeared hovering above them, in no way daunted by my presence.

  17. While MacGregor wrote in this disconsolate manner, Death, the sad but sure remedy for mortal evils, and decider of all doubts and uncertainties, was hovering near him.

  18. Allan, isn't he the young brave we saw hovering around our camp before, and who wouldn't stop to be questioned?

  19. With those three men hovering near, there could be no telling what might happen.

  20. He must have been hovering near when the three prospectors started their fire, and witnessed all that happened afterward.

  21. Until the next time," muttered Harriet, an amused smile hovering about the corners of her mouth.

  22. I've had a headache all day, but then in the afternoon there was a thunderstorm hovering somewhere near and there was no work to do.

  23. They laugh at one, hovering at a distance, waiting.

  24. The hives were open and he was working with a knife whilst the bees hung in a trembling hovering cloud about him.

  25. Determined to catch the brigade, one schooner was hovering about the Sault, the other cruising into the countless recesses of the north shore.

  26. This journey was performed upon an old grey mare, concerning whom John had an indistinct set of ideas hovering about him, to the effect that she could win a plate or cup if she tried.

  27. Miggs was hovering about too; and the fact of her existence, the mere circumstance of her ever having been born, appeared, after Dolly, such an unaccountable practical joke.

  28. That's as much as to tell me that you would be hovering round me like a vulture, waiting till the breath was out of my body, that you might go and marry somebody else.

  29. The one-eyed man swept the cubes into his hand and, still talking, held that long, bony member hovering over the mouth of the box.

  30. This he put on the table with a cautious leaning forward and a suspicious hovering over it with the hand, playing the part so well that Shanklin's sharp old eye was entirely deceived.

  31. There they lay, gents, honestly and openly on the table before the one-eyed man, his bony hand hovering over them caressingly.

  32. I see certain English words hanging in these webs, and other words hovering in the air in a singular manner.

  33. A number of words are always hovering about these webs, and when one of them touches a web, with which it has an affinity, it is retained there like a fly in a cob-web.

  34. After hovering near for several days, wondering at the strange silence, they entered the open gates of the city, which they had not dared to cross for fear of an ambuscade, and penetrated into the court of the palace.

  35. But I could not recall to my mind who it was that was hovering on the skirts of it; therefore I looked around for help.

  36. The sunset wanted not so much as a glance of sea to answer it, but lay hovering quietly, and fading beneath the dark brows of the cliffs; which do sometimes glorify, and sometimes so discourage it.

  37. The rush up a liquid mountain, and the sway on the balance of the world, then the plunge into the valley, almost out of the sight of God, though we feel Him hovering over us.

  38. I had a notion her status had changed plenty, beginning when I saw her chained and drugged, and standing under the hovering horror.

  39. I hoped that what I saw was an illusion of the drug--something, something huge and dark, was hovering over the girl.

  40. I dived toward the shimmer of little stars which marked Miellyn's tiara in the darkness, braving the black horror hovering over her, and touched rigid girl-flesh, cold as death.

  41. Half a dozen of the void-giants showed near the Elephant's Child, hovering or slowly drifting around the bow of the ship.

  42. He had been on Atlantis, and hovering above it had seen the exiling of our race and the death of the land.

  43. Others, a larger number, darted here and there above the roofs, some hovering in the water as gulls hover in the air, lazily, but the majority apparently on business or work to be executed with dispatch.

  44. I told her what Grantline's signal had suggested: the ship was hovering overhead.

  45. Where the star he has followed so long, to find it hovering over the new birth of humanity?

  46. For, hovering just below the clouds, were three big Hun planes, and that they had come over the lines to bomb the American positions was only too evident.

  47. There was a cloud of the wasps flying about Bob, Jerry, and the professor now, and the tall lad noted that the insects were also hovering around other soldiers and officers.

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