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Example sentences for "eyelid"

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  1. He put the nest in his pocket, and before you could wink your eyelid he had made himself small again, and stood before the prince.

  2. The third time his heart beat fast at the sight of a tiny speck upon the eyelid of one of the girls.

  3. XCIII No mouth was opened and no eyelid fell, Nor breath was drawn, amid the observant crew: So sore intent was every one to spell Which should be conqueror of the warlike two.

  4. Her eyelid with the white mole twitched over her eye, the lines of her large, firm old mouth were relaxed.

  5. The left eyelid followed the right one, and George Early lay with both eyes open.

  6. As they left the library George's right eyelid flickered slightly, as their footsteps echoed down the passage the lid began to open, and by the time all sound of them had ceased it was lifted to its fullest extent.

  7. Bookie Skarvan had no false modesty--his left eyelid drooped for the second time.

  8. Again Prentiss sat in the stillness in which not a muscle or an eyelid moved.

  9. An animal's expression depends upon the eye more than any other one thing, and the expression of the eye is dependent upon the disposition of the eyelid and the line of sight.

  10. Now cut through the membrane, but do not cut the eyelid on any account.

  11. It is a good plan to put a drop of mucilage around the inside of each eyelid and thus gum it down upon the glass eye.

  12. As if to protect the eye from being clawed or bitten, the upper eyelid is drawn well down over the ball, as seen in Plate I.

  13. With a clean new pen from Celie's desk, Cleg made on her palm the sign of a cross, and for her life the initiated dared not so much as let her hand quiver or her eyelid droop.

  14. One morning, when the doctor came from Netherby, Cleg of his own accord twitched an eyelid up and glanced at him.

  15. The postmaster was stout now, with grizzled hair cut Quakerly, ponderously grave, except that his left eyelid drooped and twitched.

  16. Mr. Paulus twitched his eyelid and reverted to the other subject.

  17. Mr. Paulus's face was like the Sphinx's for extent massiveness and lack of expression, but his left eyelid was variable.

  18. At which Old Hickory drops his left eyelid and indulges in what passes with him for a chuckle.

  19. Mike, venturing out of a shady corner and catching a glimpse of her face, thought her inaudible remarks were addressed to him and retired with guilty eyelid and drooping tail to the woodshed.

  20. They were waiting in the twilight of the Queerington parlor, that plain, stiff, old maid of a parlor that had sprung completely furnished from the brain of a decorator some two decades before and never blinked an eyelid since.

  21. He stooped directly in front of Satan and swept up an arm in command; it brought only a flicker of the eyelid, the eyelid which drooped over a glazing eye.

  22. A cavity or pouch beneath the lower eyelid of most deer and antelope; the lachrymal sinus; larmier.

  23. Owing to this fact, I generally use it by causing the patient to shut the eyelid during its application, which can then be continued for a minute or two, with the same beneficial effect upon the eye, without inconvenience to the patient.

  24. Then addressing his helper, and speaking in a constrained voice: "I thought I saw the right eyelid quiver, Williams.

  25. Would not all this have come about if she had never seen that eyelid tremble, and that slight quiver run up her sister's limbs?

  26. Martin bent down to the baby's face, and put his finger on its chin; bending lower yet, he raised the eyelid of the tiny eye.

  27. The young soldier's lips twisted in the semblance of a smile; his drooped eyelid seemed to try and raise itself.

  28. Pierson looked at the young man, whose long, narrow face; where one sandy-lashed eyelid drooped just a little, seemed armoured with a sort of limited omniscience.

  29. The flutter of his eyelid fortified Soames in a resolution to write direct to the new Bolderby, suggesting that the only dignified way of dealing with an Old Crome was to avoid dealers.

  30. In this case I apprehend the eyelid is in some degree opened by the vehemence of our sensations; and, the iris being dilated, the optic nerve shews as great or greater sensibility than in our waking hours.

  31. With a simple woman's deep guile she asked questions and suggested answers that should have waked some sign in the face on the pillow, and there was neither quiver of eyelid nor quickening of breath, neither evasion nor delay in reply.

  32. The level cloud-band into which he plunged drew itself upward to the zenith, and, like the eyelid of a gigantic eye, shut down as though God in his heaven were going to sleep, and the world was to be left alone.

  33. In the west the dusk was lightening and the eyelid of the night drew slowly and grimly up.

  34. Strangely and slowly the gloomy eyelid of cloud which had fallen athwart the evening lifted for a moment its sullen fringe; a misty twilight of lurid light flowed softly over the land.

  35. The brown spot on his eyelid gave him the wink of mischief.

  36. The boy returned the look, and the brown spot on his eyelid trembled piteously.

  37. On the upper eyelid of the boy's left eye was a brown spot as big as an apple-seed.

  38. John walked along, smiling into the faces which met his kindly, and the brown spot on his eyelid gave him the mischievous look which always made folk laugh.

  39. He was now, however, so old and feeble that the vast eyelid drooped over the death-dealing eye, and had to be lifted up by his men with ropes and pulleys when the time came to turn it on his foes.

  40. He was looking for that flicker of an eyelid he had learned to dread in the past.

  41. There was not the flicker of an eyelid between them.

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