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conduceth; conducible; conducing; conducive; conduciveness; conducta; conductance; conducted; conducteur; conductibility
  1. Compare the conduct of Iachimo, in Cymbeline.

  2. The general sense is--'if gentle conduct were naturally implanted in a particular family, none of that family could ever behave badly.

  3. Its function was simply to discuss and proclaim general principles applicable to the conduct of the traffic, with a view to their ultimate adoption by the nations of the world.

  4. He thought there was no objection to the conduct of the Post Office by the Government,[659] and economists since his day have generally followed his view.

  5. He will be able to satisfy you Sir, whether our conduct towards Mr. Finlay has been grounded upon severity or upon forbearance, more than perhaps our duty strictly speaking, would justify.

  6. Other regulations for the conduct of the system were also suggested, as the existing arrangement, involving such serious loss to the patentee, could not be continued indefinitely.

  7. For the actual management and conduct of the service he drew on the State funds to the extent of some 6,000 thalers annually, and all official despatches were consequently conveyed free.

  8. This litigation led to laxity and omission in the conduct of the foreign service, so that merchants trading abroad were put to great inconvenience.

  9. Any administration which did not at that time conduct a parcel post service was authorized to arrange for the international service to be undertaken on its behalf by railway and steamship companies.

  10. The head of the principal kibitka, accompanied by a pretty Kirghiz girl, hastened to conduct him to the sheepfold, that he might select an animal, and the fattest of the flock became his for the small sum of four roubles.

  11. While in this vicinity the travellers were disturbed by the conduct of some Towaregs, who had been engaged to conduct them to Selompih.

  12. Barth begged that he might not be the cause of any bloodshed; and the sheikh promised the malcontents that he would conduct the obnoxious Christian beyond the town.

  13. The landscape is enlivened by frequent clumps of date-palms and by the huts of the Touaregs, who conduct a brisk trade in salt.

  14. Mentioning on his return the ill success he had met with, the vizier undertook to send some horsemen to conduct him along the shore as far as Káwa, whence he could cross the country to Kúkáwa.

  15. In the afternoon of the following day two officials arrived from the Khan, with an escort of six men on horseback and four on foot, to conduct the English officer to the palace.

  16. Who can help denouncing, for instance, the outrageous conduct of Conrad of Marburg.

  17. But such considerations do not change the character of the institution itself; the Inquisition in leaving too great a margin to the arbitrary conduct of individual judges, at once fell below the standard of strict justice.

  18. Duke of Wellington to instruct Sir Gordon Drummond how he is to conduct the campaign?

  19. He determined that there should be a visitation, and named his uncle Huaman Achachi to conduct it in Chinchay-suyu as far as Quito, he himself undertaking the region of Colla-suyu.

  20. His conduct was infamous for he often took some widow as a wife and if she had a daughter that he liked, he also took the daughter for wife or concubine.

  21. Nevertheless the tidings reached Philip II, and the Viceroy's conduct was not approved.

  22. The other brothers were afraid that the conduct of Ayar Cachi would cause their companies to disband and desert, and that they would be left alone.

  23. The people of Kittim received him with great honors, and they offered him much money to stay with them and conduct their wars.

  24. At this time, to be sure, their conduct was such as is becoming to the pious, who accept their fate with calm resignation, and acknowledge the righteousness of God, for He metes out reward and punishment measure for measure.

  25. Potiphar hastened home, and he found his wife in low spirits, and though the cause of her dejection was chagrin at not having succeeded in winning Joseph's love, she pretended that it was anger at the immoral conduct of the slave.

  26. Those who do these things are unable to understand their insane conduct until it is all over.

  27. The student of human conduct has observed universal adaptability of all temptation.

  28. They would now make up to His disciples for their ill-conduct towards Him.

  29. At seven o'clock I shall arrive at the Casa Perucca with a carriage, in which to conduct Mademoiselle Brun and yourself to St. Florent, where a yacht is awaiting you.

  30. The man of incomprehensible speech was, therefore, sent ashore to conduct Lory to the Hotel Clément.

  31. I can conduct Monsieur de Vasselot--a part of the way, at all events.

  32. It had been the only satisfaction of his craving instincts to build up a scheme of conduct for the prison paper: but it had been the vision of a man lost to the country of his dreams and destined to eternal exile.

  33. Inside conduct went up a hundred per cent, just as it would in school.

  34. Reading in my face the indignation which such vile conduct roused in me, she threw herself on her knees before me, begging my pardon.

  35. Does not everybody's hatred of you for this vile conduct weigh upon you more heavily than if all the rocks of Moncayo had fallen upon you?

  36. In spite of our unfavorable position below, we were resolved to go on resisting; and we bore in mind the heroic conduct of the volunteers of Huesca, who defended Las Monicas until they were buried beneath its ruins.

  37. When I find out, I shall conduct myself accordingly.

  38. Undoubtedly Tom Luckstone counseled him as to the manner in which he was to conduct himself in jail and in court so as not to arouse newspaper curiosity.

  39. But his subsequent conduct had given his words the aspect of shrewd premeditation.

  40. The detective determined to ascertain who had advised Collins, who had outlined rules for his safe conduct through the tortuous channels into which he had plunged when he announced his intention of killing Whitmore.

  41. You have observed her conduct here to-day.

  42. Their conduct as they entered the Police Headquarters the following morning gave no suggestion of the strain which they were undergoing.

  43. Then, their silence, their fear of saying something that might incriminate one or all of them--it is impossible to reconcile their conduct with innocence!

  44. Beard's conduct proclaimed him antagonistic to the police investigation of his employer's death.

  45. I am responsible for the conduct of this investigation," snapped Britz.

  46. The extraordinary methods which Britz had pursued in the conduct of the investigation had puzzled and alarmed them.

  47. If he was consumed by jealousy, his conduct did not betray it.

  48. She was enthusiastic about the summer camp; if it succeeded she meant to conduct an outdoor school for girls, moving it from Michigan to Florida with the changing seasons.

  49. But," the Governor went on, "in spite of your cowardly conduct I'm rather disposed to pull you out of the hole.

  50. His conduct is tinged a good deal with resentment because Isabel has repeatedly refused to marry him.

  51. Sally Walker's duplicity wasn't necessary to convince me of that but your own conduct completely crushed my vanity.

  52. The Governor passed his hand over his face to conceal a smile, but Leary seemed sincerely grieved by Archie's conduct and remarked dolefully that there must be something wrong with the money.

  53. They were in the blue-painted summer-house the next day talking over the conduct of the authorities, whose manner was distant in the extreme.

  54. The fact was, though resentful, he did not feel quite certain that he approved of his own conduct to his mother.

  55. At that time I had become editor of The Atlantic Monthly, and I had allegiances belonging to the conduct of what was and still remains the most scrupulously cultivated of our periodicals.

  56. The mere fact that the constitution of the guild included provision for the maintenance of a chaplain, and for the conduct of divine service in the parish church, is not, we think, sufficient to account for it.

  57. It would be too much, perhaps, to say that the life of the nation depends on the faithful and wise conduct of that service, but assuredly our national prosperity is intimately bound up with it.

  58. Subsidiary to this was the conduct of his whole life.

  59. Having been led to allude to domestic slavery so frequently already, I am unwilling to close without referring more particularly to Mr. Clay's views and conduct in regard to it.

  60. As to the Whig men who have participated in the war, so far as they have spoken in my hearing they do not hesitate to denounce as unjust the President's conduct in the beginning of the war.

  61. Yet his conduct appears to have been merely defensive; nor had he the remotest connection with the violent and factious proceedings of Shaftesbury and his partisans.

  62. There is, if not mere apology for the conduct of the Commons, yet more to censure on the king's side, in another scene of humiliation which he passed through, in the business of the Irish forfeitures.

  63. It must at all events be admitted that the conduct of the king after the formation of the catholic junto in 1686, demonstrates an intention of overthrowing the Anglican establishment.

  64. It is said that the Duke of York, whose conduct in Scotland tends to efface those sentiments of pity and respect which other parts of his life might excite, used to assist himself on these occasions.

  65. The credulity and almost wilful blindness of faction is strongly manifested in the conduct of the House of Commons as to the quarrel between this commander and the board of admiralty.

  66. The scandalous conduct of the tories in screening the Earl of Jersey, while they impeached the whig lords, some of whom had really borne no part in a measure he had promoted, sufficiently displays the factiousness of their motives.

  67. They chose a man as their prolocutor who had been forward in the worst conduct of the university of Oxford.

  68. Mr. Pitt's great successes reconciled them to the administration; and his liberal conduct brought back those who had been disgusted by an exclusive policy.

  69. But we must at the same time remark, that it is more easy to vindicate the partition treaties themselves, than to reconcile the conduct of the king and of some others with the principles established in our constitution.

  70. But the extraordinary conduct of this House of Commons, so unlike any that had met in England for the last century, rendered any exertion of violence on this score quite unnecessary.

  71. He remained away from Weimar for eleven years, living for the most part in Rome, until 1870, when he was invited to conduct the Beethoven festival and re-established cordial relations with the Court.

  72. Leonardus, who had no doubt revealed to the Abbess whatever circumstances of my life remained yet unknown to her, proved to me by his conduct that he also had forgiven me, and recommended me in his prayers to Heaven.

  73. I might indeed have arrested you, and perhaps it was my duty to have done so; but, far from considering myself as a minister of vengeance, I resigned you and your earthly conduct to the eternal decrees and guidance of Providence.

  74. I stood upon the highest pinnacle of worldly fortune, and my path must, from henceforth, lead downwards, in order to conduct me to that goal which the powers of darkness had seemed to mark out for my final destination.

  75. She longs greatly to see you again, and to excuse herself; for she allows, that her conduct at your last visit, must have appeared to you both childish and silly.

  76. Secondly, there is a full explanation of her conduct at the time when Medardus appeared at the castle of her father the Baron von F----.

  77. Of that," said the physician, "we cannot judge, until we have seen how he may conduct himself for the next few days.

  78. This conduct of the Sovereign naturally gave the tone to that of all my former acquaintances at court; only the Princess seemed still to look upon me with coldness and reserve.

  79. It is possible--but this must not yet be spoken of--that on my way back I may conduct a kind of festival at Carlsruhe.

  80. This, in my opinion, is a nobility of conduct which makes me feel ashamed.

  81. Who the deuce does not conduct operatic rehearsals nowadays?

  82. I had to conduct "Tannhauser" here on Monday, December 26th.

  83. On the 7th I have to be back in Weymar to conduct Raff's opera; the work is too important for Raff's career for me to neglect it.

  84. The very day when my personal danger became a certainty, I saw Liszt conduct a rehearsal of my "Tannhauser", and was astonished at recognizing my second-self in his achievement.

  85. When I saw you conduct a rehearsal of "Tannhauser," I knew at once what you were to me.

  86. Up till then I shall conduct only your two operas, "Tell" and Dorn's "Nibelungen.

  87. Since my last letter to Schoneck I have heard nothing from him, but I believe I told you of an offer that was made to me to take the Leipzig opera to Berlin and to conduct "Tannhauser" at the Konigsstadt Theatre.

  88. The effects upon the emotional activities, while not so easily detected by experimentation, may yet be readily observed in one's own experiences and in the conduct of persons in his environment.

  89. As a fact, their conduct when shut up in these boxes showed the utmost eagerness to get out and get at the much-needed food.

  90. The fact that the usages, actions, and views of the well-to-do leisure class acquire the character of a prescriptive canon of conduct for the rest of society gives added weight and reach to the conservative influence of that class.

  91. And what is here said of the child is, of course, equally true in principle of the adult; the effect of fatigue in his case will be revealed in less lively, vivacious, and vigorous conduct in the affairs of business or of society.

  92. We can express graphically the difference between the conduct of a reasoning animal and that of these dogs and cats by means of a time-curve.

  93. By not thanking me for them: my conduct towards you has been very simple, and solely dictated by the interest I took in your unlucky position.

  94. The Tigercat's strange conduct during the time they were his guests, and the deception practised upon them, which would have been successful but for my intervention, roused my suspicions.

  95. That is conduct worthy of chastisement, my master!

  96. The capataz shook his head, but obeyed; he could not understand the conduct of his master, who was usually so prudent and circumspect.

  97. We have indeed nothing to fear if you are to be our guide, senor; the generosity of your late conduct is a sure guarantee for the future.

  98. How can I put faith in the words you have just spoken, when your whole conduct towards me has hitherto been that of an inveterate enemy?

  99. For the sake of saving me,--for humanity's sake; his after conduct sufficiently proves it.

  100. At San Lucar everyone seems to dread him instinctively,--for nothing ostensible in his conduct justifies the repulsion he inspires; no one can say positively who he is: his life is an impenetrable mystery.

  101. I promised to conduct you in safety to your home," he said, "and I will do so.

  102. I will not leave this room without a perfect knowledge of the reason of this strange conduct on your part.

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