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Example sentences for "censuring"

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censurable; censure; censured; censurers; censures; census; censuses; cent; centage; centaur
  1. He knows too much against himself to take delight in censuring the faults of others.

  2. He concluded by sharply censuring Tyler, as Mr Labouchere had already done, for his malice; and, the Tory members having all left the House, the matter was ignominiously dropped.

  3. In the press the prosecution was sharply condemned, even the Times censuring it; and one journal took occasion to point out that Tyler represented "one of the smallest and most corrupt constituencies in England.

  4. So far from censuring him for the frequent use he makes of the materials which his own life and travels afforded him, we could wish that he had never attempted to employ any other.

  5. Hume, though we have found him censuring the conduct of Franklin, was opposed to any attempt to coerce America.

  6. You see that this is judging of himself with the utmost severity, and censuring his writings on the side where they are most exposed to criticism.

  7. Clayton, late Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, censuring the commissary agents in Georgia, who are sent thither from other States, who insult the farmers and encourage speculation.

  8. They are censuring the President again, whose popularity ebbs and flows.

  9. No doubt I should have been a coxcomb of some kind, if not that kind, and I shall not be very strenuous in censuring Thackeray for his effect upon me in this way.

  10. They "know what they like"--that pernicious maxim of those who do not know what they ought to like and they pass readily from censuring an author's performance to censuring him.

  11. Thus in 1702, within a few days we find them severely censuring the notorious Dr.

  12. A few years later Sir Walter Raleigh's first volume of his History of the World was called in at the King's command, "especially for being too saucy in censuring princes.

  13. The critic, in censuring poor Dido and her sister, totally forgets their very reasonable ground of provocation.

  14. On the Fils Naturel Lessing has pronounced a severe sentence, without, however, censuring the scandalous plagiarism from Goldoni.

  15. Act for censuring Ministers for their silence, and not speaking to the corruptions of the time.

  16. Act for censuring absents from the Generall Assembly.

  17. Act for censuring the Complyers with the publike Enemies of this Kirk and Kingdom.

  18. Act for observing the Directions of the Generall Assembly for Secret and Private Worship, and mutuall edification, and censuring such as neglect Familie Worship.

  19. Act for censuring the Observers of Yule-day, and other superstitious dayes, especially if they be Schollars.

  20. Patton, John Mercer, urges Southern members to be cautious in matter of censuring Adams, 272.

  21. The fear of being detected by this family, and the apprehensions of a censuring world, when I must be detected—— LEONT.

  22. For where is the necessity of censuring works without genius, which must shortly sink of themselves: what is it, but aiming our unnecessary blow against a victim already under the hands of justice?

  23. The occasion seemed to present itself upon Ellenborough's letter to Canning censuring his Proclamation.

  24. We do not mention the fact of many of the Whigs opposing the convention system heretofore for the purpose of censuring them.

  25. Now, you all remember that was a resolution censuring the President for the manner in which the war was begun.

  26. And yet I do aver that I heard not a word, either in or out of the hall, censuring their course, or expressing regret that they had been allowed to take part in our discussions.

  27. But we do apprehend that you may advise, and the Legislature may pass, resolutions severely censuring the Abolitionists.

  28. In censuring us you censure the Father of our Country.

  29. Say no more to me to-night about censuring any one for their wrongdoing!

  30. At the very moment of his entrance to the cloak-room he was mentally censuring himself for his almost criminal thoughtlessness for the consideration of others.

  31. A letter to the Boston Daily Advertiser in reference to the petition for the rescinding of the resolutions censuring Senator Sumner for his motion to erase from the United States flags the record of the battles of the civil war.

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