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Example sentences for "eyelet"

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  1. The branch of the flyer at f is tubular, to allow the thread to pass through, and to escape by a little hole at its side, in order to reach the eyelet at the end of that fork.

  2. From this eyelet i, it proceeds directly to the bobbin.

  3. At its escape from the front rollers, every thread runs through a guide eyelet e of wire, which gives it the vertical direction down towards the spindles f, g.

  4. Mrs. Eyelet is a gossip," said Miss Dorcas, shortly.

  5. Mrs. Eyelet remembered that she had twice seen Mr. St. John attending Angie to her door about nightfall.

  6. But all the things Mrs. Eyelet said, Dorcas!

  7. The Spider's front tarsi are the motor; the revolving spool is the captured insect; the steel eyelet is the aperture of the spinnerets.

  8. Eyelet embroidery is one of the daintiest as well as the simplest of embroideries, and, best of all, with a little practice the work can be accomplished quite rapidly.

  9. For some time after I began doing "eyelet work" I wondered if there was not some way to fasten the thread after completing an eyelet.

  10. Eyelet embroidery is equally effective done on sheer or heavy material; and neat sewing is all that is required to gain good results.

  11. Well, there's just such an eyelet hole in one of the upper crags of the Diamond Valley; and, from a distance, you think that it is no bigger than the eye of a needle.

  12. A small, sharp-pointed instrument used in piercing eyelet holes; a stiletto.

  13. A metal ring or grommet, or short metallic tube, the ends of which can be bent outward and over to fasten it in place; -- used to line an eyelet hole.

  14. A small eyelet should be put in each corner of the sails, and others spaced evenly at about 2-1/2 inches apart along the boom and about 5 inches apart along the mast, for lacing on.

  15. The engine exhaust is made of a piece of wood, and the furled top is produced by an eyelet such as those used in shoes.

  16. A long light chain led from it to an eyelet in the wall.

  17. Deftly and expertly they were looping them through the eyelet rings set at frequent intervals along the sides of the flier.

  18. There was a scraping against the hull and a light jolt as a talon secured a hold on an eyelet ring.

  19. The eyelet holes for the clews should be so made that each clew may encircle the stretcher in its canvas pipe and tie round it.

  20. The frame is covered with a sheet of stout cotton canvas or duck, secured to the gunwales with a cord running diagonally back, and put through eyelet holes in the upper edge.

  21. To fasten with a lace; to draw together with a lace passed through eyelet holes; to unite with a lace or laces, or, figuratively.

  22. A pointed instrument for making eyelet holes in embroidery.

  23. A piece of canvas sewed across a sail to strengthen it in the part where the eyelet holes for reefing are made.

  24. A rope or line passing through eyelet holes in the edge of a sail or an awning to attach it to a yard, gaff, etc.

  25. A ring formed by twisting on itself a single strand of an unlaid rope; also, a metallic eyelet in or for a sail or a mailbag.

  26. Make two eyelet holes in the back of this, and insert a draw-string.

  27. Illustration: The Blouse is fastened with eyelet holes and ribbon velvet.

  28. Illustration: This shows the method of faggoting, the stem-stitched hem, and the raised eyelet hole.

  29. The centre of the eyelet hole is cut away on the back.

  30. The eyelet holes were next worked, and the method is shown in the diagram.

  31. He then ran a greased rag in the eyelet of the wiping-stick and swabbed the barrel out, leaving the breech-block open for a while, thus cooling the barrel, in order to have that gun ready for use when my own gun got too warm.

  32. In this way a small eyelet at each place was scorched so that the marlinspike could be worked through, and by reaming it a little, soon had the eyelet-holes all completed.

  33. The eyelet is worked in overcast stitch, then work the upper part of the blossom all in one piece as far as the beginning of the veining, thence the blossom is worked in two halves.

  34. Reef pioints, pieces of small rope passing through the eyelet holes of a reef-band, and used reefing the sail.

  35. Eyelet punch, a machine for punching eyelet holes and fastening eyelets, as in paper or cloth.

  36. Defn: A small, sharp-pointed instrument used in piercing eyelet holes; a stiletto.

  37. Defn: A piece of canvas sewed across a sail to strengthen it in the part where the eyelet holes for reefing are made.

  38. Work eyelet holes at the bottom of each compartment, to let the water drain out.

  39. Eyelet holes are made by piercing round holes with a stiletto, and sewing them round.

  40. Care was taken to leave air and eyelet holes for breathing and observation in the six feet of thin wall.

  41. An eyelet is a small hole made and worked in a garment to receive a cord, stud or loop of a button.

  42. The "Dutch" collar can be made with a plain hem and finished with the fine featherstitching or any of the ornamental stitches, or it can be embroidered in a simple pattern with the eyelet embroidery.

  43. Punch with the eyelet tool two holes in each cover three inches apart and one-half inch from the edge, and put in the eyelets.

  44. A large eyelet may be cut out and worked around with the buttonhole stitch.

  45. For doing large quantities it is advisable to procure a machine, the small Eyeleting machine, which pierces and clamps the eyelet at the same time.

  46. Keeping Front border and eyelet edge, and remainder of work in Stocking st.

  47. To reverse foot shapings after eyelet row at ankle has been worked, knit 1 row then continue exactly as given for Right Leg, beginning with 2nd row.

  48. If I miss, I can't hurt the old woman; and an eyelet hole in the coffin itself, will only be an act of civility to the worms.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "eyelet" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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