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  1. Besides stimulating the interest of those who take part, such a debate is a most effective educator of the public mind in matters of social weal.

  2. He is important chiefly for his pioneer work as the forerunner of the greatest educator of the seventeenth century.

  3. This being the case, the educator should analyze the interests and occupations and social responsibilities of men as they are grouped in organized society, and, from such analyses, deduce the means and the method of instruction.

  4. Horace Mann was the first prominent educator in America to meet and answer the religious onslaught.

  5. The “myth” has always been the great educator of the race.

  6. The greatest educator that earth has ever known spake not unto the multitude--except by parables.

  7. In less technical terms, the Educator was strictly an individual device, a one-man-dog.

  8. It was time for Paul Brennan to cope, and it seemed sensible to face the fact that Paul Brennan alone could not plot the illegal grab of the Holden Educator and at the same time masquerade as the deeply-concerned loving guardian.

  9. James Holden's mechanical educator was a wonderful machine, but there were some aspects of knowledge that it was not equipped to impart.

  10. And don't think that it can't be rediscovered by determined scientists who know that such a thing as the Holden Electromechanical Educator is a reality.

  11. The Educator could not be made to work in "tandem.

  12. She was the spiritual and industrial educator of many negroes, and the mistress of a large sugar plantation.

  13. Yet it is surely a central duty of the educator to deepen and enrich to the fullest extent possible his pupil's apprehension of the universe; and must not all such apprehension move towards the discovery of that universe as a spiritual fact?

  14. Childhood is of all ages the one most open to suggestion, and in this fact the educator finds at once his best opportunity and greatest responsibility.

  15. He is certainly not less an educator because his books have been widely read.

  16. This thought gives the educator a new and a higher attitude toward childhood.

  17. The endocrine classification of the human race, applied to children, will here yield a harvest to the educator and to the country.

  18. The educator will have to take account of the state of the pituitary in estimating the normal intelligence, or influencing the abnormal or subnormal intelligence.

  19. The practical work of the educator may thus be said to consist in leading the mind of the pupil over certain lines of thought till it becomes "natural" or spontaneous for him to go by that road.

  20. The paragraphs relating to Sexual Education are designed for parents rather than for teachers, the parent being the natural educator of the family and sexual education relating to the preservation and continuance of the family.

  21. Nothing is more absurd than for the educator to desire to avoid the introduction of a positive religion, or a definite creed, as a middle stage between the natural beginning of religious feeling and its end in philosophical culture.

  22. The educator must, therefore, be relatively finished in his own education, and the pupil must possess unlimited confidence in him.

  23. But a failure in education in this particular is very possible through the freedom of the pupil, through special circumstances, or through the errors of the educator himself.

  24. If a government should proceed on the same basis as the educator it would mistake its task, because it has to deal with adults, whom it elevates to the honorable position of responsibility for their own acts.

  25. The authority of the Educator at last becomes imperceptible, and it passes over into advice and example, and obedience changes from blind conformity to free gratitude and attachment.

  26. Education consists in enabling a human being to take possession of, and to develop himself by, his own efforts, and the work of the educator cannot be said to be done in any sense where this is not accomplished.

  27. The Educator gives out work to the pupil, but he leaves him to himself in his play.

  28. It is exactly in doing this that the educator may show himself inventive and creative, and that pedagogic talent can distinguish itself.

  29. The comparative power of inherited tendencies and of educational appliances is, however, one which every educator should carefully study.

  30. The educator must not allow himself to suppose that he is able to make a religion.

  31. For this end the educator must be relatively finished in his own education, and the pupil must possess confidence in him, or docility.

  32. His success as an educator proved to him what could be done in that direction.

  33. He was both an educator and an educationist.

  34. Elmer Gates, and to his remarkable discoveries in Psychology and Psychurgy, the modern educator owes a heavy debt of gratitude!

  35. This is where the educator should help him.

  36. What you say about Schopenhauer as Educator gives me great pleasure.

  37. It was a liberating educator of this kind that Nietzsche as a young man looked for and found in Schopenhauer.

  38. By this agency, informed and vitalized by love, she becomes the great educator in the great school of life, in the family, in society, in the world.

  39. I answer, by the moral effect of her personal influence in the formation of mind and character; by her work as the great educator in the home and in society.

  40. As a writer has well said, "There is no silent educator in the household that has higher rank than the table.

  41. A missionary educator from Turkey says that one of the greatest difficulties in school work arises from the fact that the children have no power of concentration, no idea of how to think and study on one line for any length of time.

  42. Probably no educator ever kept more constantly before his own mind and before the minds of his students and teachers that the purpose of education is preparation for right living than did Booker Washington.

  43. What is true of the Negro educator is true in a smaller degree of the white educator at the South.

  44. In fact--as will appear later on--it rests on purely educational grounds, with which the religious bias of the educator has nothing whatever to do.

  45. The order followed in the above sketch is a purely logical one, and the logical arrangement of a subject, as every educator knows, is not usually the one most suitable for bringing it within reach of the understanding of children.

  46. In that regard there was something beautiful and appropriate that he should become, in the later years of his life, the educator of the young.

  47. On perusing this sketch the educator naturally wonders exactly what intellectual progress was made by these groups on free soil.

  48. Corbin, a prominent educator before and after the Civil War, acquired sufficient knowledge at Chillicothe, Ohio, to qualify in 1848 as an assistant in Rev.

  49. This educator was a freeman named John Chavis.

  50. Through medical inspection, the educator and the physician join hands to insure for each child such conditions of health and vitality as will best enable him to take full advantage of the free education offered by the state.

  51. The physician must join with the psychologist and the educator in scientific research to determine the conditions best suited to the education of the child.

  52. Here the function of philosophy should be clear; for the educator touches at almost every point those problems of values, individual and social, which are the special hunting-ground of the philosopher.

  53. Why should not all scientific knowledge, so far as it touches human nature, be focused on the semi-darkness in which the educator works?

  54. Yes, but could this ever have happened if Homer had really been the educator of Hellas?

  55. That the sacrifice is in vain makes it all the more touching and is an indictment of the educator who has failed to utilize the art instinct in industry.

  56. The street music has quite broken away from all control, both of the educator and the patriot, and we have grown singularly careless in regard to its influence upon young people.

  57. In making any generalizations on the lack of rigid commercial honesty among Japanese merchants it may be well for me to quote the opinion of an eminent American educator who has spent over forty years in Japan.

  58. An educator who has had much experience with Japanese said: "It looks to me as though Japan would soon reach a grave crisis in national life.

  59. Hints class A: with Popular Educator or Leslies .

  60. Popular Educator (new) in class A with Primary Education (new) .

  61. Success in class A: with Pearsons or Popular Educator (new) .

  62. Primary Education (new) in class A with Popular Educator (new) .

  63. His Holiness Jesus Christ was an educator of humanity.

  64. He has the animal side as well as the angelic side; and the aim of an educator is to so train human souls, that their angelic aspect may overcome their animal side.

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