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Example sentences for "beings"

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beim; bein; beine; being; beinge; beir; beis; beith; bejeweled; bejewelled
  1. Not uncommonly effigies are burned in these fires, or a pretence is made of burning a living person in them; and there are grounds for believing that anciently human beings were actually burned on these occasions.

  2. He adds that in many places sterile beasts and human beings are passed through the fire, and that as a boy he himself jumped through the fire "for luck.

  3. M81) In legends and folk-tales, which reflect the ideas of earlier ages, we find this suspension between heaven and earth attributed to beings who have been endowed with the coveted yet burdensome gift of immortality.

  4. The many forms of divination resorted to at Hallowe'en are appropriate to the beginning of a New Year.

  5. The rustics in many parts of Germany, particularly on the festival of St. John the Baptist, wrench a stake from a fence, wind a rope round it, and pull it to and fro till it catches fire.

  6. One of the men was dressed to represent a woman.

  7. White bread for every one And the vat full of wine!

  8. Beings with divine smiles, robed in white tunics bordered with blue, flit lightly before the eyes and show us visions of supernatural beauty, shapes of an incomparable delicacy.

  9. The eye is lost in splendid vistas: it sees a long perspective of rare palaces where beings of a loftier nature glide.

  10. These were merely folklore beings enacting parts ranging from terror to farce, and never receiving divine honors.

  11. For the Greeks these Gods were neither monsters like those of Egypt, India and Chaldea, nor incorporeal spirits like the Gods of Persia and of Israel, but human beings with all the human attributes.

  12. Geology gives us a very long margin of time since the north-west quadrant began to be reinhabited by human beings after the Ice Age, and assumed approximately its present distribution of land and water.

  13. At that instant a fearful cry arose from beneath, which was echoed from the rocks around, and ten or fifteen savage-looking beings climbed from under the bridge, with lances formed of upright scythes.

  14. One death, and a hundred beings restored to existence!

  15. Human happiness consists in the life which human beings are leading at the time that they live.

  16. They have more and more become social questions, questions with regard to the relations of human beings to one another,--not merely their legal relations, but their moral and spiritual relations to one another.

  17. Ghastly beings haunted the site of so many crimes, shapeless monsters, hovering by night, and weaving a fearful dance.

  18. For every offence the punishment is slavery, and the offences are daily artificially increased, that the wealth of the few in human beings may grow with them.

  19. Close by he found three or four more, intertangled and superimposed as if the unhappy beings had fallen partly across each other, and in that position had mouldered away leaving nothing but their outline.

  20. Such beings pity alike the children that are languishing in death, and the children that live only to languish in tears.

  21. And such beings sympathize equally with sorrow that grovels and with sorrow that soars.

  22. They were a wild savage set of beings in appearance.

  23. If He will not attend to them, no one else will, for He loves us more than human beings can, whether they are in this world or in another.

  24. You are but two beings in the great brotherhood of mankind, and what right have you to separate your benevolence from your fellow-creatures and make a world between you, when you cannot separate your wants also?

  25. How could I divine that she whom you loved was not of the race of those beings to whom you were constantly lending the epithets of charming, lovely, exquisite angelic?

  26. Perhaps no well-organized beings exist who do not experience that terrible passion once in the course of their lives.

  27. He chanced to be thrown early in life amongst several eccentric beings of the class, and took his ideas accordingly; but it is a fact that a very large number of stories about eccentric baronets are in circulation.

  28. The weather with which human beings are concerned may be said to extend upward seven or eight miles; i.

  29. I'm afraid, though, the space beings have decided otherwise.

  30. On one occasion, the unknown beings had moved a small asteroid--the phantom satellite Nestria--into orbit about the earth.

  31. Women are generally such sensitively constituted beings that all ordinary laws are set at defiance when they love.

  32. From the far-off Leipsic four impassioned beings wafted a greeting to the distant, unknown poet.

  33. For us there is no more parting on earth or in heaven; for we are one, and by murder only can you make of this union two distinct beings capable of going in different directions.

  34. Oh, why is it, my dear, that we human beings are all like Erostratus, who hurled the firebrand into the holy temple of the gods, and why do we all desire to unveil the mysterious picture in the temple of Isis!

  35. He felt that, like a god, he was creating human beings who lived, moved, and suffered before him.

  36. More and more determined became the attempts to build submarine boats that could sink and rise easily, navigate safely and quickly, and sustain human beings under the surface of the water for a considerable length of time.

  37. Apart from this speciality, he was one of the most useless beings I ever knew (which is saying a lot).

  38. They are accustomed to kind treatment, and look upon all human beings as friends.

  39. As the myths about earth-bearers prevail in the regions of earthquakes, so do those about subterranean beings in the neighbourhood of volcanoes.

  40. Attacking lonely houses, they devoured all the human beings and every other animal found therein.

  41. The belief that human beings could change themselves into animals has been already alluded to, but in view of its large place in the history of illusions, some further reference is needful.

  42. Little did this recluse know of his fellow-beings and how fared it with the children of men who dwelt in those great cities around the blue Mediterranean.

  43. Suddenly the awful tumult ceased; the wretched beings became invisible and a ray of light pierced the roof to cheer the prostrate hero.

  44. After all, those were the only beings on the planet who had not had to pass a rigorous investigation and psychological examination.

  45. But there's a certain class of beings who'll get fighting mad, and that's the class we want.

  46. Yet his rest became presently broken into by spiritual beings hovering around in the grove, anxious to point out his future.

  47. The chafing of boughs, the beating of leaves, the gnawing of the beavers around the philosopher's grave, with more distant sounds from the country beyond, were the media these beings employed.

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