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Example sentences for "cribbed"

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  1. Now the devil has cribbed him--he'll know how good it is!

  2. Twas because the old tyrant cribbed and stole, By his cunning contrivance, poor men's fuel.

  3. I have listened with rapture to the grand scena in the opera 'Le Nozze di Teti e di Peleo,' which the villain Francesco Cavalli has cribbed from you and given out as his own.

  4. Perhaps nobody cribbed when he was an infant phenomenon,” said Bags.

  5. Every one always has cribbed in Tovey’s since the year one.

  6. I repeat, if everybody cribbed everything it would be all right,” he said.

  7. David himself bore the weight of “things as they were” with complete equanimity (for there they were) and he cribbed sufficiently to avoid the tedium of impositions, but not sufficiently to secure himself a decent place.

  8. If everybody cribbed everything, it would be all right, because then everybody would get full marks——” David laughed.

  9. David might have had something to say, namely, that everybody cribbed in Tovey’s.

  10. He waited a moment, just to make sure that David was not going to say that everybody cribbed in Remove A.

  11. It has been usually assumed that Strachey cribbed from Smith without acknowledgment.

  12. Hugh, somebody's been in the shack while we were away, and cribbed the plan for my aeroplane stability device!

  13. An idea that's worth a fortune can be cribbed a heap easier than the coin itself.

  14. In the smaller states at all events, the area was too small to offer any field for enterprise, and every lawyer and engineer and civil servant was cribbed by the restrictions, that confined his activities to a handful of towns.

  15. The recruits came chiefly from the young men of the middle classes, sons of the men who had had their importance under the French rule and had been cribbed and kept under since the restoration.

  16. They rose with an inward slant to a little better than head height, then were cribbed for a distance to reduce the diameter of the flat portion of the roof, which was of clay supported by parallel poles.

  17. Smaller kivas frequently had pilasters built upon the bench and extending upward a short distance; these supported the cribbed roof structure.

  18. Now the devil has cribbed him-he'll know how good it is!

  19. Ernest used to wonder how Mr Templer could be so blind, for he supposed Mr Templer must have cribbed when he was at school, and would ask himself whether he should forget his youth when he got old, as Mr Templer had forgotten his.

  20. Lips that swore I had cribbed every line that I wrote on them--cribbed-- honour bright!

  21. You cribbed a bag of potatoes, didn't you?

  22. He's cribbed that out of a book," interrupted Parker.

  23. I thought the recording angel funny at the time until Barrett told me afterwards that it was cribbed from Rhoda Broughton.

  24. The deeper pits appear to have been cribbed up at the sides with rough timber, in order to preserve their form and render them more available for the design in view.

  25. In this clinging, clanking harness-toggery cribbed and confined, he is led out to where five shamefaced fellow-martyrs wait to endure with him the culminating indignity.

  26. The cribbed and coffined quarters expand into peopled vistas of epicurean magnificence, elusive and deceptive as a tax on dinner pails.

  27. Say, perhaps I was right after all; perhaps Casper Blue is carrying all that stuff cribbed from the Bloomsbury bank, inside the same.

  28. Evidently a new day of physical freedom is at last dawning for the most cribbed and crippled of Eve's unhappy daughters.

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