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Example sentences for "coxswain"

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  1. The bedraggled oarsmen had all made the float in safety, and enjoyed the discomfort of their coxswain who in his zeal had inadvertently given them a cold bath.

  2. Cut them out before they get to the float," cried the coxswain of the First crew.

  3. Codfish held manfully onto the job of coxswain in the Second Freshmen eight, the long-looked-for place on the First still eluding him.

  4. As the rear end of the broken shell swung across the bow of the launch, the coach reached down, grabbed the ill-fated coxswain by the back of his coat, and jerked him into the launch.

  5. The coxswain in the Second heard, but it was too late.

  6. The coxswain was coming in for a fire of criticism from the coach with the megaphone.

  7. When the crews drew up at the end of the mile, both badly pumped out from the sprint, the coxswain of the Second came in for a raking by the coach.

  8. Just believe you can do the job up clean, and pay attention to everything your coxswain tells you; and it'll come out right," he declared.

  9. And as the coxswain was to have the power of choosing the members of his crew, it can be seen that the position was one carrying a certain amount of influence with it.

  10. When the coxswain said this, every fellow as the oars strained his hearing, under the belief that Brad had something mighty interesting to communicate.

  11. And each had a noisy send-off when his backer started to tell what virtues as a coxswain the candidate possessed.

  12. Which, being a majority, makes Brad Morton the coxswain of the Riverport Boat Club.

  13. It was carried with a rush; and then the tellers went around, giving each one a slip of paper on which he was to write the name of the candidate he preferred to serve as coxswain during the season that was at hand.

  14. Brad Morton coxswain when I know more about the duties of the job in a minute than he can in a year!

  15. Like a wise coxswain he felt that he ought to know each man's weakness, if he had any, so as to build him up into a perfect part of the whole machine.

  16. Here the coxswain thought it good policy to increase the stroke, and they were soon hitting up a lively pace.

  17. Well, he's the coxswain of the Mechanicsburg Boat Club crew.

  18. To hear him talk you'd think he was already made coxswain of the crew, and could lord it over the rest of us like a king.

  19. After considerable talk, in which many of the boys joined, two candidates for the position of coxswain were put in nomination, Buck and Brad.

  20. The St. Eustace coxswain glanced back over his shoulder and gave a command to the men.

  21. The time for sledge-hammer blows was past, and the efforts of coach, captain, and coxswain were directed toward putting the finishing polish on their handiwork.

  22. But although he alone was sure, it is possible that Keene was already scenting disaster, for the coxswain was staring ahead at Trevor with frowning brow and anxious eyes.

  23. Coxswain handed it up to Bill Jones, and he says as how he didn't.

  24. The coxswain told me how to lay the ship to; after a good many trials I succeeded, and we both sat in silence over another meal.

  25. He's no common man, Barbecue," said the coxswain to me.

  26. They did not fall alone; with a choked cry, the coxswain loosed his grasp upon the shrouds and plunged head first into the water.

  27. I should, I think, have had nothing left me to desire but for the eyes of the coxswain as they followed me derisively about the deck and the odd smile that appeared continually on his face.

  28. Her great, square cut stern loomed above us, and round it our coxswain steered us with a deftness extraordinary.

  29. Indeed, it is my opinion he would have fallen to the ground had not Walworth upheld him on one side, the coxswain of the boat which had brought him doing the same upon the other.

  30. Within five minutes of leaving her, our coxswain had deftly brought us alongside a small, but neatly-constructed, wooden jetty.

  31. As soon as they had hitched on to the gangway, the coxswain came aboard, and said something in native to my companion, who, in reply, pointed to me.

  32. After rowing about two miles, the horns of a deer were seen over a rock at the summit of a cliff, on which M'Leay, the coxswain of the Union, landed and killed it.

  33. The Buccaneer having taken his seat, with his coxswain standing behind his chair, the numerous and splendid retinue filed on to the platform and took up their respective places behind.

  34. Step by step, the old Coxswain was beaten back through a narrow gorge which opened on to a small square in the centre of which was a statue representing Victory in her idle hours, playing at quoits.

  35. When the old coxswain got upon his legs it was hard to get him down and every stump was to him a pulpit.

  36. Hereupon the old coxswain took the opportunity of delivering an oration.

  37. I see the old gentleman has not his busy-body of a coxswain with him, so much the better for my plan.

  38. I wish my old coxswain were here," said the Buccaneer.

  39. Away they made for the rich quarters of the Buccaneer's fair city, intent upon plunder if not murder; but they were met by the guardians of the peace, behind whom came the old coxswain with a chosen band, cutlass in hand.

  40. Back into this open space the old coxswain and his men were forced.

  41. On such occasions his old coxswain took the helm and generally brought him successfully out of his difficulties.

  42. With slow and stately step the great man walked, preceded by his lion and followed immediately by his trusty coxswain old Jack Commonsense, who was got up, regardless of expense, for the occasion.

  43. At first the old coxswain and his side seemed to be getting the worst of it, but he fought like a veritable demon, laying about him in a fashion well worthy of the Buccaneer's best fighting days.

  44. The old coxswain took no notice but creeping up to his master he whispered in his ear, "Master, master, have a care.

  45. But amidst all this confusion there was one bright spot, and that was the noble way in which the old coxswain had acted.

  46. The old coxswain took this to be a good sign, "Ah!

  47. Besides Hobson, the volunteers were Osborn Deignan, a coxswain of the Merrimac; George F.

  48. Murphy, a coxswain of the Iowa; and Randolph Clausen, a coxswain of the New York.

  49. One moment," said Murray, as the lieutenant was about to give the order for the coxswain to unhook and let the cutter glide back to the sloop.

  50. The black coxswain was as much surprised as I was, sir," said Murray.

  51. The night was far spent when another of these visits was paid, and as the coxswain hooked on alongside of the lugger the American leaned over to speak to the lieutenant, but turned first to Murray.

  52. A hurried glance was given to each portion of the cottage, and then Murray led the way back to the landing-stage, where the black coxswain sat grinning a welcome.

  53. The Coxswain won on the claim of being a married man and understanding mysteries beyond the ken of bachelors.

  54. One of the first cases that worked a change was that of the coxswain of my gig.

  55. At the same time, a loud voice ordered us to surrender; but, as we were not the chaps to do that in a hurry, our coxswain drew his pistol, and fired it towards the boat.

  56. A crew of Johnians were rowing down the Cam on a fine summer day, in their own boat Two of them were freshmen--sixth form boys in manners and pursuits; the coxswain had entered on his third year, and was reading for honours.

  57. But my coxswain thought the powder too good, and when I again got into the boat I found it all stowed away in her.

  58. With that uncanny intuition which made him so marvelous in the work, the coxswain of Eric's boat steered a course fifty feet away from that of the larger boat.

  59. My coxswain agreed it couldn't be done, but we'd do it just the same.

  60. Quick as he was to reach the boat, he was none too soon, for the coxswain and two other men were tumbling over the gunwale at the same time.

  61. They did not fall alone; with a choked cry, the coxswain loosed his grasp upon the shrouds, and plunged head first into the water.

  62. I should, I think, have had nothing left me to desire but for the eyes of the coxswain as they followed me derisively about the deck, and the odd smile that appeared continually on his face.

  63. For twenty minutes they toiled; the boat was finally cleared; Bax struck the blow that set it free, and dragged the coxswain out as it turned over.

  64. Bluenose was afterwards appointed coxswain to a lifeboat on the coast of Kent where he rendered good service in many a wild storm, and was the means of snatching many a fellow-creature from the devouring sea.

  65. The coxswain and Bax alone stood up, both holding on to the mizzen-mast.

  66. Look alive, lads," cried the coxswain of the boat, more to relieve his feelings than to hurry the men, who were already doing their best.

  67. The coxswain immediately gave the order to let go the anchor and veer down towards the wreck.

  68. Nevertheless, so much were they impressed, that the coxswain put about and returned towards the wreck.

  69. The coxswain shouted the order, but only Guy Foster and two others were able to obey.

  70. The Captain stared--the coxswain glared - The hand became a fist!

  71. Espying trouble from the rear, Coxswain Riley started his men on a swift run toward the spot.

  72. I have talked with Mr. Carmody, and have asked Coxswain Riley and Corporal Ross some questions.

  73. So it seems that he went down over the side, stepped into a gig, and ordered the coxswain to take him ashore.

  74. Coxswain Riley and Corporal Ross of the marines had already been before him.

  75. It was Coxswain Riley who stood by to catch the young commanding officer's arm.

  76. Of course, sir, Coxswain Riley and Corporal Ross will be able to bear me out as to the facts of which they have knowledge.

  77. The messenger came, and brought Riley, the coxswain of one of the gigs.

  78. As they moved along Coxswain Riley vented his feelings in an undertone: "We need only a band and a dead march to make a funeral of this!

  79. You will come with me," ordered Dave, turning to Coxswain Riley.

  80. Coxswain Riley, I shall hold you responsible for this prisoner.

  81. Coxswain Riley, you will form your men loosely and follow me, keeping about a hundred yards to the rear, making no sound as you advance.

  82. It would be a pity to spoil your uniform, sir," declared Coxswain Riley.

  83. The coxswain was imprisoned some 60 miles from the coast of Asia Minor.

  84. The coxswain sat on a low heavy music-stool facing another white-faced diving-gauge, his big brass hydroplane wheel moving a turn or two each way under his hand.

  85. The frigate in which my father eventually served as captain's coxswain was commanded by a Sir Hercules Hawkingtrefylyan, Baronet.

  86. I heard Captain Archibald tell the story himself one day as I helped at dinner in the cabin when I was coxswain with Sir Hercules.

  87. The consequences of forming a matrimonial alliance with a captain's coxswain soon became visible.

  88. And, besides, how did she know how many wives the coxswain had already?

  89. The coxswain jumped into the stern-sheets; in a second or two they had put about, and the light gig pulling six good oars shot by me, on the first of the ebb, as swiftly almost as the wild ducks flew.

  90. Blow me out of the mouth of a gun," cried Coxswain Toms, in a shaking voice, "if ever I was so amazed before!

  91. It was my privilege to sit up in the foretop, as might be, with Coxswain Toms in the mizentop, and the Captain down in the waist by himself.

  92. Therefore I travelled with Captain Drake, and made myself useful upon the road, finding his coxswain (who came with us in a miserably menial manner) utterly useless, whenever a knowledge of life and the world was demanded.

  93. The coxswain wanted to board the house, and demand our Captain out of it; we had carried all public opinion thus, and the right thing was to go on with it.

  94. The coxswain lost command of the rudder, and she was carried away before a sea, broached to, and upset, throwing her crew out of her.

  95. The coxswain then saw plainly that there was but one resource left--to cut the cable and drive away to leeward right across the Goodwin Sands, which at that place were two miles wide.

  96. As might have been expected, neither the coxswain nor his men would accept a penny of it.

  97. But the coxswain shouted, "Stick to the boat, boys, stick to the boat!

  98. This coxswain was Isaac Jarman, who for many years led the famous Ramsgate lifeboat into action, and helped to save hundreds of human lives.

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