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Example sentences for "censured"

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censors; censorship; censorships; censurable; censure; censurers; censures; censuring; census; censuses
  1. Phillips records that Milton could never hear with patience "Paradise Regained" "censured to be much inferior" to "Paradise Lost.

  2. To verify all the bitter predictions of our triumphing enemies, who will now think they wisely discerned and justly censured us and all our actions as rash, rebellious, hypocritical, and impious!

  3. His words were only burning when he censured his hearers for not remaining faithful to their Church and to their God.

  4. This was the first duty of a nation, and Mark Twain forgot himself when he censured any system that put money into the pockets of the old soldiers, even of the wives of the soldiers of 1812!

  5. Some of my German colleagues politely insinuated that 'democracy' was little practised in a country where a President could be severely censured for inviting a coloured man of distinction to lunch.

  6. They say that he treated her badly, that the bride fled from him to the protection of her parents, whom they censured for not taking her home before her death.

  7. The sea-shore is sandy and narrow, so that no one could be censured for asserting that Pylus was called “sandy” from this tract.

  8. Had he lived to judge of it those who study the history of the time succeeding down to the Sixth Council cannot doubt that he would have censured it as his successors censured it.

  9. Council of four successive Byzantine patriarchs, Sergius, Pyrrhus, Paulus and Peter, as heretics, and censured the negligence of Honorius in not extinguishing at once so dangerous a flame.

  10. Rome censured his interference with the faith, but maintained his sovereignty as emperor in Italy.

  11. Pope Simplicius censured this violation of the canons, and prohibited it for the future, which did not prevent Acacius renewing his encroachments when, after the death of Stephen in 482, he consecrated Colendion.

  12. The fault we mean is not that theory about wealth and luxury which has so often been censured by political economists.

  13. He was censured by the House of Commons, driven from office, ejected from the Privy Council, and impeached of high crimes and misdemeanours.

  14. This latter-named commonwealth has been much censured for countenancing the continuance of whipping as a punishment.

  15. Boston stocks is fyned L5 & censured to bee sett an houre in the stocks.

  16. The severity of this proceeding has been censured by some writers, but it requires no apology.

  17. This relinquishment excited serious discontents in that State and was censured by General Jackson, with considerable warmth, as an unjustifiable abandonment of the rights and interests of Georgia.

  18. A different mode of vindication or apology was opposed to the complaints of the people; who loudly censured these shameful and dangerous concessions.

  19. But the wisdom of the emperors protected the church from the danger of these tumultuous clamors and irregular accusations, which they justly censured as repugnant both to the firmness and to the equity of their administration.

  20. The memory of Constantine has been deservedly censured for another innovation, which corrupted military discipline and prepared the ruin of the empire.

  21. The wisest of the Pagans censured this extravagant superstition, which affected to despise the restraints of prudence and decency.

  22. Reproved, and censured without stint, for the president knew that to insult a priest was to merit promotion in high quarters, Don Gesualdo was at last permitted to escape from his place of torture.

  23. Lord Cornwallis is severely censured for endeavouring to infuse a spirit of moderation into the Executive after the rebellion had been put down.

  24. The House of Assembly, after proposing to censure Carnarvon in their haste, censured Froude at their leisure.

  25. I knew she would be displeased if I had censured the cruelty of her relations: I therefore only said, that surely she must have enemies, who hoped to find their account in keeping up the resentments of her friends against her.

  26. For a speech which was treasonable in tone he had been publicly censured by the House.

  27. His course was censured by the Democratic Legislature of his State in the winter preceding the Rebellion.

  28. The form of the appointment marked its limits, and is a sufficient reply to those modern critics who have censured Lopes for partiality.

  29. It concludes the first great division of his Second Epistle, and henceforth we hear no more of the sinner censured so severely in the First (chap.

  30. The expression has sometimes been censured as justifying the sacrificium intellectus, or as taking away freedom of thought in religion.

  31. I learnt that some Anglomen have, censured it in another point of view, as a sanction of Paine's principles tend to give offence to the British government.

  32. Erasmus thought that Ath had publicly censured him with regard to his 'Praise of Marriage', which had recently appeared.

  33. Egmondanus and Vincent Dirks did not forgive Erasmus for having acridly censured their station and their personalities.

  34. On the other hand, a painted or sculptured model of a man shrieking, would be much more absurd than the painted music which is censured in Goethe's Propylaen.

  35. This mistake corresponds exactly to that which we have just censured in the Dutch paintings.

  36. The men who undertook to bring about this Revolution are not to be censured for its non-success.

  37. For this they have been censured on many grounds.

  38. But as long as it shall please those great persons to think that coin will not be so very pernicious to us, we lie under the disadvantage of being censured as obstinate in not complying with a royal patent.

  39. For example, Jefferson had framed a paragraph in which the king was severely censured for opposing certain measures looking to the suppression of the slave trade.

  40. Many indeed of Jefferson's constituents censured him as being over-zealous in his support of the army of Gates.

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