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Example sentences for "guide"

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guffawed; guffaws; gugglet; guid; guidance; guidebook; guidebooks; guided; guidelines; guider
  1. Ram grumbles something about the guide beam being miss-set, and slides out of his chair.

  2. I point the thing up towards the trap door and give it a gentle push; then I scramble up the rungs and get there just in time to guide it through.

  3. Now, there are sixty-four pice in a rupee, so the bhisti's wish had not an uncheerful ring in their ears as they followed their guide across the garden and thence to a new part of the palace grounds.

  4. Their guide had led them to the bank of the Jumna, where a bridge of boats spanned the stream.

  5. Thence, threading many a dark alley and tortuous by-street, stopping always at main thoroughfares until their guide signaled that the way was clear, they crossed the city towards the river.

  6. Cautioning Hephzy not to stir from her moorings on any account I followed my guide to the "luggage van.

  7. There were plenty of small tables yet unoccupied, but my guide was apparently reserving these for couples or quartettes; at any rate he did not offer one to me.

  8. Wait till the guide comes up with the rest of the party,' and soon one after another came up, and we then followed the guide up a cloudy, rocky path, the noise of the fire constantly becoming nearer.

  9. How she skips up and down high places and steep places, to the manifest perplexity of the honest guide Kienholz, père, who tries to take care of her, but does not exactly know how!

  10. As the ascent of the mountain became steeper, the horses panted and trembled in a way that made us feel that we could not sit in the carriage, yet the guide and driver never made the slightest motion to leave the box.

  11. May God so guide us in all things that our good he not evil spoken of, and that we be left to defend nothing which is opposed to his glory and the good of man!

  12. Edwin revolved in his mind how he might be able to find some clue to guide him, and resolved to apply to an old soldier, whose whole life had been spent in the castle, to give him some account respecting it.

  13. He never interferes to guide the operation of physical causes.

  14. The Spirit of God (3) was to set all things in Order, for he was to "guide you into all Truth.

  15. Soon you will learn to assert yourself, and guide your affairs into better channels for your own advancement.

  16. As love is the only influence which can gain control over people of this sign, love should guide the hand and mind.

  17. Judge Burnham, with his life consecrated to God, had seemed eminently fitted to guide the life of just such a boy as theirs; but God had planned differently.

  18. How was she ever to hope to guide a boy like Erskine successfully through its snares, without even a pastor to lean upon?

  19. But with these principles, assisted by your counsels, and especially by your prayers, we have reason to believe, and do believe, that the Spirit of truth will guide us in the way of truth.

  20. Timothy and his guide stood up, and moved onward with the crowd.

  21. Timothy was still hearing the echoes of the song when his guide said to him, "It is all over.

  22. The old man sat still beneath us; and the records in our hand told us what the old guide could not, the legends of the place.

  23. Or for man to guide a horse, an animal of singular fierceness and strength, to go in whatever direction he desires, now urging it forward and then compelling it to a more moderate gait?

  24. Such was the judgment of heathen men, though they knew nothing of the judgment of God and of conscience, and had nothing to guide their judgment but their experience in civil affairs.

  25. Is there nobody that could guide me to this place?

  26. We now return to Bertram and Dinmont, who continued to follow their mysterious guide through the woods and dingles, between the open common and the ruined hamlet of Derncleugh.

  27. Mannering resolved, therefore, definitely to halt for the night at the first inhabited place, however poor, he might chance to reach, unless he could procure a guide to this unlucky village of Kippletringan.

  28. Heaven, that saved him from death, and delivered him from captivity; that saved my father too, from shedding the blood of one who would not have blemished a hair of his head, that Heaven must guide me out of this labyrinth.

  29. He therefore followed his guide in confidence and silence.

  30. Accordingly, leaving the ruins on the right, a few steps brought the traveller in front of a modern house of moderate size, at which his guide rapped with great importance.

  31. I trust in God that He would guide me to do what was right.

  32. In the sermon that followed, he addressed his congregation, with the affectionate earnestness of a brother anxious to guide them into the paths of righteousness and peace.

  33. However, a number of representative recipes will be given, covering all classes of dye-stuffs capable of being used for the purpose, and thus forming a guide to the methods of dyeing and the proportions of dye-stuffs to be used.

  34. In some makes of jigs there are two guide rollers at the bottom and one at the top as shown in the illustration, so that the cloth passes several times through the dye-liquor.

  35. At the bottom of the jig is placed a guide roller round which passes the cloth.

  36. In this case a guide rail is provided in the front part of the machine.

  37. It consists of a number of compartments fitted with guide rollers, so that the cloth passes up and down several times through the liquors in the compartment; between one compartment and another is placed a pair of squeezing rollers.

  38. In some a small guide roller is fitted at the bottom, under which the pieces to be dyed pass.

  39. In this respect it serve as a guide that concentrated baths are best used dyeing dark shades while light shades can be dyed in more dilute baths.

  40. The lattice roller is simply a guide roller.

  41. In working the cloth is first wound on one of the rollers then threaded through the guide (p.

  42. Doing all this of its natural self, the heart can more readily guide the mind in the deft record of vicarious action.

  43. A credulous acceptance of a guide has always worked havoc in the field of creative literature.

  44. Packard, Guide to the Study of Insects, Fig.

  45. Packard, Guide to the Study of Insects, pp.

  46. Hansombody held a sconce aloft to guide him.

  47. The preventive man set his chisel against the inner rim of the cask, and dealt it a short sharp blow with his hammer, a sort of trial tap, to guide his aim.

  48. His one ideal was to make the Tribune an accurate and trustworthy guide for the political thinking of the common people.

  49. But for the purpose of studying a guide book in the dark, one lucifer match is worth a sky full of lightning.

  50. With your permission, Pépe el Lagarto will remain here until the Lady Adelina is able to proceed, when he will guide us to the place where the car is concealed.

  51. Gasping, Atherton tied his scarf over his mouth, and dashed as hard as he could through the inky darkness, keeping his left hand on the wall to guide him.

  52. How to Use the Microscope: A Guide for the Novice.

  53. Unhesitatingly the fellow advanced into the cave, then drawing an electric torch from his pocket he flashed it ahead to guide his footsteps.

  54. She's tane her mantle about her head, Her pike-staff in her hand; And prayed Heaven to be her guide Unto some uncouth land.

  55. But now I'm bound to Brighton camp Kind Heaven, then, pray guide me, And send me safely back again To the girl I've left behind me.

  56. The last, though it contains no positive discoveries, is a noble chart of the human intellect, and a guide to all future inquirers.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "guide" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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