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  1. He asked me at Christmas whether there was any cribbing, and I looked as if I simply didn’t know what cribbing meant.

  2. And that was precisely what David had refrained from saying; it would be the rankest injustice that he should be executed for cribbing and disgraced by the supposition that he had attempted to justify himself.

  3. When you get into the fifth form, you’ll find you’re no end of a way behind fellows who’ve worked their way up, instead of cribbing their way up.

  4. Bags considered this short disquisition on the proper sphere of cribbing for a little.

  5. It was not a fellow detected in cribbing who ought to get into a row, but Tovey who made such a state of affairs possible.

  6. Bags’s ideas in this discussion about cribbing were limited to the possibility of its being made systematic.

  7. He himself was in the parallel remove to David’s, where it so happened that no cribbing went on.

  8. On the other hand, cribbing was a rotten system, and Maddox intended to do his best to stop it.

  9. Now, Mr. Dodge, isn't it plain to even the dullest mind that you have been systematically cribbing at math.

  10. In this letter Dodge briefly confessed that he, and he alone, was the guilty party in that cribbing affair, and Dick Prescott had had no guilty share or knowledge in the incident.

  11. When the roof fell, it broke the cribbing and the rats began pouring out.

  12. At intervals, the noises behind the cribbing to which Tommy had referred were repeated, and the boys at last moved over so as to stand with their ears almost against the wooden walls.

  13. They're creeping out by the regiment from behind the cribbing where we were hidden!

  14. Both boys listened intently for a moment, and then Sandy switched on his light and moved swiftly along the cribbing as if in search of an opening.

  15. To MacBride & Company, Minneapolis, Gentlemen: Cribbing is now going up on elevator and annex.

  16. It was about getting the cribbing across the lake," she replied.

  17. There ain't any use of wasting all day to-morrow unloading that cribbing and getting it across.

  18. Peterson is wearing out chair bottoms waiting for the cribbing from Ledyard.

  19. He's been jollying me about that cribbing for the last two weeks.

  20. MacBride has got down an atlas and is trying to figure out how you got that cribbing to the lake.

  21. That cribbing being tied up, for instance.

  22. The next day a lot of cribbing came from Ledyard, and Bannon at once set about reorganizing his forces so that work could go on night and day.

  23. He meant to hide those posts behind the rising walls of cribbing before the day should be gone.

  24. Hour by hour the piles of cribbing dwindled, and on the elevator the distance from bin walls to post-tops grew shorter.

  25. The barge was there, so the work of loading the cribbing into her began at once.

  26. You said the cribbing was coming down by boat.

  27. There's no getting out of that, cribbing or no cribbing.

  28. Why, he was in a much higher section than either Dick or myself," admitted Greg truthfully; but he did not think it necessary to explain the trickery and cribbing by which Dodge had secured the appearance of higher scholarship.

  29. Then, in low tones that could not be overheard by other patrons of the ice cream place, Dick Prescott told the story of Dodge's cribbing at West Point, and of the way that Bert nearly succeeded in palming his guilt off on to Prescott.

  30. A better one could be made with cross-ties placed on the cribbing with fore and aft planking on top.

  31. Six by twelve inch plank are laid diagonally on the cribbing and four by twelve inch plank are placed on crosswise to the road on top.

  32. There is cribbing to gain marks, and there is cribbing to save trouble or avoid punishment.

  33. But we may note that cribbing is not confined to schoolboys.

  34. The exits are, of course, protected by a line of cribbing a few hundred feet to seaward.

  35. The breakwaters required to do this were built with cribbing of incorrodible metal, affixed to deeply driven metallic piles, and filled with stones along coasts where they were found in abundance or excess.

  36. Well, it appears that there has been some amount of cribbing in the third form.

  37. There must have been some stupidity on the part of the class-mistress, Miss Mellon, or it could not have gone on; but there has of late been a strong suspicion of cribbing in Caesar in Valetta's class.

  38. Some headmasters, and the writers to The Boy's Own Paper, draw lurid pictures of the bully who by cribbing steals the prize from the poor innocent who looks up every word in a big Liddell and Scott; but such people don't exist.

  39. Jeffries was genially selfish, always ready for a rag, a keen footballer, and had, like most other Public School boys, adopted a convenient broadmindedness with regard to cribbing and other matters.

  40. Turner and Roberts were very insignificant people during the daytime: they were little use at games, and even a year's spasmodic cribbing had only managed to secure them a promotion from the Second Form to the Third.

  41. There could be no cribbing under the Chief's nose.

  42. They're creeping out by the regiment from the cribbing where we were hidden!

  43. You meant to stick to it, and you were cribbing from it on your knee.

  44. Look here, you blighter," she began, "what do you mean by cribbing my books and sticking them into the pound?

  45. Max made no reply, but he looked up as they passed the elevator and measured with his eyes the space remaining between the cribbing and the tops of the posts.

  46. At ten o'clock Monday morning, Bannon, looking out through the dusty window of the trolley car, caught sight of the elevator, the naked cribbing of its huge bins looming high above the huddled shanties and lumber piles about it.

  47. Found it held up by failure of cribbing from Ledyard.

  48. Now, if Vogel's right, this cribbing ought to have been here fourteen days ago--fourteen days tomorrow.

  49. If you fellows had only got that cribbing down on time, I'd be having a vacation--" Another yawn interrupted him.

  50. There ain't any use of wasting all day tomorrow unloading that cribbing and getting it across.

  51. Bannon was silent for a moment, then he said:-- "How long do you suppose it would take to get the cribbing down from Ledyard?

  52. These bills for cribbing go to your brother, you know.

  53. We don't get any sleep till every piece of that cribbing is over at the annex, ready for business in the morning.

  54. You know how to lay a corbel, but just now you couldn't tell me how much cribbing was coming.

  55. To the public school boy cribbing is not dishonest.

  56. He has to spare himself, and to spare himself he abandons the spasmodic cribbing of his first year's summer examination for sustained, systematic methods.

  57. In some houses cribbing is not general, and in some forms cribbing is not general; and, in such cases, cribbing is anti-social.

  58. At Sandhurst we used to have weekly examinations, and, as far as I remember, there was no cribbing at all in these exams.

  59. Cribbing will always, of course, be a forbidden thing; therein lies its charm.

  60. I do not believe that cribbing saps the moral sense.

  61. The ethics of cribbing from the master's point of view are illogical.

  62. As a matter of fact there is less cribbing in the Lower School than in the Upper.

  63. Cribbing is generally regarded as a dishonest practice to which only the ignoble few have regular resort.

  64. There is little cribbing in form where boys are interested in what they are learning.

  65. You object, Mr. Featherbrain, to the cribbing that is prevalent in your form?

  66. I know that in the matter of cribbing I am pleading a lost cause.

  67. It refuses to commit itself, and indeed in this singular document the true nature of cribbing has not been defined.

  68. But it is to be doubted whether the effects of cribbing are as serious as they are depicted.

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