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Example sentences for "devils"

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  1. Lucky devils to be sliding that down their necks.

  2. The police are temperate enough in general,' he says, 'but there are always dirty devils everywhere, pas?

  3. They are devils that cast the Lord's witnesses into prison.

  4. They must be esteemed sons of dogs and devils that believe so, and own themselves sons of such fathers.

  5. But tyrants are very catechrestically and abusively principalities and powers, no otherwise then the devils are so termed, Eph.

  6. Otherwise the place remains unchanged, a patch of mesquite in a burning plain where heat devils dance all day long from year's end to year's end.

  7. Upon their level floors the heat-devils danced all the long days like armies of phantom dervishes gone mad with their interminable leapings and whirlings.

  8. When they had come thither, a most horrible shout arose, not like men's shouts, but worse beyond all comparison than all human cries, and most like to the yelling of devils in hell.

  9. His throne can no more be shaken by the puny attacks of men or devils than the everlasting mountains can be disturbed by the storm-blasts which howl around them.

  10. And, finally, it is in the defect of this in which devils are unhappy.

  11. From this, it would seem that the devils thought to exchange the heavy punishment of transportation to the abyss for the lighter penalty of imprisonment in swine.

  12. Gospel: "And the devils besought him, saying, If Thou cast us out send us away into the herd of swine.

  13. I declare, as plainly as I can, that I am unable to show cause why these transferable devils should not exist.

  14. Some poor devils lost their little fortunes in the old P.

  15. These Americanos, what driving devils they were!

  16. That's where the devils begin their chuckling.

  17. This is where the devils have to hold their sides in almost painful hilarity.

  18. But what reduces the devils to helpless, tearful contortions of merriment, is a coincidental decision on the part of a Boche gunner to start peppering that bit of trench with shrap.

  19. So the Miss is pleased, and the devils do not come near my son.

  20. He had a knife in his bead belt, at the sight whereof I gave glory to gods and devils alike, for I knew the handle of it.

  21. I deemed it because of devils first; but it was not.

  22. But most of all I thought of my little son, and the devils longing for him, and for a woman longing for the sight of a man's beauty, and I knew I must go and see if it lay there.

  23. Do not we, of Harriana, find the sacred river which the devils hid, though we have to dig three-hundred-feet wells to find it?

  24. I wish those devils of priests would turn on the tap," remarked the other Englishman with a yawn.

  25. Then the little devils of doubt came a-swarming and a-whispering.

  26. This sublime innocence was also diverting, even to a man haunted by the devils of memory.

  27. She got up and went around to him, hesitated while she looked down at his set face, drew a long breath, and blinked back some tears of self-reproach because of the devils of memory she had unwittingly turned loose to jibe at this man.

  28. You've helped hang lots of poor devils that will be glad to meet yuh in hell to-day.

  29. Ward stared up into the dark and could not lose himself in sleep, because he had opened the door upon the evil places in his memory and let out all the trooping devils that lived there.

  30. Men or devils can never do that against you, which by every sin you do against yourselves.

  31. Believe unfeignedly that you must dwell with them for ever in the dearest intimacy of eternal love, and you cannot possibly rage against them, nor play the devils against those, with whom you must live in unity before God.

  32. But all this you do against yourselves, (even more than all the devils in hell do,) and yet you are too little offended with yourselves.

  33. If killing and destroying be the glory of thy greatness, the devils are more honourable than thou; and as thou agreest with them in thy work and glory, so shalt thou in the reward.

  34. Oh what devils are those counsellors and incendiaries to princes and states, who stir them up to unlawful wars!

  35. Not devils or damned souls, who are under justice and from under mercy, and are none of our society: but, 1.

  36. A smaller one wore a gray dress, upon which were painted black devils and inverted torches.

  37. But if the Rains were scant for two or three seasons, then there was Hunger, and the dust devils took the mesas for their dancing-places.

  38. Dust devils rise up from the plains and veil the crags.

  39. Devils they may have been," said the Navajo, "but they did not say their prayers to a yellow cat, O Kabeyde.

  40. So we were named, though we were called devils by those who feared us, and Blanket People by the Plainsmen.

  41. You saved me from those devils in the valley?

  42. The devils of confusion were returned forever.

  43. But devils have their friends--and their whims.

  44. Now, when they had passed him a little way, they entered into a very dark lane, where they met a man whom seven devils had bound with seven strong cords, and were carrying him back to the door that they saw on the side of the hill.

  45. Devils of all sorts, doubts of all sorts, fears of all sorts haunt and molest his soul.

  46. Many that show like saints abroad, yet act the part of devils when they are at home by giving way to this house-iniquity.

  47. How if he had come, having taken a command from his Father to damn you and to send you to dwell with devils in hell?

  48. Come, let us pray for light to Him that can lighten our darkness, and can rebuke not only these, but all the devils in hell.

  49. Thou wast not ashamed of me when thou wast in the world among my enemies, and now will not I be ashamed of thee before thine enemies, but will, in the view of all these devils and damned reprobates, promote thee to honor and dignity.

  50. This man, by the power of God's might which worketh in him, is able to cast a whole world behind him, with all the lusts and pleasures of it, and to charge through all the difficulties that men and devils can set against him.

  51. The devils of fear and rage had their fingers on him.

  52. The fear of all the devils and shapeless beings of the wilderness was upon him.

  53. I will stake my word," said Kingswell, "that the place is surrounded by the devils even now, and that they will try again to get a man over the wall to unbar the gates.

  54. It would be wise to warn the fort that a band of the sly devils is abroad.

  55. What did she mean by 'the devils in the glass?

  56. But the next day, when I was within eight or ten miles of the station I was making for, I saw three of the black devils racing after me, with their skinny legs.

  57. For I touched none, because that the devils be so subtle to make a thing to seem otherwise than it is, for to deceive mankind.

  58. I hope Lord Grey will not see himself or his friends in the woeful case of the conjuror, who, with infinite zeal and pains, called up the devils to do something for him.

  59. More and more I realized what a crew of utter devils Helzephron had got round him.

  60. If it is any satisfaction to you to know, you're in a net from which even the particular minor devils that preside over thieves can't free you.

  61. The English came on, four to one, gnashing their teeth like devils of the pit.

  62. How in the name of twenty devils can I go back!

  63. I might summon the very devils themselves and ask them for their testimony.

  64. They rejoiced, and, apparently, not with modesty, that devils were subject unto them, and that they could exorcize them at their pleasure.

  65. Why, the very devils called Him the Son of God!

  66. With sins he's so corrupt; The soul of him to Hell live devils took.

  67. No sun shone there, nor grew there any grain, No dew fell there, nor any shower of rain, The very stones were black upon that plain; And many say that devils there remain.

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