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Example sentences for "coxcombs"

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  1. Would I had two coxcombs and two daughters!

  2. If I gave them all my living, I'ld keep my coxcombs myself.

  3. Now he's coming, And not a hair upon a soldier's head Which will not prove a whip; as many coxcombs As you threw caps up will he tumble down, And pay you for your voices.

  4. Why had not I in those good times my birth, Ere coxcomb-pies or coxcombs were on earth?

  5. If I gave them all my living, I'd keep my coxcombs myself.

  6. Vain amorous Coxcombs every where are found, Fops for all uses, but the Stage abound.

  7. Though Satir then had such a plenteous crop, An After Math of Coxcombs is come up; Who not content false Poetry to renew, By sottish Censures wou'd condemn the true.

  8. It was I that barked so, father, to make coxcombs of these clowns.

  9. She and other nymphs, all in white with coxcombs on their heads, bring a tree with green and withered leaves mingled together, and with little fruit on it.

  10. Fond to be seen, she kept a bevy Of powder’d coxcombs at her levee; The ’squire and captain took their stations, And twenty other near relations.

  11. Put in also some Coxcombs blanch'd; then close your Pye, and pour in as much Wine and Water as you think convenient.

  12. Would I had two coxcombs 100 and two daughters!

  13. It is from the writings of those times, and the traditional accounts of the debauches of their men of pleasure, that the coxcombs nowadays take upon them, forsooth, to be false swains and perjured lovers.

  14. The conversation of this evening has not convinced me of the contrary; for one or two fop women shall not make a balance for the crowds of coxcombs among ourselves, diversified according to the different pursuits of pleasure and business.

  15. An easy manner of conversation is the most desirable quality a man can have; and for that reason coxcombs will take upon them to be familiar with people whom they never saw before.

  16. It was evening when the party sallied forth, the four coxcombs as keen for riot as ever was a colt for kicking up heels in a field.

  17. But this amount, small enough, he decided to lay out in ensuring the desired success of his coxcombs in their first bullying exhibition.

  18. Footnote: Sir Piercie Shafton's extreme love of dress was an attribute of the coxcombs of this period.

  19. The World is described by Gifford in his Baviad and Marviad, as a paper set up by 'a knot of fantastic coxcombs to direct the taste of the town.

  20. Had half a score of coxcombs died In social Robin's stead, Poor Sally's tears had soon been dried, Or haply never shed.

  21. I was no less surprised to find the modern fashion of curling the hair, borrowed in a great measure from the coxcombs and coquettes of antiquity.

  22. What intolerable coxcombs we should all be if we were perfect, and could sit admiring ourselves for ever and ever!

  23. Thus, Sir, you see how I have mistaken a Cloud for a Juno; and if you can make any use of this Adventure for the Benefit of those who may possibly be as vain young Coxcombs as my self, I do most heartily give you Leave.

  24. This cannot but have a good Effect upon the Female World, and keep them from being charmed by those empty Coxcombs that have hitherto been admired among the Women, tho' laugh'd at among the Men.

  25. How many Varlets and jabbering Coxcombs know at the present moment that the Lady Barbara Wychwoode spends the night alone with a Mountebank?

  26. Even those two miserable Coxcombs paused for an instant, silenced and awed by what they saw.

  27. Anger that it should have been in the power of two empty-headed Coxcombs to wreak an irreparable Injury upon one who is as much above them as are the Stars above the grovelling Worms.

  28. Sometimes the dear creatures went for a stroll in the Mall, there to meet the English coxcombs with French manners, or else they paid a few visits.

  29. The coxcombs should have drawn her more in fashion, Have gratify'd her softer inclination, Have tipt her a gallant, and clinch'd the provocation.

  30. For what will Artimis, the rich and gay, What will the wits, that is, the coxcombs say?

  31. It belongs to the coxcombs of courts, the productions of dancing schools and playhouses, to ridicule our bashful deportment and simplicity of manners.

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