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Example sentences for "haunt"

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  1. Herons and egrets in their different varieties haunt the shores and the shallows.

  2. A specially favoured haunt in the Coto Doñana is the bare sandy flat in front of Martinazo.

  3. Give the ghost his shroud, Gardener, and let him go; and recommend him not to haunt Yew-lane in future.

  4. Antoine's first anxiety was that Monsieur the Viscount should bear witness that the gaoler had treated him kindly, and so earned the blessing and not the curse of Monsieur le Curé, whose powerful presence seemed to haunt him still.

  5. Emerging from the compact, grimy life of its street, we saw that the shower had swept by, or probably had expended itself in a region beneath us, for we were above the scope of many of the showery clouds that haunt a hill-country.

  6. In a few moments she was ready, and they took their way to their favorite haunt upon the bridge.

  7. There were also one or two old St. Mary's men who had descended to haunt for a swift week-end the place of their renown, and these were pointed out by knowing freshmen as unconcernedly as possible.

  8. He pitied the degradation that prompted her so casual question; the diffidence in her tones marked the fear of answering brutality which must always haunt her.

  9. He must plunge into that phantasmagoric city; he must fly from haunt to haunt; he must drag the depths of every small hell; he must find her to-night.

  10. Many birds haunt the Glen; the indigo bunting, the oriole, and scarlet tanager with their brilliant coloring contrast sharply with the grey of the rocks.

  11. The bluff is a well known haunt of the pasque flower or Badger.

  12. It is a famous haunt for trout, and those fishermen who are lucky may at times see scores of great beauties lying upon the bottom; or, with a good guide and at the right season, may be taken to places where the water is fairly astir with them.

  13. They haunt the grassy places in little bogs and coves, and are caught by trolling.

  14. Its last haunt here is in the remote parts of Scotland; and so scarce has it become, that its existence, even there, is now somewhat doubtful.

  15. That which we read of the fourth Henry's death Did ever vex and haunt me like a tale Of my own future destiny.

  16. Or if avengers more than human haunt there, Take they what shape they list, savage or heavenly, They shall make answer to me, though my heart's blood Should be the spell to bind them.

  17. You have discovered a favourite haunt of mine," she said.

  18. One of his bitterest flings at Bowood painted it as the common haunt of fiddlers and poets, actors and the like.

  19. The dead man will haunt me all the way in the darkness.

  20. After one night spent in some unknown haunt he returned home early in the morning, in a violently excited condition, with a red face and tousled hair.

  21. And still the haunt beloved a virtue yields.

  22. In ancient Greek mythology it was reputed to rise again to the surface in central Sicily, in the vale of Enna, the favorite haunt of Proserpine, as the fountain of Arethusa.

  23. However this may be, we must always think of the shore-haunt as the seaweed-growing area.

  24. It is not an easy haunt of life, but none the worse for that, and it is tenanted to-day by representatives of practically every class of animals from infusorians to seashore birds and mammals.

  25. The terrestrial haunt has been invaded age after age by contingents from the sea or from the freshwaters.

  26. The last great haunt of life is the air, a mastery of which must be placed to the credit of insects, Pterodactyls, birds, and bats.

  27. But enough has been said to show that the shore-haunt exhibits an extraordinary variety of shifts for a living.

  28. A third haunt of life is the floor of the Deep Sea, the abyssal area, which occupies more than a half of the surface of the globe.

  29. It seems a very unpromising haunt of life, but it is abundantly tenanted, and it gives us a glimpse of the insurgent nature of the living creature that the difficulties of the Deep Sea should have been so effectively conquered.

  30. The air was the last haunt of life to be conquered, and it is interesting to inquire what the conquest implied.

  31. A fourth haunt of life is that of the freshwaters, including river and lake, pond and pool, swamp and marsh.

  32. For there is an interesting give and take between the shore-haunt and the open sea.

  33. We have said enough to show how well adapted many animals are to meet the particular difficulties of the haunt which they tenant.

  34. The open-sea or pelagic haunt includes all the brightly illumined surface waters beyond the shallow water of the shore area.

  35. It is interesting that the salient examples of parental care in the shore-haunt are mostly on the male parent's side.

  36. That is to say, mammals, like the reptiles before them, conquer every haunt of life.

  37. Whereupon the gods changed them both into mountains, and Helicon is mild and fair to this day, and the home of all good things; but Cithaeron is bleak and barren, because his hard heart had no pity, and the Furies haunt it unceasingly.

  38. Whether I slew them justly or no, the curse of Heaven is upon me, and I know that night and day the Furies will haunt my steps, because my hand is red with the blood of my kinsmen.

  39. A favorite haunt of Longfellow's was the bridge between Boston and Cambridgeport, the same which he put into verse in his poem, the Bridge.

  40. During that winter he hunted a good deal, and the Codling girls developed an enthusiasm for the sport which made them haunt meets far and near.

  41. He's a fool that basely dallies, Where each peasant mates with him: Shall I haunt the thronged valleys, Whilst there's noble hills to climb?

  42. This is the dumb and dreary hour, When injured ghosts complain; When yawning graves give up their dead, To haunt the faithless swain.

  43. They had pastured their cattle there on the evening before; and conjectured that it must be the haunt of many kinds of game.

  44. Quadrupeds, as bright and beautiful as they, haunt its verdant glades, or repose under the grateful shadow of its acacia-groves.

  45. Why should I haunt a purling stream, Or fish in miasmatic brook?

  46. And by the great God whose angels are about this night, if ever you break the oath, I will come back and haunt you to your dying day!

  47. He turned, and saw one of the unhappy persons who haunt the midnight streets of cities, standing right before his path.

  48. I fancy as how they have a sort of a haunt near Reading, for sometimes they are intolerable just about there, and sometimes they are quiet for months together!

  49. How haunt ye my brain, O visions, Methought ye forgotten and dead!

  50. The lark from on high is seeking In the moistened grass her nest; The hart and the hind have laid them In their woodland haunt to rest.

  51. Mr. Watkins Tottle had long lived in a state of single blessedness, as bachelors say, or single cursedness, as spinsters think; but the idea of matrimony had never ceased to haunt him.

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