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habitant; habitantes; habitants; habitare; habitat; habitations; habitats; habite; habited; habitent
  1. The punishment of the Devil was, that he should not have a habitation like men.

  2. Babylon is become the habitation of devils, the hold of every foul spirit.

  3. Towards mid-day we came in sight of a small settlement, with the exception of the solitary inn, the first sign of human habitation we had seen for four days.

  4. Its shore is craggy and precipitous, but there was a point where it seemed possible to land, nor was it too much to fancy that there might be a rustic habitation among the shrubbery of this rugged spot.

  5. I have a strong suspicion that, like the habitation jointly rented by Messrs.

  6. I have reason to believe the excitement of our proposed visit had been too much for him, and that he had found it desirable to retire to rest in the more prosaic habitation of the family down in the town.

  7. There was perpetual war between the Peris and the Dives, whose proper habitation was Kaf, or Caucasus, a line of mountains which was supposed to reach round the globe.

  8. On the shore not a human habitation was to be seen, neither did the minister know the direction to the nearest village.

  9. Between the camps they are often miles from any habitation and when night overtakes them they sleep in the camps.

  10. The whole of nature is full of similar beautiful arrangements for making the globe a convenient habitation for man, clearly to be perceived if men would but open their eyes to behold them.

  11. It is only to be hoped that the result of their labours may make it a fitter place for the habitation of more virtuous people.

  12. I suggest,” said Sergeant Mackay, after a brief lull in their conversation, “that we push on again and see if we can find some sort of habitation where we can get a mouthful.

  13. The curious feeling that I had been there before, that I knew the house well, again came over me, although prior to now I had never seen any habitation in the wood, nor even known that one existed.

  14. During a sudden rain at Sheridan, being obliged to turn out early one morning to protect some goods, we discovered that the neighboring habitation had resolved itself into a mound of dirt, resembling somewhat a tropical ant-hill.

  15. The owls feed on the younger members of the household, and the old dogs, except when lingering for love of their young, are not long in abandoning a habitation when snakes and owls take possession of it.

  16. Here we find, in a direct and definite form, punaluan marriage in a group of unusual extent; but broken up into lesser groups, each a miniature representation of the whole, united for habitation and subsistence.

  17. Theoretically, the family of the period was coextensive with the group united in the marriage relation; but, practically, it must have subdivided into a number of smaller families for convenience of habitation and subsistence.

  18. The plan of family life and of habitation among savage tribes has been imperfectly studied.

  19. Again: "Clouds and darkness are round about him, righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne; the heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory.

  20. The medical practitioners of the city have been put in requisition, and are ordered to make domiciliary visits at every house (for each habitation has three or four soldiers in it) in order to dress the wounds of the patients.

  21. The Lord hath swallowed up without mercy every habitation of Jacob, He hath thrown down in his wrath the strongholds of the daughter of Judah, He hath struck to the ground, he hath polluted her king and her princes.

  22. Then the inhabitants of Jerusalem fled because of this, And she became the habitation of foreigners.

  23. About a mile away was Jupiter Light-house, the only human habitation within twenty miles.

  24. Some of the post-offices where we stopped were lonely little buildings with no other habitation near.

  25. In the time of Moses, restrictions were laid on those who had the plague of the leprosy to avoid contagion; the dictum for one so affected was, "he shall dwell alone; without the camp shall his habitation be.

  26. To say that a disease commenced in the East and travelled westward, and at length found a habitation and a name in every part of the globe, is no more than to say that disease is coeval with the fall of man.

  27. At last you have found a comfortable habitation which has been prepared for you by tender friendship, and must be all the more pleasant and beneficial to you on that account.

  28. The safety of the French habitation now hung by a hair.

  29. This fur post was the first habitation of civilization in all the Great Northwest.

  30. A thick flooring of bamboo leaves kept the feet dry, and a screen of that and other foliage all round rendered the habitation tolerably warm.

  31. Their general habitation is on the ground, where they run with great celerity, but many of them roost on trees.

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