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  1. Yet that world has given birth to three intelligent races, two of which sprang from a common ancestor and needed the same land to live.

  2. It is not, therefore, wild to claim him as the gigantic ancestor and kindly inspiration of the priests, merchants, and soldiers who have conquered and held fields where never floated the lilies of the French or the castles of the Portuguese.

  3. These two pieces of metal form the basic principle of the modern galvanic battery, and led directly to Alessandro Volta's invention of his "voltaic pile," the immediate ancestor of the modern galvanic battery.

  4. Pliogale, in turn, may have had an ancestor similar to Miomustela.

  5. The thenar pad of the foot probably is an inheritance from a primitive ancestor since the pad is present in the viverrids and in a majority of mustelids judged to be more primitive than Mustela.

  6. Her name was Alice, and she was the youngest of the six daughters of sir John Spenser, of Althorpe, ancestor of the noble houses of Spenser and Marlborough.

  7. Historically no such person as Banquo ever existed, and therefore Fleance was not the ancestor of the house of Stuart.

  8. Sir Allen Bertram, of Ellangowan, an ancestor of Mr. Godfrey Bertram.

  9. But 'twas sudden, after his bundle of sagacity about Crusades and visions of my ancestor and what not over there in the morning.

  10. And this is what my wine-bibbing ancestor has brought on his posterity by his omission to fight for the True Faith!

  11. The flounder was noted as a variant of the fish theme which seemed to be a descendant of a symmetrical ancestor because its structural plan was like that of other bony fishes.

  12. In a word, this vestigial coat indicates in the clearest possible manner that the ancestor of the human species was not only hairy, but also arboreal in its mode of life.

  13. In the same way the reed of the Greek shepherd is the ancestor of the flute and clarionet.

  14. The Latin word for star is stella, and the Italian word of to-day is an identical and unchanged descendant, like a persistent type of shark which lives now in practically the same form as did its ancestor in the coal ages.

  15. In the evolution, then, of modern locomotives, differences have come about, even though the common ancestor is one single type; and these differences have an adaptive value to certain specific conditions.

  16. Ancestor worship is an accompaniment of the peculiar languages spoken by eastern Mongolian peoples.

  17. A tapir has four or three toes, and it would seem that its ancestor had had five toes, of which one or two had been lost.

  18. An ordinary lizard is perhaps the nearest in form to the remote ancestor from which all have sprung.

  19. It is supposed to be the spirit of some ancestor renowned for bravery or some other virtue who at death has taken an animal form.

  20. As the constellation is invisible for some months in the sky of South America, they believe that their ancestor is ill, and every year they are mortally afraid that he will die.

  21. For example, in the Warramunga tribe the ancestor of the Black-snake clan is said to have left many spirits of Black-snake children in the rocks and trees which border a certain creek.

  22. But when the said stars reappear in the month of May, they imagine that their ancestor is recovered from his sickness and has returned; so they hail him with joyous shouts and the glad music of pipes and war-horns.

  23. At Sardes he seems to have been personated by the kings, who carried the double-axe and perhaps wore, like their ancestor Hercules, the lion's skin.

  24. M29) Among the stories which were told of Cinyras, the ancestor of these priestly kings and the father of Adonis, there are some that deserve our attention.

  25. Hereditary claims, when venerable by time and use, have a double estimation with the world, since it brings the merit of the ancestor to sustain that of the descendant.

  26. And yet we are much accustomed to honor those that come of an ancient line, and to see some part of the glory of the ancestor even in the most remote descendant.

  27. Our great ancestor and Arthur were one being, and that one being was vaster than a million people.

  28. Honestly now, which would you rather--worship an ancestor or be an ancestor worshipped?

  29. I didn't mind that ancestor business and all that one bit.

  30. He glanced at Mrs. Wayne, however, and enjoyed his denial almost as much as he had enjoyed the discovery that the Wilsey ancestor had not been a Signer.

  31. Thus a Jew in the sixteenth century was Moses ben Solomon, just as the Cromwells' ancestor of the same generation was Williams ap Williams.

  32. It is like that something hard to define which separates man from the ape, even though on the physiological side the ape may be the ancestor of man.

  33. But this becomes a religion only when it leads to the worship of the departed, that is, ancestor worship, of which there is no definite indication in the biblical material at our command.

  34. I had also known Flush, the ancestor of Fanchon, intimately, and had been accustomed to hear wonderful things of that dog; but Fanchon had graces and genius unique.

  35. Hence in primitive religions, in which an endless variety of modifications of these more ancient beliefs has arisen, ancestor-worship may take the form of pious devotion to an actual ancestor or to a supernatural deity.

  36. The lord Cherbery's ancestor came by the second venter, who was a miller's daughter.

  37. The hall was furnished with flitches of bacon, and the mantelpiece with guns and fishing-rods of different dimensions, accompanied by the broadsword, partisan, and dagger borne by his ancestor in the Civil Wars.

  38. In ancient families there are usually traditions of some far-distant ancestor having slain a desperate monster.

  39. It is not more difficult to see in the living cellule a transformation of matter, and in man a transformation of the monkey, than to point out in a sponge the ancestor of the horse.

  40. The vegetable is distinguished from the animal; the plant which will become the palm-tree is distinguished from the oak which is in course of formation, and the ancestor of the future bird is already different from that of the fish.

  41. At all events, I will sit up with you to-night, and see if I can convert my ancestor into a visiting acquaintance.

  42. The child usually receives the name of the ancestor who has been born again in him.

  43. Latinus, the legendary ancestor of the dynasty, was said to have been changed into Latian Jupiter after vanishing from the world in the mysterious fashion characteristic of the old Latin kings.

  44. Among the stories which were told of Cinyras, the ancestor of the priestly kings of Paphos and the father of Adonis, there are some that deserve our attention.

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