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  1. The astral spirit which he conceived was not unlike More's and Glanvill's "thin and tenuous substance.

  2. His enormous palace, and also his mausoleum which was built for him before his death, were constructed in accordance with astral notions.

  3. Within the palace the emperor continually changed his residential quarters, probably not only from fear of assassination but also for astral reasons.

  4. It has its source from out the space, Beyond the astral heaven; It had a purpose to perform, Or it had not been given.

  5. I was so indignant that I could feel my astral fingers tremble.

  6. It is not often that they manifest upon the astral plane, but when they do they are certainly the most remarkable of its non-human inhabitants.

  7. If for any reason They should wish to do so, the body appropriate to the plane would be temporarily created out of astral matter belonging to this planet, just as in the case of the Nirmânakâya.

  8. These varieties would be easily distinguishable one from the other by any one accustomed to use astral vision, but an unpractised person would be quite likely to call them all vaguely "ghosts".

  9. Yet it does possess a marvellous adaptability which often seems to come very near it, and it is no doubt this property that caused elementals to be described in one of our early books as "the semi-intelligent creatures of the astral light".

  10. We must note first that every material object, every particle even, has its astral counterpart; and this counterpart is itself not a simple body, but is usually extremely complex, being composed of various kinds of astral matter.

  11. But just as when he dies to this plane he leaves his physical body behind him, so when he dies to the astral plane he leaves his Kâmarûpa behind him.

  12. Skip Handlon's astral had appeared within the field of the nebula to fight for possession.

  13. It turned tail and fled away from the astral of the Professor, disappearing beyond the outer confines of the nebula.

  14. At length the moment seemed to arrive which the reporter's astral had been awaiting.

  15. Would the speed of condensation of the atoms which comprised the body of Professor Kell serve to shut out the pursuing astral of Kell?

  16. And then again the astral of Perry forcibly ousted that of Handlon from the cloud-cyst.

  17. The astral of Handlon was no longer visible, though hovering in the vicinity.

  18. An astral had long since been enveloped within the rapidly accumulating substance.

  19. Almost on the instant that Jimmie's hand closed on the switch the reporter's astral again leaped into the field of the nebula.

  20. As he had anticipated, Handlon had finally given up the attempt to overcome the astral of Kell by force and had made up his mind to accomplish his end by strategy.

  21. Foiled in my first attempt I waited patiently for about a year, and then broke ground again--I will not say whether with Professor Wilson, or some other practitioner of astral science.

  22. Of course this was Dutch to me, and I watched to see whether the Professor would be taken off his guard by finding he was in presence of one thoroughly posted up in astral science.

  23. For this Double, or astral body as you call it, is really the seat of the passions, emotions and desires in the psychical economy.

  24. How can harmony prevail and conquer, when the soul is stained and distracted with the turmoil of passions and the terrestrial desires of the bodily senses, or even of the "Astral man"?

  25. For, unless the intention is entirely unalloyed, the spiritual will transform itself into the psychic, act on the astral plane, and dire results may be produced by it.

  26. The car was empty to your eyes, but crowded to mine with the astral bodies of the members of the Boston Theosophical Society.

  27. It would seem that the Myers' message was in the very act of transmission from my astral to my normal consciousness when this man Gifford must have come, switching off the telephone for Mr Myers, and getting on to it himself.

  28. Her astral body was quite aware of my presence, and I quite thought she had realised it on the physical plane" (the italics are mine).

  29. Before we had spent ten days under the same roof I discovered that she believed in portents and lucky stones and the "whole bag of tricks," and possessed the power of seeing people in their astral bodies.

  30. What would that do amid astral and bric-a-brac and tapestry, and ladies and gentlemen talking in subdued tones of Browning and Longfellow and art?

  31. He seems to me of astral genius, first class, entirely fit for feudalism.

  32. But, we must remember that these cases of materialization are very rare as compared to the cases of Astral Projection (without materialization) in ordinary Clairvoyance.

  33. The Astral Plane is composed of an ethereal form of matter, very much rarer and finer than the matter of the Physical Plane--but matter, nevertheless, and subject to fixed laws and conditions.

  34. Sensing by means of the actual projection of one's own Astral Body to the distant scene.

  35. It will be sufficient for the student to understand that in the Astral as well as on the Physical Plane, "~Coming Events cast their Shadows Before~.

  36. There are no vibrations emanating from past scenes, and as they no longer exist, how can anyone see them, by Astral Vision, or by any other means?

  37. Wenuses' victims lying all around me, my heart went out to the Crinoline and its astral occupants.

  38. He seemed unsatisfied, and said: "So you wouldn't give me your word that you DON'T hold with astral bodies and all the rest of it?

  39. He had heard of astral planes, and censured them.

  40. It is the mirror of heaven and earth, the astral light, in whose glass a myriad illusions arise and fleet before the mystic adventures.

  41. The Quicken tree is the network of nerves in the magnetic astral body.

  42. To increase the responsiveness of this subtle matter we have to practise concentration, and so heighten the vibrations, or in other words to evolve or perfect the astral principle.

  43. As the body decays so the astral fades away.

  44. I remember, when I appeared to your friend, I wore the astral counterpart of a white silk shawl, which was at the time folded away in the wardrobe.

  45. We have not yet mastered the conditions of the astral camera.

  46. This astral camera, to which "future things unfolded lie," also retains the imperishable image of all past events.

  47. But it was rather ghastly when the astral began to decay.

  48. The lowest astral body taken in itself is without conscience, will, or intelligence.

  49. There are astral counterparts to all our garments.

  50. As the corpse decomposed the astral shrank, until at last, to her great relief, it entirely disappeared.

  51. Indeed, if Mirza had repeated the conversation and predictions at El Zaribah, the Prince of India was being waited for with an impatience due a master of the astral craft.

  52. Such is the astral drawing between the five lamps.

  53. Lard is a good substitute for oil, for astral and other large lamps.

  54. Wash the shade of an astral lamp, once a week, and the glass chimney oftener.

  55. To raise the wick of an astral lamp, turn it to the right; to lower it, turn it to the left.

  56. Perhaps that theory of the astral pictures came always from the despair of some visionary to find understanding for a more metaphysical theory.

  57. Akasa, she was accustomed to explain as some Indian word for the astral light.

  58. The name "Astral Light" was given to this air or spirit by the Abbe Constant who wrote under the pseudonym of Elephas Levi and like Madame Blavatsky, claimed to be the voice of an ancient magical society.

  59. Is there anything very alarming in this astral business?

  60. It is their custom, with a few slipshod instructions, to lead you to suppose that getting on the Astral Plane is mere child's play.

  61. She advised them to get on the Astral Plane, where they would meet spirits who would give them all the information they desired.

  62. I have termed them Impersonating Elementals, since they consist of the astral forms of the dead, that may be utilized by Elementals.

  63. He said three friends of his particularly wished to be on the Astral Plane, at twelve o'clock this evening, and that they would each pay me a hundred guineas, if I would show them how to get there.

  64. Indeed, we must presume the whole to have been originally in one connected mass, the astral systems being only the first division into parts, and solar systems the second.

  65. So also, of course, must have been the other astral systems.

  66. The author opens his subject with a brief but luminous outline of the arrangement and formation of the astral and planetary systems of the heavens.

  67. But there are other solar systems within our astral systems, which are as yet in a less advanced state, and even some quantities of nebulous matter which have scarcely begun to advance towards the stellar form.

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