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Example sentences for "astride"

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  1. He was not far away, sitting just as he used to sit when she soothed his most despondent moods,--astride of a chair with his head down on his arms, as if the song suggested the attitude.

  2. We nevertheless determined to explore the lake next day, even if we should have to paddle astride of a log.

  3. Then follow with the other foot, rise, and you are standing astride of your boat.

  4. The little men doubled back and put themselves under the sheltering bulk of the hunter's powerful frame, while the two boys sat astride of a big branch, the better to handle their carbines.

  5. Compton responded, and in a few strides was so near that he flung himself forward in an effort to get astride the animal's back.

  6. Venning sat down astride a branch with his back to the trunk.

  7. He was still astride his chair, his pipe in his hand.

  8. When the waters struck the roof of the house on which he had taken shelter he jumped astride a telegraph pole, riding a distance of some twenty-three miles, from Johnstown to Bolivar, before he was rescued.

  9. For half an hour all efforts were fruitless, until at last, when the rescuers were about giving up all hope, a little boy, astride a shingle roof, managed to catch hold of one of the ropes.

  10. The mother and children alike sat astride of them, and then, with the father on the other end, were poled across to the high ground.

  11. Dense traffic moved sullenly on, the ghostly figures of drivers astride horses that whinnied in terror of the night.

  12. Lumbering on to the road, the tank stopped astride it.

  13. The tank will go first, and when it is astride their machine-gun position we will go forward and drive them out of the brushwood into the open.

  14. How Tony had ever managed to accomplish it in that very short space of time Phil could never guess; but even as he looked he saw the swamp lad astride the back of the angry 'gator, close up to his head.

  15. Again, Kartik, the god of war, is represented sitting astride on a peacock, with the right hand elevated and holding a small flat cup.

  16. The children and Dewan were seated in a sort of cradle; the rest were some in howdahs, and some astride on elephants' backs, six or eight together.

  17. Some scholars were still perched astride of the window-sills, engaged in gazing into the Place.

  18. Every one knows that he who once mounts astride a bear is never after afraid; but you have a nose turned to dainties like Saint-Jacques of the hospital.

  19. Witches notoriously ride swiftly and easily through the air astride of a broomstick.

  20. Before I could guess what he intended the little Tartar was seated astride my shoulders, with his feet crossed over my breast, and his hands clutching my hair for reins.

  21. He was still smiling at her anger when Ippolito himself, astride a horse, came clattering into the courtyard and dismounted stiffly, giving him a good morning with a wide yawn.

  22. The contadini were coming in afoot, astride of donkeys and mules, or in gaily painted carts pictured with the miracles of the saints and the conquests of the Moors.

  23. Greta cried as, sitting astride the rail, she shot downward to hit the water with a splash and to go swimming away.

  24. Once again she sat astride the rail to go sliding down and lose herself in a mass of foam.

  25. He sat continually upon the mare, but toward midnight he fell asleep upon her back, and when he awoke he found himself astride a block of wood, holding fast to the halter.

  26. He sat constantly upon her back, but toward midnight he fell asleep, and when toward dawn he awoke he found himself astride a block of wood, holding fast to the halter.

  27. He sat continually upon her back, but about midnight he fell asleep, and when he awoke he perceived that he was astride a block of wood, with the halter in his hand.

  28. The range-rider was astride the fastest horse in the Lunar stables.

  29. He landed astride on the shoulders of the Mexican.

  30. He was astride the bare back of the buckskin and was leading the other ponies.

  31. Two presses were set in line, astride a pair of flat rails, a small one called the Bito-bito for the first pressure on the pile of hemp, and the large one to squeeze down the bale to its proper size.

  32. The operator sits astride the trestle with a foot on each treadle.

  33. The city of Manila is situated astride the River Pasig on a strip of land between the Bay of Manila and a great sheet of freshwater called the Lake of Bay.

  34. He then forthwith took his seat astride on the top of it.

  35. The burly personage astride of the cask continued his address, while two or three attendants who had come with him went round to collect the coin.

  36. Satan himself, astride a Tartarean steed, could not have looked more like the devil than did Maurice the Mustanger, as he separated for the second time from the planter and his party.

  37. He was not standing either, but seated astride his "ole maar," that showed less anxiety to be off than either the Mexican mules or her own master.

  38. Haven't you met a woman astride a grey horse?

  39. Once more his henchman, astride of a stool in the middle of the floor!

  40. She is astride her grey steed, that stands with spread nostril and dilated eye, gazing after the cavallada that has late parted from the spot--a single horseman in the rear of the rest.

  41. If I mistake not, it's the same you are now astride of.

  42. Astride her grey steed she goes at a gallop.

  43. This early wanderer is not afoot, but astride a strong, spirited horse, that seems impatient at being checked in his paces.

  44. Godefroy astride a bench played big drum on the wrong-end-up of the cook's dish-pan.

  45. There, perched astride of the crosstrees, was a rascal mutineer popping at M.

  46. In real truth, I did nothing now in my manhood so really perilous as I had done in my childhood, when I had climbed to the top of the cross on the church and sat astride of it.

  47. To the west he took Singida, thus getting behind the Germans on Lake Tanganyika; to the south and south-east he got astride the central railway by 14 July and pushed down it eastwards to Kilossa, which he reached on 22 August.

  48. They had been well taught by their German instructors, and their position astride the river was well entrenched.

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