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Example sentences for "crib"

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crex; creyendo; cria; criado; criados; cribbage; cribbed; cribbing; cribriform; cribs
  1. It's a snug and jolly crib you have down there by the river.

  2. But the colored blacksmith, who appreciated the plight we were in, offered to make a shoe, and to crib four nails from those he had laid aside for a couple of mules; and after a good deal of delay, we were enabled to go on.

  3. It was a hot afternoon, and it needed some courage to mount and climb the sandy hill leading us away from the corn-crib of Tatem.

  4. And Katharine, really startled now, hurried across the floor to the corner where the frilly crib shielded the quiet sleeper from her gaze.

  5. The ghost of the smile grew a bit stronger, as Brenton sat down beside the crib and, after his custom of these later days, held out one brown forefinger.

  6. I was aroused once more: "Dearie, would you mind moving the crib to your side of the bed?

  7. We now went to bed, placing the crib close to my wife's pillow.

  8. We then restored the crib and the nurse to the nursery and put up a bed for ourselves in a room adjoining.

  9. Please move the crib in front of the fire.

  10. She commanded that the child's crib be removed from the nursery to our bedroom; and she went along to see the order executed.

  11. He'll crack a crib in Scotland one week, and be raising money to build an orphanage in Cornwall the next.

  12. If my hair would only change color, here's a nice little crib all ready for me to step into.

  13. Several other officials had also come up on leave to join in the chase, and each of these guarded a likely spot in the same way, Mr. Whitehead sharing my post inside the crib on the girder.

  14. Later in the evening, I went out as usual to watch for our elusive foes, and took up my position in a crib made of sleepers which I had built on a big girder close to a camp which I thought was likely to be attacked.

  15. As soon as it was daylight, I got out of my crib and went towards the place where I had last heard them.

  16. She had closed the net of my crib and that I should not be frightened moved the crib up to her large bed.

  17. Mother had always left the light burning in order to see me at once, after I had sometimes climbed over the side of my crib at the age of four, when she was ill.

  18. He cut the young chestnut-trees, peeled them, and with them constructed a crib; and every year for the last eight years that crib has been occupied part of the season.

  19. Nevertheless, piles are much better for a foundation for a camp or pier than any crib of rocks, and that is the reason I have shown the cribs in Figs.

  20. When the crib is complete it may be carefully removed from the ground and used as the barrels were used by filling them with stones to support the uprights.

  21. When the crib was newly filled, the twins could clamber painfully up on the corn, struggle backward through the narrow window, and holding to the ledge of it with their hands, drop down into the nearest stall.

  22. In one corner was a high dark crib for corn, with an open window looking down into the horse stalls adjoining.

  23. The horse lays hold of the crib or manger with his teeth and draws air into the stomach with a grunting sound.

  24. The act of inclosing or confining in a crib or in close quarters.

  25. To crowd together, or to be confined, as in a crib or in narrow accommodations.

  26. I solemnly burned my crib that night in the parlour fire, after every one was in bed.

  27. Steps lead down into the crib either from the end of a pier, or from a wharf.

  28. The crib is pulled into the water and towed to its position by a pier or wharf.

  29. Swimming Crib as it would appear out of water.

  30. A crib 20 x 85 feet is large enough for a group of twenty children (Cut H.

  31. To get out of the crib group and go for the first time to the float is a thrilling experience and one that is much discussed and enjoyed.

  32. When possible a crib for beginners is a very desirable thing to have.

  33. A holy silence reigned around, And hushed was every voice, When in the crib the Cross was found, The Infant-Victim's choice.

  34. The Pilgrim-Kings their King have found, The Wise Men kneel at Wisdom's shrine, Their royal gifts His Crib surround, He gives them bread and wine.

  35. I did not approve of this risky attempt, but crept down close to the brink of the river-bank, behind a corn-crib belonging to a plantation house near by, and saw the parapet on the opposite bank.

  36. Barker, apparently dismissing the subject from his mind with characteristic buoyancy, turned into the bedroom and walked smilingly towards a small crib which stood in the corner.

  37. It was, perhaps, from such cause as this that Barker was awakened suddenly by the voice of the boy from the crib beside him, crying, "Mamma!

  38. Generally Lynda went with him to kiss Ann good-night before they bent over Billy's crib beside their own bed.

  39. Quilted Mattress Pads will not only make it comfortable, but as they are spread over the mattress, they will protect it, and will keep your bed or baby's crib in a perfect sanitary condition.

  40. Needless to say the metal crib is the most important furnishing; it should be fitted with a soft hair mattress and a thin pillow, though some persons prefer to use no pillow at all.

  41. He pretended to think that the corn was not as good as that from Farmer Brown's corn-crib and mumbled something about telling Shadow the Weasel if Chatterer didn't get him some corn from the crib the next day.

  42. Like a little red flash he was in the tree that overhung the corn-crib and dodging around the trunk.

  43. He had not gone over to Farmer Brown's corn-crib this morning for his breakfast, because he felt sure that Sammy would come and send him for corn, and he knew that he would have to go.

  44. You won't see me going over to that corn-crib again, Mr. Jay!

  45. Hardly had Sammy settled himself in the evergreen-tree when he saw Chatterer jump to the roof of the corn-crib from the limb of the tree which overhung it.

  46. You see, Sammy Jay had made him go over to Farmer Brown's corn-crib and get him some corn right in broad daylight, and he had very narrowly escaped being seen by Farmer Brown's boy.

  47. He would go over to the corn-crib before Sammy Jay was awake, eat his fill, and then hide from Sammy.

  48. There was nothing for Chatterer to do but to go over to the corn-crib as soon as he had rested a little.

  49. Right away Sammy Jay guessed that Chatterer had had something to do with the terrible fright he had had at the corn-crib when his bill was caught as he pecked at the corn between the cracks in the wall.

  50. Besides, if he did, Sammy might meet him over in the corn-crib some day and make such a fuss that Farmer Brown's boy would find him.

  51. The next morning he was over in the corn-crib bright and early.

  52. Anyway, he was sure that Sammy wouldn't think of going to the corn-crib so late in the morning, for it wouldn't be safe at all.

  53. If my hair would only change color, here’s a nice little crib all ready for me to step into.

  54. He’ll crack a crib in Scotland one week, and be raising money to build an orphanage in Cornwall the next.

  55. The rail corn crib was superseded by long board cribs generally built on the ground without any foundation.

  56. They also read the farm journals, and it was not long until our farmers erected the modern corn crib and granary with gasoline engines, dumps, and elevators.

  57. We came across several men behind a corn crib and they laid down and shot under the crib at our feet, but missed us, and before they could reload their guns, we ran around the crib and they ran to the house and into the basement.

  58. We went to a corn crib and each man put two bushels of corn on his horse, as ordered and we expected to feed as soon as we got back to the road.

  59. I had noticed a double crib with some corn in it, and there was a “provost guard” guarding the crib.

  60. Out in the kitchen, in a crib in the corner, lay the "Other Baby," and thither little Robert made his way.

  61. And the baby in the crib knew quite as much about it as the toddler in the linsey-woolsey dress, and the toddler knew as much about death as we do today.

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